No one knows how it all started. Some blame the Soulless, others blame the Quasitors. But it won't change the truth. The one who started it all was with the heroes from the beginning, no one ever suspected him. But, enough of that. Let's get on with the story.

It was a cloudy, breezy day, the sun was blocked out, and it was going to rain. 17 year old Miles Thurse, a Silver colored wolf, was stuck in the middle of of the road on his broken motorcycle when he noticed the clouds.

"Oh, great! First this piece of junk breaks down, and then a storm hits! I'm so glad tomorrow will be a new day, but for now, I'm just going to hurry home." With that, he decided to park his broken motorcycle where it couldn't get further destroyed. He noticed a cab by the mountain range, which signaled he was close to home. He walked inside, but decided to go deeper in so no one passing by would see and steal it. He went in, and saw a safe dark place, so he parked it there. He was about to turn around and leave, when he heard voices. They weren't clear, it was as if someone was whispering, and it was echoing. He looked deeper in, but saw no one. So he turned around, but then it got louder, and he heard the voices saying his name.

"What in the world? What is wrong with me today?" As he walked away. Suddenly, a huge rock crashed down, blocking his way out. He tried pushing it aside, but nothing happened. He leaned back against the rock, pulling out his phone to tell his parents he was going to need some help. But inside a cave, there was no signal.

"Well this is just great, I'm stuck and will probably die here! Or just be here until someone pushes the rock away. Either way, I'll be here a while." He said. He looked down at his screen, and noticed something. It was on, even though he turned it off. He looked at it, and saw his camera open. Then, it took a picture. When the picture opened, he saw an arrow that was pointing forward. No matter which direction he turned it, the arrow pointed in the same direction, where he heard the voices. Cautiously, he looked in that direction. Strangely, his motorcycle was gone.

"What the!? Where did it go!?" He shouted, running to it and searching around. There was a dead end, and he turned around, and another rock had taken, trapping him even deeper in the cave. He was terrified, he heard stories from his grandpa, telling of friends of his disappearing after they went into a cave. The only way he could see was a torch at the end of the path. It started to go out, and Miles ran toward it. As it slowly flickered out of existence, he heard the voices again. As the light was less and less, the sound got louder and louder, until, silence.

"Ugh, my head." Miles said as he woke up. It was light out, and he was still in the cave. He turned around, and saw the motorcycle, just as he left it. He saw the cave was unblocked, and he could now leave. The torch was missing, however. He decided to leave before anything else happened. As he was about to leave the cave, he felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned around to see who it was, but saw no one. The only thing different, was there was a small rock where the torch was. It was different from the normal rock, and he saw it wasn't attached to the cave wall. He went over to it, hoping he could add it to his collection of random things, and when he touched it, he felt frozen in place. He couldn't lift his arm, and couldn't move his legs. Even his tails was frozen. He started to panic as he heard footsteps behind him, then felt a sting in his chest. The whole world faded to black.

Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Jumping up at the sound of his alarm clock, Miles jumped in his bed. He looked around, and saw he was in his room. He had pajamas on, and the alarm clock was ringing. He turned it off and looked at the calendar. It was the 12th of May, his birthday. He got out of bed, glad he was finally 16. He heard his father call out for him to get ready for school. Birthday or not, school was essential. He got his normal day clothes on, blue jeans, and a black t-shirt. He looked around, but found one of his shirts missing. The one he wore last night, it was missing. He shrugged and went to get his phone, but saw it wasn't where he left it. He looked around and called out.

"Dad! Have you seen my phone?" He heard.

"Yeah, it was completely broken when I found you outside of that cave last night. I'll get you a new one when I go to work, but you'll have to go a day without one."

Miles groaned. Now he would be like that Timothy kid in his class. He was a red fox, with a really big fluffy tail. Now he had no phone, and probably made fun of. He'd figure out how to turn that around when he got to school. School was so close, he could just walk there, but he always chose to ride there. Seeing his bike was totaled, he had no choice. When he got there,his friends were waiting for him.

"Hey, Miles! Where's your bike?" Said 14 year old Ruby Dazion, a raccoon girl who was Miles' only real friend. She, unlike the others, was genuinely concerned for what happened.

"Oh, that? I totalled it. My dad's going to get me a new one though." He replied.

"What happened last night? How did you do that in the first place?" Asked another one of his friends, Turtley, a strong 16 year old turtle with a habit of getting the gang into trouble.

"Well, I think I crashed outside the cave, but I'm not sure." Miles said, stretching. Suddenly, the bell rang.

"Well, better get to class!" Said Sally, yet another of his friends. She was a cat, and expert gymnast. They all went to their classes, and Miles sat next to Bennie, a 15 year old brown hedgehog who claimed he was the best of the best. He was also one of Miles' friends, but not one of his best friends.

"Okay class. Today, you will be doing group assignments. But, due to some of you misbehaving, you will not decide who you work with." Said their teacher. She handed out a container. It had papers with every student's name on them. She called names, and they brought the papers up. Everyone had someone new to work with, and it just so happened, Miles got Timothy! Out of everyone he could have gotten, he his the one he hated most. The one that sat alone at lunch because no one would sit with him. The one that showed no emotion other than sadness when school was out. The one that never spoke to anyone, and didn't even have a phone! Everyone hated him. Even the teachers hated him. He was a lot younger, and no one knew why he was at their school, especially since he was 10, and the next youngest was 14. Class was soon over, and everyone went to lunch. Miles almost entirely forgot about the incident last night until Bennie asked.

"Miles, where's your phone? Do you want to be like Timothy?"

"No, of course not. My dad is going to get me a new phone, and he needed my phone to get one better." Miles stated. His friends believed him, and the bell to go back to class rang. The entire day went on as normal, and then school closed. Miles decided he better get the project done as soon as possible, so he didn't have to work with Timothy any more than he has to. He saw him walking home, sadly. Miles ran over to him and said.

"Hey, we're supposed to work together, right?" Timothy nodded his head.

"So, let's work at your house." Miles said.

Timothy shook his head, pointing at Miles.

"Look, just talk, or I can't work with you!"

"Well, my house is 5 miles away from..."

"Okay, my house will do."

Wow, this took me 2 days to finish. All characters belong to me, no one steal them.