Amy woke to a much colder room than when she had gone to sleep. The clock read 2:12am. Reluctantly, Amy threw back the covers to get up and get an extra blanket from the closet. She glanced out the window as she passed it, and stopped short of the closet as she noticed at it was snowing. The first snow of the season.

Smiling to herself, Amy grabbed a coat from the closet instead of a blanket, and slipped on a pair of boots. Noiselessly, she opened her bedroom door and headed down the hallway to a room a few doors down.

With her hand in a fist ready to knock on the door, Amy hesitated, wondering if she should just go back to bed and leave the snow for when the sun came up. But Amy shook her head, and before she could think much more about it, softly knocked on the door.

There was no answer, so Amy carefully opened the door into the dark room. Closing it behind her, she could see Will's outline, asleep.

"Will," Amy said, approaching his bed. With no response, she lightly shook his shoulder, repeating his name.

The young man started awake, his eyes taking a moment to focus on the girl leaning over him. "Jesus, Amy, what time is it?"

Ignoring his question, Amy gestured to the window. "Look," she said.

Will turned his head and saw the falling snow, and when he turned his gaze back to Amy it was sharp and awake.

"For old times sake?" Amy questioned.

Will didn't bother answering, but threw his covers back and swung out of bed. Noiselessly, he grabbed a coat, put on shoes, and grabbed Amy's hand, leading them out of his room and out of the house.

Once the front door was shut and they were off of the porch, the pair took off running across the large lawn that surrounded the house, heading for the tree line. They only stopped to turn around once they reached it.

"We haven't done this in what, five years?" Will asked, panting slightly.

"Yeah, I think we were 14," Amy said. "That's when we decided to have a rather loud snowball fight and your mom caught us. I don't think I've ever seen you so scared."

"I was not scared," Will said, indignantly. "And I'm pretty sure the snowball fight was your idea, not ours."

"Details," Amy dismissed his comment. She brushed some snow off of a rock and sat down, staring at the house in the distance. "The dark makes it look even more monumental."

"Makes it look even more lonely," Will countered. "Too many rooms, not enough people."

"Well, your grandfather certainly has enough grandchildren to make a dent," Amy said, "and not to mention gold diggers like me imposing on your family."

"Ah, yes," Will said, "you're friends with me for the money, I knew there must be a reason."

The two friends chuckled slightly, and remained in silence for a bit, watching their fresh footsteps fill up with the still falling snow.

"We should head back inside," Will said, noticing Amy starting to shiver. "My parents will be suspicious if we both wake up sick tomorrow."

"Not that they can really punish us," Amy said, getting up and beginning to walk back toward the house, "we are both adults."

"Yeah, but I don't particularly want to see them try anyway," Will said.

Amy didn't say anything else; she had no problem going back inside, it was a cold night.

By the time they reached the building, Amy's toes were practically frozen and she was shaking.

"Here, I can turn on the fireplace," Will said, guiding Amy into the living room.

Amy nodded, and sat down on the floor next to the glass encased electric fireplace as Will went to the control panel to turn it on. A few moment later, it burst on and Amy felt the heat wash over her. She hugged her knees to her chest and wiggled her toes, beginning to defrost.

Will came back a few moments later holding two mugs. He handed one to Amy before sitting down on the floor as well, facing her.

"Thanks," Amy said, taking a sip of hot chocolate and staring at the fire.

"It has been a while since we've been up here together, hasn't it?" Will said.

Amy nodded. "I suppose it has. Work and school and everything, it eats up the time. Not to mention I had no desire to take advantage of your family's hospitality."

Will shook his head. "You know they always enjoy having you here, you're always welcome."

"I know, I guess I just started feeling awkward because I could never give anything back to them."

"If anything, I think they thought you were a good influence on me," Will said. "Little did they know you were dragging me out at the middle of the night for snowball fights."

"Oh please," Amy defended herself, "you didn't exactly ever put a fight."

Will laughed quietly. "I guess you're right." He paused for a moment before continuing, and seemed to choose his words carefully. "I think my family was definitely surprised when you stopped coming, though. I think they always thought we would end up dating."

Amy's breath caught slightly. "Did you ever think we would?"

"I'd be lying if I said I've never thought about it. But honestly, more and more lately."

Amy wasn't sure what to say.
"But I understand that you just wanted to be friends," Will hastened to continue. "The last thing I want to do would be hurt our friendship."

Amy had put the mug down almost without realizing it, and brought her hand up to lightly brush Will's cheek. "Oh Will," she said, almost whispering. "For me, it's always been you. Always."

Will's eyes searched her face, and as he realized she was telling the truth, leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. A moment later, one hand was in her hair, and another on her waist.

Amy felt as if she was soaring, and she inched her body closer to Will's and had her hands on his shoulders as she kissed him back, barely wanted to breath. All that existed was her and Will. Will and her. Will, Will, Will…


The pair broke apart, faces barely an inch from each other and both panting slightly.

"Shit, I'm sorry," Will looked slightly panicked. "I thought…"

"You thought right," Amy said, brushing his hair out of his eyes. "But, Will, I don't think this is the time."

Will shook his head, not understanding.

"Will, you just got out of a pretty intense relationship," Amy explained. "And we both know that a lot of your relationships are like that, and it's not like many of my relationships have been exactly drama free. And if we are going to have any chance of ruining any type of relationship, we have to do it right. We both have to be ready for it."

Will pulled back slightly, looking disappointed, but he nodded in agreement. "Whenever we're ready," he said.

Amy smiled. "Whenever we're ready."

Will stood up and held out his hand. "We should probably try and get a bit more sleep," he said. "It's getting late."

Amy took his hand and he pulled her up. Not letting go, they walked together up the stairs and Will walked her to her room.

Standing on her tiptoes, Amy brushed a light kiss across Will's lips. "Goodnight," she said.

"Goodnight, Amy," Will said.

Giving him one last smile, Amy opened her bedroom door and shut it behind her.