1: Cease of your hopes!

Cease of your prayers!

Cease of your dreams!

The world in which you

Beg for, now crumbles before thee.

2: Does not one see,

That your hopes fail?

Does not one see,

That your measly wishes;

Divided from the world's

Own machinations, fall unto dust?

3: Lo! Oh how you are,

But the chicken who tries to fly.

Who flaps endlessly, without tire;

Yet only makes of themselves

A fool, oh so much a fool.

4: But for that, that I see.

Not only to the commoner,

Wandering, alike a madman.

But also to the dealer,

Knee deep in money;

Yet unquenchable in greed.

5: To you, the commoner,

I see outright foolishness,

Look to you, moving to place

To place, as bodies fall in the gutters;

Yet the concern lies in others.

6: And to those with much money,

The most needful of men alive,

With pockets brimming with

The income of others;

Silence of your hopes and delusions!

And silence of your pickings!

7: Must I speak more of your

Spooks? Must I speak more

Of your eternal madness?

Must I, alike the Cynic;

Wander with a lit lamp

Looking for who is left that

Is sane? Such petty men you are.

8: Such petty men! O how I weep

Of your manners and acts.

Unto the days that are

To come of this, I see

Only a circus of endless folly.