"Make sure you get home by seven so we can start dinner Spencer sweetie" I heard my mom call as I left the house.

I felt the cool summer air on my skin as I closed the front door and headed down to the grocery store.

It wasn't a long walk to the grocery store and before long I could see the bright lights gleaming out of the store.

But as I entered the parking lot I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard "hey kid why don't you be a little charitable and give me some money" from a deep voice.

Slight fear shot through me as I felt my chest get heavy as I turned to see a large man in heavy clothes that covered his appearance "hey I am sorry but I need to pick up some stuff for my family for dinner and I only got enough to cover that."

I thought that would be enough to pacify this guy so he would leave me alone but no he dropped a heavy hand on my shoulder and gripped it tightly "I don't give a fuck I need money now hand it over."

More fear began to shoot through me as I tried to throw him off but only ended up getting entangled in a grappling match "just get off me man I'm not giving you any money."

It was at that the man held me down tighter and gripped the collar of my shirt "fine then fuck you" he then threw me hard sending me flying into the street as he stormed off.

I coughed a few times before turning my head to see the bright headlights of a car barreling towards me I didn't have time to feel anymore fear or feel pain it was just lights out.

I let out a gasp and started to breath heavy as I looked around frantically seeing a large metal hallway with bright lights "where the hell am I" I said to myself as I felt my chest trying calm down how hard it was pumping.

Soon I found myself walking down the cold hallway, it was like seeing the same thing over and over again "whoever designed this didn't have a creative bone in their body."

"creativity was not a necessary objective when this generation of ships were designed" a feminine voice sounded behind me making me freeze up as I turned around to see a youthful beautiful pale skinned blue eyed women with golden blonde hair tied back in a ponytail.

As I began to open my mouth to speak this woman put her hand over my mouth "now you see I know the face of every single solider on this ship and I don't know your face so who are you" she paused as her hand reached down and gripped my throat tightly "are a spy from the U.E.S"

"U.E.S" I choked out but strangely I didn't feel any pain.

The woman growled "the United Empire of Sogeria , my enemy the enemy of the Coalition of Allied Planetary Systems. Now you will tell me what your mission is."

"Mission look lady I don't have a mission I don't even know what you are saying I just fucking got here" I said pleading hoping that this girl would see reason and let me go.

The woman let got of my throat only to give me a hard right hook to my face cutting my cheek open and dislocating my jaw, but again I didn't feel any pain and as fast as it happened the cut on my cheek was gone and my jaw was back in it's normal position.

This made the woman just stare at me for several moments before grabbing my shirt and bringing me very close to her face "impossible, you where are you from what planet."

I rubbed my jaw making sure it was actually in place before giving this woman a bewildered look "what planet what the hell do you mean by that I'm from Earth the only planet with humans on it."

The woman only gave me a aghast look as she muttered "this can't be" before dropping her hands to her sides "I need to test something and I apologize in advance" before I could even open my mouth this woman had drawn her sidearm and aimed it at me.

"Wait wa" I tried to stop her but was cut off as I felt the bullet enter into my skull and then quickly exit through the back of my head.

But I wasn't dead I felt no pain and as I touched my forehead there was no bullet hole nothing it was like I wasn't even shot, I stared at the woman in front of me deeply "what the hell is happening."

The woman only smiled and had so much joy on her face that I don't think any news could upset her, though after a minuet or so she grasped my hand tightly "I had thought you were merely a legend that was meant to give us hope, but seeing you you're real and you can fulfill the prophecy."

"Prophecy what the hell are you talking about, what's going on, and where the hell am I anyway" I asked confusion racing through me as this woman began to drag me by the hand through the halls of this so called ship "can you at least tell me your name."

The girl stopped and slightly loosened her grip on my hand "I know many things are confusing to you at the moment but I am bringing you to people that will be able to explain everything to you, as for my name it's Myha Ximon."

I wanted to smile at Myha and be happy that such a beautiful girl had told me her name but I rememberd she just shot me through the head so remained as neutral as I could be wanting to get all the answers "I'm Spencer, Spencer Gold now can we go to these people who can explain this whole situation to me."

Myha nodded as she retightened her grip on my hand and began to lead me further down the hallways "sorry for no one else being around it is lunch time but the officers that we need to talk to shouldn't mind being interrupted when they hear about you."

"Officers, wait she mentioned something about knowing every single solider on this ship am in some type of military installation or something" I thought as Myah stopped in front of a door that had the label 'General Damiron Jaxer' on the front of it.

Myah gave a knock on the door "General Jaxer I need to speak with you about something urgent" it was a few seconds before a gruff "alright Lieutenant Ximon this better be good to interrupt my meal."

The large metal door opened upwards disappearing into the wall as Myah dragged me "oh it is sir this boy here I have reason to believe that he is the chosen one that the prophecy has foretold of."

"Prophecy, chosen one, what type of fucking cliché hero shit is Myah going on about, wait she did mention something like this before" I thought as a old man who appeared to be in his sixtes with gray hair, with a scar over his left eye that looks like it made the eye blind, he wore a well kept outfit that was ordained in medals, eyed me and Myah and with his one good spoked in a rough voice "Myah what you say is very serious most people have written the prophecy off as a myth that was used to boost morale how are you sure this boy is the chosen one with a power that can change the war in our favor."

"I can show you" Myah said as she drew a knife from a sheath that was held on her thigh, and turned to me "I am sorry for this" she said as the knife was drove right into my chest.

I let out a gasp at the suddenness of the force but I felt no pain and as the knife was retracted the wound had already healed itself before Myah could sheath her knife "will you stop that Myah you punched me, then you shot me, now you stabbed me, what's next you gonna set me on fire."

Myah stared at me for a bit before smiling "Spencer was it, you are ignoring the biggest thing I did all that to you and you are standing here completely unharmed you felt no pain and regenerated your health quicker than I could wound you, you are the chosen one of our prophecy the foretold hero of the C.A.P.S."

"Caps really I get saying it one letter at a time sounds cooler but come on they couldn't have thought of a better name" I thought as the old man Jaxer looked at me intently a look of intrigue was in his eyes before he spoke "Myah I don't know how to react I have been told of this chosen one that would save us since I could walk I would never imagine I would meet him, but seeing this power to withstand fatal damage and not even have a mark left on him it makes me believe that he is the one that has been foretold of for so long."

"Hey you know I am still really confused about this whole thing and I have a lot of questions. First off where am I, what the hell is going on, what is this chosen one and prophecy that you two keep talking about, and how did I even get here" I said in a rushed voice as my confusion to the situation had only gotten larger.

Jaxer let out a sigh "I understand that you are confused and have many questions so I will try to explain the best I can, I am the Supreme Commander of the Collation of Allied Planetary Systems General Damiron Jaxer but please just call me Jaxer. What is going on is that the Collation of Allied Planetary Systems is at war with the United Empire of Sogeria and this war has been going on for over four thousand years."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing "how can a war last so long."

Jaxer leaned back in his chair "when it involves the entire galaxy you will find it hard to push one side into surrender."

Myah pulled aside two chairs "here Spencer sit I reckon you will be here for awhile."

I took a seat as did Myah and looked out the old general "General can you tell me the history of this war how did you guys get to fighting for so long."

General Jaxer stared me in the eye "it is a very long story so I will keep it as short as I can." Letting out a sight Jaxer began "before this war began Sogeria was just a planet near the center of the galaxy that held no power over anyone. It was once said the people were peaceful but for reasons that have never been know a war began and the great families fought against one another. For the next one hundred years or so the war raged one and it killed over sixty percent of the planet's population, but eventually the great family of Sogeria won the war and changed the name of the planet."

"So wait if so many people died in the war how did they raise army to become a empire, I am assuming they have conquered other planets" I said as Myah got up from her seat and grabbed some glasses and poured a red liquid into them and handed them to me and Jaxer then smiled at me as she notice my confused look at strange liquid "it's ok it's really good."

I cautiously took a sip of the liquid finding it to taste sweet almost like a soda, and I began to drink it less cautiously as Jaxer continued his story "you are correct Sogeria has control of seventy percent of the galaxy, but back to where I left off, after the war had ended the new king knew he didn't have the manpower to invade other planets so he drew up a plan for all of his descendants to use, what the plan is exactly is not know but all we know is that for the next two hundred years the planet of Sogeria was silent slowly but surely recovering from the war, rebuilding their population, and building up their army."

Jaxer went silent for a few moments before continuing the story 'then cam the day that changed the history of the entire galaxy, the start of this war. The eighth king of Sogeria Elex the second launched a surprise invasion of Ganvoth. Ganvoth was the opposite of Sogeria it never knew violence and had been ruled in peace for it's entire existence. When the invasion begun it was a complete and utter slaughter the army of Sogeria had been dropped all around the planet and launched an attack on every single major population center on the planet. Cities were reduced to rubble in the coming days, any attempt to counterattack was crushed and after only ten days the war ended when the Royal Council of Ganvoth was killed and their bodies thrown from their capital building."

"Fucking hell, were there any survivors" I asked as I kept on sipping on the sweet red drink.

Jaxer nodded "there were yes, but with how much explosives were launched into Ganvoth the climate was changed so much that the planet died and with it all the survivors of the invasion. Soon after Elex named himself emperor and gave several surrounding planets an ultimatum, join his new empire as subordinates or suffer the same fate as Ganvoth. After seeing the fate of Ganvoth all the planets joined, giving the now named United Empire of Sogeria several powerful allies and soon thereafter the empire launched invasion after invasion capturing solar system after solar system gaining more and more power."

"Though this was the only the beginning" Jaxer continued "with more ships and a larger army the U.E.S had become the galaxy's superpower and after twenty years of constant fighting they had conquered forty percent of the galaxy, I should also mention that the U.E.S are human supremist and thus they would eradicate any non human species of the planets they conquered."

I sat up in my seat "wait wait wait other species are you telling me there are other species than humans that have governments and militaries, and also I think it has just went over my head but are we on a spaceship right now."

Myah gently grabbed my hand "yes there are several species of humanoid species that are in the C.A.P.S you will meet them after this, and yes you are on a spaceship as you call it, this ship is a command ship called Actium it holds ten thousand elite soldiers and of course the Supreme Commander."

Jaxer cleared his throat "may I continue" both me and Myah nodded and turned to Jaxer as he continued his history lesson "so after seeing so many solar systems fall under the banner of the U.E.S, several planets governments met together and discussed how to stop the onslaught of the U.E.S and after much deliberation the formation of the Coalition of Allied Planetary Systems was created. To make a long story short all the C.A.P.S did was slow the U.E.S down for the next thirty hundred years where the U.E.S had come to have seventy percent of the galaxy under there control and were about to launch as multiple solar system invasion, that honestly if successful would have made the war endable centuries ago."

Seeing the troubled look that began to form on Jaxer's face made me wonder "so seeing as you guys are still at war this invasion wasn't successful."

Jaxer gave a slight chuckle "no it wasn't, in fact it never got the chance to begin as a small fleet of C.A.P.S ships engaged the massive U.E.S invasion fleet. This fleet knew they weren't able to win in a straight fight but they had a plan and managed to get the U.E.S fleet into range of a star that a U.E.S controlled solar system revolved around was, and then the C.A.P.S fleet made the ultimate sacrifice by somehow exploding the star and the ensuing explosion destroyed both fleets, killing over two hundred thousand C.A.P.S soldiers but killing tens billions of U.E.S soldiers as well as trillions of U.E.S citizens on the planets inside the solar system that was destroyed . With that one move the U.E.S had to stop any advance they might have done to this very day, as well as creating a solar system sized void where the solar system once was that made it difficult for the U.E.S to launch any further invasions of C.A.P.S solar systems, thus locking the C.A.P.S and the U.E.S in a five hundred year old stalemate" Jaxer said finishing his story.

I let out a loud breath "wow a lot of death more than I could imagine but you haven't mentioned this prophecy or how I am the chosen one."

Standing up Jaxer walked over to me and picked up the glass with red liquid "the prophecy was relayed to the Supreme Commander as the star exploded at the Battle of the Void, the commanding officer said he saw the future as the star blew up he said that one day a hero would come to us from a planet not in this galaxy and he would have a power that could change the tide of the war, and that fits you to a tee young Spencer" Jaxer held the glass to my face "you didn't notice that neither me or Lieutenant Ximon did not drink this, well that is because it was highly posined with a toxin that should have killed you a thousand times over but yet you sit here breathing further confirming that you are the chosen one."

I turned to Myah, and while I wanted to be angry I wasn't "you have shot me, stabbed me, and now you poisoned me, wait why am I not pissed I should be screaming at you in anger."

Myah put one if her soft hands on my shoulder "I am sorry I just had to be sure what extent of damage your body could take and it looks like it doesn't matter how much, as for your lack of anger I believe you can no longer feel negative feelings whether it be physical, mental, or emotional."

"Wait that can't be true" I started to say but thinking it over "I haven't felt anything negative since I got here despite several times where I should have, maybe she could be right, but can I still feel things that our positive."

I placed both of my hands on Myah's shoulders "I guess it is my turn to apologize in advance" as a puzzled look formed on Myah's face I dove in and kissed her and the feeling of euphoria enveloped me "I feel warm and good oh so good her lips are so good so perfect I can't believe my first kiss is with a girl this hot, hmm maybe my positive feelings have been enhanced."

Slowly pulling away I looked at Myah to see a very bewildered and confused face, and as she looked up at me she began to speak "w-w-why d-d-did y-you d-do that" she managed to stutter out clearly embarrassed at being kissed.

I managed a small smirk "well since I seem to no longer be able of feeling negative feelings I wanted to see if I could feel positive feeling, and that I can in fact they seem to be overcharged."

This caught Jaxer's attention "you chosen one seem to get more and more interesting, but now comes the question of what is your future, I am hoping that you will join the C.A.P.S and help us end this war, but I will not force you to join us, if you so choose we will send you to a planet and let you live your life."

I thought it over "I would think that joining a miltary that is in the middle of a bloody war would be a easy descion, and it is just not the one I expect, no I expect to refuse as soon as I got the chance, but no I want to join I want to help these people win and I have no fear in running into a battlefield" I smiled at Jaxer "Supreme Commander Jaxer I will gladly join you and help you the best I can to end this war."

Jaxer had a look of genuine joy as smiled at me "I am glad to hear" he then turned to Myah "Lieutenant Ximon since you found the Chosen One I find it only fair that you and him bunk together and as the Logistics Commander of the Actium I deem you responsible to make the Chosen One into a leader."

Myah stood up straight and saluted Jaxer any embarrassment she had just had was now gone "sir yes sir I will make sure that Spencer Gold the Chosen One of the Collation of Allied Planetary Systems will become a leader on the battlefield that will strike fear into his enemies and make the soldiers under his command courageous and fearless in the face of battle."

Jaxer smiled at this "that is good to hear Ximon now both of you are dismissed but Ximon make sure you have the Chosen One adjust to his new way of life."

With that Myah put her arms at her sides "I will sir" then she walked to the door and it slide upwards, she motioned to me to follow her and I quickly did and we both made our way down the long metal hallway.

As we both made our way down the hallway Myah put her hand on my shoulder "hey Spencer I am going to have to be hard on you for the next sixth months of training, I have to make you into a leader that people will want to follow."

I smiled at Myah "hey you got to do what you got to do Myah, be as hard on me as you have to be, make me this leader that will win this war."

Myah had a warm look in her eyes as she looked at me in the eye and hugged me "I will Spencer and I will be by your side when we win this war."

Suddenly a girl appeared behind Myah looking at the two of us, she looked different she was short with brown hair but her ears were on he top of her head shaped like triangles with a black body suit with body armor that fitted around the body suit tightly, she also had a tail that was swishing side to side and she spoke in a soft yet snippy voice "oh Myah I never figured that you would get yourself a man."

Myah glared at this girl "Sergeant Galea Orin I remind you that you are speaking to an officer, and this man is our brand new recruit that you will help me train."

This girl Galea let out a groan as I thought "is she a fucking cat human hybrid and 'man' should I tell them I am fifteen, oh this is gonna be a long six months isn't it."