Nick looked down in silent shock at the space between his bent legs. The underside of his knees were held with two strong hands, positioning him in blue-eyes' lap so the man's erection was right under his butt. Model guy knelt down before him with a bottle of lube and a considerate expression on his face that was totally ruined by that giant uncircumcised erection lifted high and proud between muscular thighs.

"What, uh," Nick spoke nervously, his brow furrowing. "What are you gonna do?"

The man smirked as he poured a generous puddle of clear lubricant into his hand. "Oh, I think you know."

"He's playin' coy," blue-eyes said from behind him with a nip at his ear. "Aintcha, sugar. You feelin' shy and angsty today?"

"Shut up," Nick snapped, his cheeks flaring red. He looked down at the threatening cock below him, sniffed, rubbed the side of his nose. His knuckle scraped something small and hard. Puzzled, he touched it again. Felt like a stud.

"Don't mess with it," model chided. "You'll give yourself an infection."

Nick's brows pitched into the center of his forehead. Remembering the thin ring of his metal, he lowered his shaky fingers toward his lips. But before he could touch it, the man reached out with his slimy fingers and rubbed them against Nick's asshole.

"Shit!" he gasped, the blush on his face turned scalding hot. The model's broad shoulders tipped down as he went to work opening Nick up with his right hand, the left grasping the other guy's arm for balance. His flawlessly sculpted bicep bulged with every little motion, the veins on his wiry forearm standing thick and blue on his tan skin as his two fingers scissored expertly against the walls of Nick's rectum. The boy panted helplessly, his head dropped back against the big man's shoulder and his hands squeezed his knees for dear life. A third finger slipped into his ass, this position rendering him totally helpless to resist as each pad of those fingers rolled up into his weak spot. He clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth. Wake up wake up wake up.

"Okay, Mike, you should be good to go," model spoke up, and Nick didn't like the sound of that one bit. Eyes flying open, he threw a look down to the big piece under his ass. It wasn't as big as Max's, but it was like half an inch bigger than his own and almost twice as thick. Those big arms hoisted up his entire body by the knees like he was made of cotton. The tall guy lined up blue-eyes' dick underneath him.

"W-wait!" he gasped, one of his sweaty palms grappling back at the guy's huge shoulder. Model's espresso-brown eyes slid up, one perfect black brow arching thoughtfully. "U-um," he stammered. "It might, uh, hurt."

Any semblance of concern melted away from the man's expression as he smiled a clever smile with just an edge of mischief in the corner. "Is that right?" he asked in a voice even lower than before, "Are you scared of getting hurt? You want us to be gentle with you?"

"Uh. Yes?"

Fist still wrapped around blue-eyes' cock, the model dragged the tip through the lube coating Nick's hole. The boy shuddered.

"What do you think, Mike? Should we be nice to him?"

The big man hummed thoughtfully. "I'm not sure. The little shit did bite me. That don't often have the effect of puttin' me in nice mood."

"Maybe he was just impatient," model said, his dark gaze glinting with something dangerous. "Was that why, Nick? Were you feeling antsy?"

"I-I don't know!" he squeaked nervously, his brains melting with every slow stroke of that cock between his cheeks. His legs were trembling like crazy in blue-eyes' hold, but no matter what, he couldn't keep them still. "This is fucked up!"

The model leaned in, his minty fresh breath spilling over Nick's face. "Hm. That's a bit hypocritical of you."

"What!" he gasped in the split-second before he was dropped down onto the man's dick. He sucked in a sharp breath, his face blanching as the big head slipped right through that tight band of muscle. "Uhn!" he gasped.

"How's it feel? Ya satisfied yet?" blue-eyes murmured as he was dragged further down that length. The man cursed. "Fuck. Stop that, Nick. You're too fuckin' tight. I'm not gonna last at this rate."

"U-uh-uhn," he moaned, his hands sliding up to cover his hot face. His dick swung with every little motion as he was brought down on that big shaft. It was so fucking big he couldn't stand it. The stretch burned, the ache twisted his guts, and stimulation of his insides was so overstimulating it was almost to the point of pain. He peeked down through his slotted fingers but he couldn't see how much was inside him. No way would all of it go inside. No way.

A thumb brushed his pink right nipple, and Nick's gaze shot up. Model guy was watching him raptly, a pink tinge warming his nutty skin. "You're different today, Nicholas," the man spoke in a soft voice, his hand cupping the boy's cheek. "You were having a dream about your mom before you woke up. Is that what this is about? Nostalgia for the past? Are you feeling young?"

Nick flushed. This was really, really not feeling like a dream. He looked from the man to the open window looking out onto a big fenced yard, to a stacked bookshelf, to a mounted TV, to a walk-in closet, to a set of dressers. Atop one of them was a familiar tee shirt that he got a few months ago attending a League of Legends contest. The decal was cracked and faded.

Nick looked back to the model. " old are you?"

Chase's eyes widened. He placed a hand against the big man's shoulder, flicking a quick look over. Nick was lifted off and set down on the mattress in a shaky, lubey mess. Weakly, he collapsed back against blue-eyes, that thick and hot muscle strangely comfy. Huge arms wrapped around him, tight and warm.

"I'm twenty-nine, and Mike's twenty-four," model explained. Nick threw a look back at the pierced man behind him. "How old are you, Nick?"

The boy flushed. "S-sixteen?"

The model smiled sweetly, his eyes gleaming with affection and kindness. "Is that right? It must be pretty scary to do stuff like this then."

Mike's hands stroked through his hair. The model petted the side of his face. Tears welled up in the boy's eyes and spilled down. "Y-yeah," he croaked. "I guess."

"Why don't we take a shower?" Mike suggested, his words like honey. "And then I'll make some breakfast."

"How's that sound?" the other man asked. Nick swallowed nervously, and then nodded.

"I'm thinkin' mimosas," the big guy said, letting Nick go to stretch his arms high above his head with a satisfied groan. "To celebrate Nick bailing our asses out of leg day."

The model arched a stern brow. "Last I checked we had equipment at home. Besides." The handsome guy glowed at Nick with an affection so intense it made the boy queasy. "Nick's underage."