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A model student is one of the highest ranks a student can achieve in my school. There's only one for each year and it changes each year. The students are chosen based off popularity, intelligence and behavior. That makes it a mystery of how I ever got into this position.

"As the oldest model student, I propose that we try to make the school more human." The oldest model student spoke up. It was only our first meeting, but everyone in the school knew this kid was a brat that wanted everything his way. I wouldn't even be surprised if the only reason he made it to model student was a bribe by his father.

"And how are we going to do that?" The sophomore model student asked. I was honestly curious too. Everyone I knew about was human. Well, everyone except...

"I propose getting rid of any robots in this school. They don't have actual emotions so it should be a breeze." The senior model student replied with a huge grin on his face. He acted as if there was nothing morally wrong about it. I was about to question his idea further when the bell rang for class. The senior said he would discuss it in our next meeting but I had to ask something major.

"Hey, Blue, aren't getting rid of cyborgs, people who are only part robot, are you?" I asked. The senior turned to me and smiled again. His smile was slightly unsettling but it was a genuine, happy smile.

"No, why would I discriminate against someone just because they're an amputee? Cyborgs still function like humans so they aren't a threat. Robots, however, I fear may cause unwanted violence in this school." He told me, before leaving me stunned on the spot.

I was questioning his definitions of 'cyborg' and 'amputee' but not as much as I was still questioning this guy's morals. He always seemed so kind, so why would he want to get rid of someone just because of their species. My questions caused my head to spin and I couldn't focus for the rest of the day. I spent my day staring into space, expressionless. It was like his idea broke me. I was only able to snap out of it when my dad spoke to me during our gaming session.

"Hey, I don't know if you noticed, but I just beat you four times in a row. You seem really spacey today." He asked, pushing a few strands of hair behind my head to look at my face. I knew I could talk to him about anything, but how do I explain this.

"How would you feel if someone at her job threatened to fire mom because of her species?" I asked. I was still a black slate that didn't feel anything except a bit of loneliness. My dad looked shocked. He was probably wondering where that came from but he sighed and turned off the game.

"Why? Who's threatening people like you and her?" Dad asked, his tone changing from slightly to very concerned. His fists was clenched as if he was thinking of punching whoever was behind this. His face went blank like mine. I told him about what the senior model student proposed at our meeting and my dad's expression changed to show his anger.

"I think I'm going to have to have a little word with your principal. That kind of shit ain't legal anymore." Dad said in an angry, grumble-like voice. We both went silent for a few minutes before my dad had a complete outburst.

"HOW ABOUT I GET RID OF HIM JUST BECAUSE HE'S HUMAN, HUH? WHAT A SELFISH JERK! WHAT A HUMAN SUPRESMACIST! YOU KNOW, THERE WAS A TIME PEOPLE ACTUALLY RESPECTED US! NOW THEY TREAT US LIKE CRAP ON THE BOTTOM OF THEIR SHOES!" Dad yelled. I just sat there with a blank expression as he yelled. I felt numb to what he was saying since robot discrimination in the workplace was nothing new to any of us, especially our mother.

"What's going on Cypher?" Mom called from the staircase. My dad turned around and angrily told her what I had just told him about what the senior model student had proposed. My mother seemed unphased by what was said. I expected this, given her work history.

"Well, you know what might happen if that is implemented into your school. The protests will only get worse and I'm afraid we might have to join them if it does, especially if other schools follow," Mom explained, sighing at the last bit about joining the protests.

The protests she was talking about were known as the Robotic Rights Protests. Robots, cyborgs and humans that are on the same side were protesting in favor of robots having the same rights as humans. So far, they are only partially successful. While there are laws to protect them from denial of essential services such as childcare and healthcare, there is no laws to protect them from denial of education, work or even unfair treatment. Some robots even have lower wages than their human coworkers.

"I'd hate to let that happen but we gotta do what we gotta do, right?" Dad replied, putting his controller down as my mother sat beside him. She put her arm around his neck and her head on his shoulder. I got up and left the two alone since it was close to bedtime anyway.

I suppose I'll let you in on my secret. The one I've kept from everyone except my family. My name is ACE. It stands for Authentic Child Echobot. Echobots are robots that were created as replacements for actual people. In short, I'm a robot whose only purpose is to be the daughter of my parents. But that's what being a human child is like isn't it?


Well there ya have it. Ace's secret revealed.

Here's a small explanation of how Echobots work:

Most have the same purpose as Ace. They are created in case of a miscarriage or the death of a young child. Others are created in case of shortages of essential jobs such as healthcare workers, store employees and military personnel. Many actually end up being scrapped because they don't get used.

The reason Ace didn't get scrapped will be revealed later on.

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