New month, new story. Not my actual flow but I haven't updated anything since last month so I think I should start something new because my brain is not generating much of anything else. So enjoy this mess.

I'm normal. Well, at least I seem normal. I look like a normal girl with blonde hair and dark brown eyes. I sound normal. I even act like a normal person. I am normal but if you cut me open, you would see my appearance is a shell. I guess this makes me nothing but a shell of a normal girl.

"Yo Ace! It's almost time to leave! GET YOUR ASS UP!" My sister yelled into my ear. I switched myself on and got up out of bed, just like I do every morning.

I walked over to the dresser to exchange my grey tank top and green shorts for a green t-shirt and pink skirt. I stared at my self in the mirror and smiled to wake myself up. Alpha peered at her own reflection from behind me, only to notice the metallic side of her face wasn't covered. I watched her quickly cover it back up and leave. I followed her to the living room where our brothers - Beta and Delta - were waiting for us with their bags.

At school, I looked at the monthly event calendar to see what events were due to happen. It was the first of October and the calendar says it was results day. It's the day that we get the results of the model student elections. It's similar to a student council election but we have one model student per year. I signed up but doubted anything would become of it. I was actually thinking Delta would win - since he was a student that basically everyone in our year either looked up to or was friends with. The stars were aligned in his favor.

As I sat in the theater hall, I looked over at Delta, giving him a thumbs up of good luck. Beta wasn't running because of his 'hate for people' and Alpha wasn't bothered to turn in the form in time. The principal came on stage and started announcing the model student for each year.

"Blue Ping - Senior year!"

"Julianna Pavoni - Junior year!"

"Joy Carmen - Sophomore year!"

"And last but not least, Ace Lawhartson - Freshman year!" I heard the crowd clapping as I stood up on stage beside Joy. I was confused about how I won but I was sure I would find out after the ceremony. The principal handed us our badges and told us and the rest of the school to head to class. I stared down at the green badge as I walked down the hallways. It wasn't long before I put it on and walked into the classroom. As I walked into the classroom, I saw a bunch of students rush towards me, asking questions about the election and my badge. I stood there, unsure of what to do when Alpha stepped in.

"Alright everyone, hands off! Ace has more important things than answer you losers!" She explained before escorting me to my seat. She gave me a wink before sitting down in her own seat. I looked over my shoulder at Delta and Beta. Delta gave me a smile and what seemed to be him mouthing the words 'congrats sis!' while Beta just gave me a short glance. Honestly, the glance was more than what Beta gives anybody else other than us.

After school, I was sitting on my bed doing my homework when I heard a clang. Judging by the time, I could tell something was off. My dad, an electrician, wasn't due to return home until 6 o'clock in the evening but my mother was supposed to be home around this time. I peered out my door to see my mother, collapsed on the ground.

"Third time this week" I muttered to myself as I made my way over to her. I knelt down and started assessing the damage. No broken limbs or cuts were visible so I assumed she was just tired. I wasn't surprised since she had been at work for almost 2 days straight. I swung her over my shoulder and walked her up to her bedroom. I lay her on her bed and reached for her shoulder. I moved the sleeve to reveal the opening and plugged the charger into her body. I plugged the over side into the wall and switched the plug on.

I walked down the stairs and was about to get back to my homework when I saw Alpha putting on makeup.

"Hot date?" I asked, curious as to why she was using so much makeup at a time like this.

"I wish but girls in this school ain't that easy. The sophomore model student is throwing a party. Maybe you should come with." She replied, standing up to reveal her long-sleeved, red party dress. I shook my head in response thinking I had more important things to do. Alpha smirked and gave me one of her weird handshakes before leaving.

I watched her leave just as dad came in the door. He seemed to have a small bit of dead arm which wasn't unusual for him after work. He sat down at the dining room table and lifted his arm onto the table. I watched him open the panel to his arm and fiddle with the wires. He was at it for a while, as in long enough for me to lose interest and just get back to my homework.

When I finished, I lay down on my bed. I always felt empty this time of day. I didn't need to eat, bathe or anything for that matter. All I did was lie on my bed and think about nothing until somebody would either come in my room to check on me or Alpha came home from either work or some party. This evening, it was the first one.

My dad gave my door a small knock as he opened it. His arm seemed to be functioning again which I noticed when he gave me a hug.

"Thanks for bringing your mother in kiddo!" He said as he pulled away slightly. I sat up and looked at him. He knew it was the time of the evening that was the worst for me.

"Y'know maybe tomorrow we should play a game when your finished with your homework. Maybe it'll keep you from going this way. Besides, I got us a new gaming system. Remember what Beta did to the other one?" Dad continued chatting to me. I nodded, thinking a game or at least some form of entertainment would stop me from going numb every time I finish my homework. Dad smiled, gave me kiss on the forehead and told me to get to sleep. He left my room and I did as he said.

I got up from my bed and walked to the dresser just like this morning. I took out my pajamas and put them on. I looked over at the mirror and saw a cut on my shoulder - most likely from carrying mom up the stairs. I took out the first aid kit from under my bed and essentially sewed myself back together. I then put it away and lay down on my bed to switch off for the night. I plugged myself in just like I did with mother and closed my eyes.

I'm normal on the outside, but I can't let anyone know what I look like on the inside.

Hey look at that I did a thing.

I'm not going to reveal what is Ace's secret just yet because I want people to guess even though it is decently easy. I don't know when I'll reveal it, might be in the next chapter, might be at the end who knows but I think it might be the next chapter. I'll just make sure I give you guys time to guess before I reveal it.

Anyway, see ya'll in the next chapter.