Chapter 10


All Destiny felt when she woke up was pain. All she could think of was the pain. The agonizing, searing, pain radiating across her torso. She couldn't remember where the pain came from but knew it was there. She managed a groan as she forced her eyes open.

"Des?" Levi whispered. He looked like crap but was sitting at the side of her bed.

Destiny tried taking a breath to talk but pain laced itself across her chest. It felt like fire had consumed her torso.

Levi must've noticed her struggle. "It's okay. Don't stress or try to move." Levi quietly answered.

She glared at him.

He smiled at her. "I know how horrible that must be but you can't move a muscle or you'll rip open your wounds and Kat needs them to heal." Levi explains.

Destiny managed another groan. She gave him a questioning look.

"Mollie has Edward and is with Eve and Lucas. Annie is with Natalie and Tessa. Sophia is sharing the same pack and play as Hayden in Tessa and Mark's room. Jason is sleeping in the bed right next to you. He's sleeping off some demon poisoning and an ubras blood injection which apparently doesn't react well with our blood. He spiked a fever of 104 at three followed by a grand mal seizure at five with an out of control magic fit able to level this place if Tessa hadn't gotten a hold on his magic." Levi explained. "He's had two infusions of Silverrose blood since then in hopes Kat can flush the ubras blood from his system." Levi sighed, revealing a small bandage on his one arm from where Kat took his blood.

She managed a smile at that.

"You I don't know what she plans to do to you other than leave you here." Levi replied simply.

Destiny groaned.

"Yes, you must lay here and heal like a regular person. Although Tessa thinks your magic was the only thing that kept you alive." Levi suggested optimistically.

She rolled her eyes.

"No Kat isn't available currently. She went to go take a cat nap before everyone else woke up. So you'll just have to suffer in silence until then." Levi smiled.

She tried moving her one arm but excruciating pain came back.

"Relax what do you want?" Levi questioned.

Destiny mouthed the word time.

"It is a beautiful seven thirty a.m. and we're coming to you from the mystical safe house in Vestal, New York. Now for the weather with Sunny." He quipped.

She tried laughing but my whole chest went into agony. Destiny gave Levi a pained smile. At least he was trying. 'Jared' she mouthed unable to use her voice.

"Tris bullied him into sharing a room with her, Issy, and Michael. She informed him he had to sleep eventually and that you'd still be here when he got up." Levi chuckled.

She smiled at the thought of Tris and Issy forcing Jared away from her. Although Jared and Michael having to share the same room could be disastrous. They might try to kill each other. Destiny flex her right hand slowly and carefully moved her wrist to gesture to his hand.

"You want to do the powershare again?" Levi questioned.

She rolled her eyes at him. Before she could mouth him off again he'd joined his hand with hers.

"But we can't complete the circuit." He huffed.

With only her eyes she tried to gesture that he could climb on top of her legs.

He blushed at the thought. "If anyone walks in on us." Levi started.

Destiny rolled her eyes at him again.

Levi got up and stretched before nimbly climbing onto her bed and straddling her thighs. He carefully moved her arms so he could slide his legs along her bandaged torso. He then steady himself and reached forward to clasp both her hands.

Destiny's left shoulder only protested a little bit. She felt a difference immediately. She could feel his power flowing into her and helping her heal her wounds. They stayed like this for a while until they were interrupted by a very amused female voice.

"And what in the name of magic is going on in here children? I know Silverrose's have screwed up genes but I didn't know they committed incest as well." The voice teased.

Levi and Destiny flinched at the same time. Destiny was pretty sure if Jason was awake he would've done the same.

"This isn't what it looks like Mary." Levi replied slowly. He never broke the bond when he turned to look over his shoulder at her.

"It looks like you're humping your severely injured sister." Mary replied with a smirk.

Destiny smiled at Levi who was bright red. Geez was her brother easily embarrassed.

"We're performing a very awkward powershare if you don't mind." Levi huffed.

Destiny wondered what the crap Mary Luna was doing here. Last she checked she was a magic genealogist and Tessa's sister in law. Not a nurse.

"I see." She remarked with an amused tone.

"Mary why are you here?" Levi sighed, shoulders sagging.

"To help Kat with her patients." Mary replied like it was obvious.

"And I brought more bandages for your sister." Mary added holding up a grocery bag.

Destiny managed to gasp out her first word of the morning. "Great."

They'd just gotten Destiny readjusted on her cot when Jason started twitching. She turned her head slowly to look at him. The twitching was becoming stronger and more frequent. His nose was slowly bleeding as well. Destiny knew this was gonna hurt but she had to get Kat's attention.

"Kat." She gasped.

Mary looked up from her desk.

"What?- holy magic." She gasped.

Levi bolted upright from his nap on the floor.

"I thought she said he was going to be fine?" Levi questioned.

Mary rushed over with a bp cuff. "Tris!" She called.

"Yeah?" Tris asked, from across the room.

"Brief me on what's up with Jason." Mary demanded, strapping the bp cuff to Jason's arm.

"Jason had demon poisoning that went undetected until he started showing symptoms. He was given two injections of ubras blood to rapidly counteract the poison. Little did we know that Silverrose blood does not mix with ubras blood. He had a fever and a seizure at five this morning. He's had two transfusions of Silverrose blood from his brother." Tris explained.

"That isn't good." Mary muttered, undoing the cuff. She placed a hand on his forehead.

"His blood pressure is low, temperature is up, hows the heart rate?" She grabbed his wrist and put her two fingers on the inside of his wrist. She looked up at the clock and counted under her breath. "Heart rate is low as well. Has he been conscious at all?" She asked.

"Not since we left base." Levi answered.

"Tris do you know why Kat picked Levi? Was he a match?" Mary questioned, hazel eyes concerned.

"He's Jason's twin brother. She didn't need to check it. Twins share blood usually." Tris replied, confused about what the woman was getting at.

"Doesn't she know Silverroses don't follow the rules?" Mary huffed. "Go get me Tessa. I'd like to bank that Levi and Jason are different blood types."

Tris darted from the room.

"Destiny do you remember your blood type? I know you and Jason have both participated in the blood drive at school before."

"A+ just like my mother. I want to say Jason is different though." Destiny sighed.

"Leviticus. Give me your finger." Mary ordered. She walked back to her desk and pulled out a black case with the Red Cross symbol on it. She pulled a small case out of it. She grabbed something out of it and walked back to Levi. With absolutely no compassion or mercy she grabbed his finger and jabbed the thing into his finger. Levi scowled at her as she released him and stuck the thing in some device. "Levi you are A+ as well." She huffed. She walked over to Jason and repeated the process. She frowned at her device. "Even genetically speaking how's that possible?" She muttered to herself.

"What's Jason?" Destiny asked.

"AB-." Mary absentmindedly answered.

"How's that genetically impossible? Maybe our father was AB-." Levi shrugged.

"By all means it could come from your father but you and Jason shared a womb for four months right?" Mary questioned.

Levi shrugged and looked at Destiny. "Don't look at me. I don't know how long you two cooked inside her.."She scoffed.

"Okay never mind that part. Have you ever heard of erythroblastosis fetalis?" Mary inquired. "Probably not." She mentioned as an afterthought. "It is when a mother's immune system attacks the unborn baby's red blood cells while in the womb. For example say our mom is A+ and the dad is A-. If our A+ mom has a baby with dad there is a possibility the baby will be A-. Negatives and positives don't mix. If the babies blood mixes with the mothers for any reason the mother's immune system might see the baby's red blood cells as dangerous and attack them. Which leads to the question, how did Jason survive the womb? With an A+ brother and an A+ mother?" Mary explained.

"Is there something they do for this issue?" Levi asked curiously.

"Intravenous blood transfusions. Basically they stick a needle into the uterus and then into the umbilical cord and deliver red blood cells to the baby. Depending of when and if the bloods mix they may induce early labor. That is if the baby is mature enough to come out of the womb." Mary replied.

"Is it possible our bloods didn't mix while in the womb? Witches are only pregnant for four months usually, right?" Levi questioned.

"With Silverroses absolutely anything is possible I've decided." Mary sighed.

"So where we getting Silverrose AB- blood?" Destiny questioned.

"I'm going to go test Natalie. If all else fails we'll give him any AB- blood I can get my hands on and hope for the best." Mary admitted, shoulders slumped.

"Tessa and Hayden are Silverroses too. Maybe one of them is?" Destiny argued.

"Tessa is A+, Mark is B+, and Hayden is one of the two." Mary flinched. She walked out with a sigh.

Levi sat back down to wait for their aunt. Tessa seemed to always have a solution to their biology.

Cassidy decided sleep must be overrated. Tessa woke her up at 10 telling her to be ready in half an hour. The warlock wouldn't tell her why but just to get ready. She put Ali and Nero on child care. Ben and Adam seemed to have left at some point. Mark was waiting by the car for Tessa and Cassidy. Cassidy could sense by the mood of them that this wasn't going to end well. Tessa seemed to look almost guilty and Mark seemed irritated either at Tessa or something else.

"Alright out with it you two what's going on?" Cassidy blurted as Mark pulled out of the parking lot onto Main Street.

"To put it simply we're in trouble. To not put it simply, this is a mystical city run by mysticals. Apparently letting a base worth of guardians reside in a mystical safe house is not appropriate." Tessa explained.

"This is why I don't want to run the pack after my father passes. I can't keep track of all these laws." Mark sighed turning onto the parkway heading towards Appalachian. "So we're heading to the council of mystical beings in the triple city area to get our butts chewed out."

"Hopefully we can use Benedict to justify you being here. If not we're screwed on all fronts." Tessa continued.

"Don't either of you have any power or pull with the mystical community? He's the son of a pack leader and you're a Silverrose. That has to count for something right?" Cassidy asked trying not to sound defeated.

"Silverroses may be the most powerful witch bloodline ever and the only line left but we are far from popular." Tessa wearily replied.

"I married her and had a child with her so I'm not looking too hot either." Mark added.

Cassidy smiled at the thought of mystical government still the same as guardian. They also get upset over petty things like that.

"My father is the pack leader and he's a tough man to please already. Although my sister made it worse when she decided to go be a genealogist and then I married Tessa and became head of a guardian outpost. So let's just say the only one of us that's still on his good side is Zeke." Mark explained, while driving.

Tessa stifled a laugh.

"And Zeke is no great shakes either. So don't look at me for help because I can't give you any." Mark sighed.

"And Starlight is an archaic, pompous, sack of bones." Tessa huffed.

"His wife took over." Mark corrected.

"Oh joy she's a power-hungry you know what." Tessa scoffed.

Cassidy saw Mark smirk at that.

"The elementalias though may be our allies. They hate guardians but they hate a world without guardians more. And they hate Benedict most and his ideals and how he's ruining their image for the guardians." Mark continued.

"You sound so thrilled." Cassidy chuckled.

Tessa laughed and put a hand on her husband's shoulder. He turned onto another road of the main highway.

"And the faeries?" Cassidy questioned.

Both Tessa and Mark sighed.

"Let's worry about everyone else before we even think about the faeries leader." Tessa replied.

Mark pulled into Cornerstone parking lot.

"Downstairs teacher's lounge?" Tessa inquired.

"Yep." Mark nodded, getting out.

Cassidy followed Tessa inside the building. The receptionist paid them no attention as they walked through the small entrance into a hallway. They instantly turned left into what Cassidy thought could've been a classroom in its past. Cassidy could already sense the tension in the room. Along the wall of white boards, tables formed a parallel line to them.

Behind them sat seven people. On the left end sat a tall and slim woman. Her skin was a close match to the whiteboards and her long, straight black hair didn't help her. Her eyes were a dark color it was hard to tell if they were brown or black. She had long red fingernails and seemed to be using them to peel a kiwi. When she smiled at them Cassidy saw her fangs. She had this superior look on her face like she owned the place and everyone was below her.

Next to her was a man wearing a similar look about him. He was tall and muscular with black waves and hazel eyes rimmed with gold. His face was showing signs of aging. Cassidy could see that he must've been Mark's father. He looked like he was feigning interest in whatever the woman next to him was talking to him about. Cassidy was very familiar in the art of pretending to actually care about whatever a politician was talking about.

The woman next to him was all graceful curves and delicate features. Her hair was a pale blue and pulled back in an elaborate braid with sparkling jewels decorating it. Her eyes were a similar color and completely focused on Mark's father. Her top was simmering as she moved but she couldn't tell what it was made out of. She knew the woman was a faerie by her appearance and if that wasn't a give away her delicately pointed ears were.

The other four seemed to be having a quiet yet heated debate. They could pass as human unless you noticed the slight glow of their hands as they argued. The one next to the faerie could've also passed for a faerie with her fair skin and pale colored hair. Her eyes were a stormy gray and her hands occasionally glowed white. Her features were just so delicate and dainty it would be hard to tell the difference between her and a faerie. She was the air elementalia for her medallion was made of iron and diamonds. She actually felt bad for the faerie sitting next to her. Then was Adam from the church they were in. He was still tall and thin with his bronze medallion decorated with rubies. A woman sat next to him and she was a little more muscular than the other two. Her skin was the color of caramel with hair the color of dirt and eyes the color of grass. Her medallion was gold with emeralds. Ben sat on the other end with his blue eyes and silver amulet with sapphires. Cassidy straightened her back and clasped her hands behind her back. She could do this. How bad could this be?

Michael was starting to get concerned. He was given the duty of getting everyone into their section of the basement before six p.m. Apparently this church had what was called youth group tonight. Although Ben had told him people show up at 5:50 sometimes so he had even less time to find everyone in this place. It's not that this place was huge. Their base was bigger, probably. On top of everything there was also a prayer group? He thinks that's what it's called also tonight. The youth groups usually stayed in the gym and go up to the loft. And the prayer meeting was in the main hallway so everyone needed to be and stay in the basement until nine p.m. He'd found the majority of the younger children playing hide and seek in the sanctuary. Mollie, Evelyn, Edward, Helen, Natalie, Annie, Olivia, Laura, and Nate were having the time of their lives. Popping their head up among the pews and ducking back down. He sent them all downstairs to the basement.

He found Lucas up in the loft sprawled out on a couch reading a book. He found Issy curled up sleeping in the doorway that lead from the bathrooms by the gym to outside. He didn't want to wake her so like she was still a small child he'd picked her up and carried her close to his chest.

Now he still had Issy and it was 5:30 p.m. and he still couldn't find Tris or Eve. Everyone else had been accounted for. Destiny, Levi, Jason, Jared, and Sophia were in the infirmary, like Destiny had a choice in the matter. But Jason was still weak from his poisoning, the ubras blood accident, and the blood mishap. Hayden and Tessa were taking a nap in one of the rooms. Mark was playing diplomat between Mary and pretty much everyone. His little sister is certainly something else. Kat was also in the infirmary taking inventory, which last he checked Mary and Mark were helping. His parents were also taking a nap in one of the makeshift bedrooms. Ali was who knows where all he was told was she was accounted for. Probably mourning the loss of her husband if he had to guess. He readjusted Issy and walked back to where he'd found Issy. He looked out the glass doors to see it was gray and raining.

"What do ya think Iss? I think it's very appropriate for our situation." Michael sighed. Issy kept peacefully snoring. "You wouldn't happen to know where your partner in crime is would you?" He questioned. All he got was snoring. "Figured." He sighed. He hiked her up and turned towards the closest basement stairwell. "Come on sis I think there's a makeshift bed calling your name."

Then he heard faint giggling coming from the woman's bathroom.

"Trinity." Michael muttered, turning to it. He used his back to open the door.

Tris was washing Eve's hair in the sink. "One moment Mike. Alright straighten Eve." Tris instructed, turning the water off. She handed Eve a towel to wipe her face off.

Michael noticed Tris's hair was wet and piled in a messy bun on top. Although it didn't look brown. The poor vanity was covered in stuff and the sink looked a little blue. Then he actually looked at Eve. She wasn't blonde, she was blue, a sky blue.

"Evangeline." Michael warned.

"Yes bro?" Eve questioned.

"Michael shut up until I'm done." Tris snapped.

She grabbed the scissors off the counter and started cutting Eve's hair. Then she started to braid two small sections of Eve's hair right at the corners of her forehead when the phone on the counter went off.

"One moment." Tris chuckled. She turned the sink back on and started washing her hair. Then she toweled her hair off and smiled at herself in the mirror.

"Think Destiny will want this when she's better?" Tris asked Eve. She held up a pink tube.

Eve snorted and then laughed.

Tris feigned offense.

"You know how she feels about you touching her." Eve chuckled.

Michael peeked at Tris's phone to see the time. 5:45.

"Alright ladies clean this up fast. We need to be in the basement." Michael commanded.

Tris rolled her eyes and with one sweep of her arm shoved everything into a grocery bag. The sink looked fairly clean and Eve wiped them down because it was wet. They left and started heading to the basement. Michael looked out the glass doors to see a car pull in. "Move it ladies." Michael requested, directing them towards the nearest basement stairwell. Down the stairs and through the door and they were safe. "So what in the name of the Chief were you two doing?" Michael demanded. He hiked Issy up again, she was surprisingly heavy.

"Stuff." Eve smiled.

"What's it to you?" Tris huffed.

"Wondering why my little sister has blue hair and you have what I'm gonna guess is purple." Michael argued.

"Relax bro it's temporary." Eve laughed.

"And that makes it better?" Michael demanded.

Tris and Eve both laughed. Michael rolled his eyes and Eve opened the next doorway into their hallway.

"Don't worry sweetie I can do you too." Tris chuckled patting him on the back.

"Over my dead body." Michael snapped.

"Okay." Tris cheerfully replied.

Michael sighed and let them walked away as he turned to go into their room. He, Jared, Issy, and Tris shared one of these makeshift bedrooms. He entered and gently laid Issy down on her bed. "Sweet dreams Issy." He whispered putting a blanket over her.