As I looked in the mirror I noticed that I was covered in sweat and a little blood from the latest training session that Myah has put me through, but I felt no pain no exhaustion I could have done this a hundred times over and still would have been ready to go, "It's been six months now I can feel how much stronger I have gotten, not only physically but mentally Myah and Galea have made me into a leader, now Jaxer is set to give me my rank and assign me a company."

Suddenly I felt a hand on shoulder and I turned to see the short cat girl Galea who smiled up at me and I noticed that she was also eyeing me up and down "oh my my someone has come a long way in these last six months, you're actually pretty good looking, compared to the kid I first saw who looked like he would pull a muscle if he tried to lift a weight."

"Jeez Galea you sure know how to flatter a man" I said sarcastically as Galea let out a short laugh as she tossed me my outfit "get showered and get dressed you got your meeting with Jaxer in a hour, rumor has it you just might make captain."

I looked down at the black outfit, it was sleek made of a material similar to leather but it added bullet resistance and it regulated your body temperature depending on the weather on the planet you are on, then I looked up at Galea and placed a hand on her head gently scratching her ears "well that sounds great I just might be your commanding officer next time we meet."

Galea let out a scoff as she shook my hand of her head "yeah yeah well when your ready just head to Jaxer's office" and with that Galea left my and Myah's room her tail swishing side to side.

I quickly showered and put on my uniform and walked out of the bathroom to see Myah sitting on the bottom bunk of our shared bunk bed shining her boots, then she looked up at me as soon as she noticed I was there " I heard that Jaxer is giving you your rank today, hmm well Spencer I think you have become a excellent leader and with your powers you will be a force to be reckoned with."

I blushed at her praise as I sat down next her grabbing my boots that I had under the bed and began to put them on "hey I was wondering something Myah these last six months I haven't heard anything on the battlefront what's been going on."

Myah let out a soft sigh "well you see we have had battles mainly the moons around the planets at the frontline but we haven't had any territory changes" Myah then began to smile "but with you being given your rank and soon a Company we are going to launch an invasion of the closest planet to us a planet called Telara it's a rather small planet that's mostly plains, meadows, forests, and a fresh water ocean, the only real resistance we should face is from the U.E.S city of Rarora, it is a walled city with a good deal of defenses with around twenty thousand men defending it."

"Twenty thousand, that seems a little low considering the scale of the battles I have heard about" I asked.

Myah nodded "well Telara is a low priority planet it's only real purpose is to send fresh water to other fleets, and since this planet is so low priority the soldiers are often new recruits that scored low in training."

This news made me think that this battle would be a rather easy one compared the others I knew would come "well then Myah when will this invasion take place."

Myah stood up from the bunk resting her hand on my shoulder "in three days, since we have to hit them at their weakest after they send off most of their ships on a resupply run, so after you receive your rank you will meet your company, and then tomorrow morning the officers of the Actium will meet to discuss an invasion plan and coordinate with some other ships in the fleet that will assist us in the invasion, then for the rest of the day we will prepare and then finish preparing by mid day and launch are invasion by nightfall on Telara."

I smiled down at her "well then I guess I shouldn't waste any time and go meet Jaxer" I said as I began to move towards the door and heading out hearing Myah softly say "I'll see you soon."

It wasn't long before I made it to General Jaxer's office and the metal door slide upwards for me to enter, I was greeted by the elderly yet strong looking general who smiled at me "Chosen One I have been waiting for this day to be able to give you your officer's rank and I have read all of Lieutenant" Ximon's reports and have reviewed your battle simulations, you have passed with flying colors and have even surpassed my expectations, and it is with great pleasure and honor that I bestow upon you the rank of captain and hereby grant you command of the newly formed Zeta Company. I entrust that you will lead the men and women under your command to several victories and hopefully Telara will be your first, now with this said and done I do have a gift for you."

"A gift what could he want to give me" I thought as I saw Jaxer walk to a metal box on the floor and open it up and pull out a large rifle and walk back to me holding it out to me "this is a new rifle our scientists have been working on they call it the X94 Assault Rifle it fires a twelve millimeter bullet holds sixty rounds and fires at a rate of one fifty rounds per second."

I cautiously grabbed the rifle it was about two and a half feet long made of a black metal and shaped like a 'J' "thank you sir I am sure this rifle will serve me well on the battlefield."

With that Jaxer dismissed me and I headed out into the hallway and was met by Galea, the cat girl's tail was swishing faster than normal as she seemed to be excited "guess who is in Zeta Company with you."

It was weird it's not that I haven't seen Galea happy before but it is rather rare as she was usually hard, and tough, but when you did good by her and earned her respect she would be someone you could trust with your life.

I smiled at Galea "oh let me guess you."

Galea nodded "yup I am one of your four NCO'S along with Staff Sergeant Caera Arly she's a medic that will command the rest of the medics in the company, then you got Sergeant First Class Danom Korb he's a sniper, heads up he is what you would call a chameleon so he's in charge of anything involving stealth and long range, and for the last one you got Sergeant Major Kiran Crux he's a veteran of this war and a explosives expert so he'll be leading a mortar team when we land.'

Galea then continued as we both began to walk to a meeting hall "and of course you got me Sergeant Galea Orin I will be leading the infranty so I hope you trust me cause I am moving the most troops on our missions, and finnalhy you have your number two and of course it's First Lieutenant Myah Ximon, a genius who is an expert at logistics she will be in charge of planning Zeta Company's battle plans."

I smiled as we reached the door to the meeting room "well Sergeant Orin I suggest that you head in first and then I come in a few minuets later, don't want the Company thinking oi give you special treatment."

Galea stuck her tongue out at me as I step out of view of the door "yeah yeah see you in a minuet" she said as she entered the meeting room.

I waited for a few minuets before entering through the door and saw one hundred and fifty men and women standing at attention in their black C.A.P.S uniforms.

Getting up on a stage I cleared my throat "I am your commanding officer Captain Spencer Gold you may know me as the Chosen One, and as you may know we are set to launch an invasion of the U.E.S controlled planet Telara, we are part of the first wave so we are gonna so a lot of action, but all that means is that we have more U.E.S bastards to kill."

That comment made the soldiers in the room cheer as I continued "we will have anti air guns setup by other divisions but there is no guarantee that they will work at one hundred percent so keep a watchful eye in the sky, but for our mission objective we must breach the city of Rarora and kill every U.E.S soldier in sight though if you come across a officer try to capture them."

This got another cheer from the crowd but a gruff looking middle age man with salt and pepper hair and eyes that looked like they have seen many battles stepped on to the stage "I am sorry for the interruption sir I am Sergeant Major Kiran Crux, you forgot a part we are under orders to kill every person that is with the U.E.S that includes all of the citizens in Rarora whether it be man woman or child."

I looked at Crux he was completely serious he didn't even seem to be bothered with this order, so I stared at him with intimating eyes "Master Sergeant Crux now I understand that the men and women could join up in arms against us but children are too young to understand this war so I am giving you and this entire company that there will be no killing of children."

Crux looked at me for a few seconds and smiled "oh well then sir do you suggest that we use are alternative option of taking the children and turning them into loyal citizens of the C.A.P.S and eventually make them into our soldiers."

I had heard of these strategies and while I was against them they were very popular amongst the Coalition so I knew that completely denying the soldiers of my new company of these orders could make them not want to follow me so I had to make the difficult decision to agree to this course of action, "yes Master Sergeant and this is for everyone any child that is fifteen years old and under are to be captured and not harmed do you all understand me."

"We understand you sir" cam the response from the entire company and I looked at Crux "you Sergeant Major need to talk with you and the rest of the NCO'S and Myah" I turned to the rest of the company "as for the rest of you are all excused, now go and use the rest of your time to prepare for the invasion."

As the majority of the Company moved out ready to start preparing for the coming invasion, my four NCO'S and my second in command all greeted me.

The first to come onto the stage was the reptilian man Staff Sergeant Danom Korb, he was tall maybe seven feet his scales were a midnight black and he wore a modified version of the C.A.P.S uniform it was a vest that held several magazines of ammunition, next was Staff Sergeant Caera Arly she like most of the other women I have met she was stunningly beautiful she was also short like the other girls she also had blonde twin tails that went to her shoulders and moon like pale skin, her uniform was the same as the standard C.A.P.S uniforms but she had a pink cross on her left shoulder, "strange that it their structure is so much like the militaries on earth."

Galea and Myah were the last two to get on to the stage, Galea had put her brown hair into a weird triple tail, her light white skin gleamed in the bright lights that lit up the room and she looked at me with bright green eyes "what you need to talk about Captain."

I looked at all five of them "I need to make sure that all of us will be on the same page and be able to coordinate are attacks once we land on Telara" then I looked at Crux "because I am thinking some of us may not be thinking the same way."

Crux noticed this quickly "well Captain you are right, I don't care of you are the Chosen One you're a kid and have never seen real combat, I've been fighting this war for twenty five years and I have seen men better than you crumble under pressure and get thousands killed, so forgive me if I am not on the same page as you."

This left the others in silence as I stared Crux down "well you see Sergeant Major you should care that I am the Chosen One I don't feel pressure, I don't feel anger or pain, or any other negative emotion, so I won't be making irrational mistakes. So Sergeant Major Kiran Crux you can either choose to follow me and my orders and be on the same page or you can get the hell out of Zeta Company right now so I can get a replacement before we launch this invasion" I said in a calm tone which seemed to make the others frightened that I could make a threat so calmly.

Crux stared me down for a few seconds before he started to laugh and slapped a hand on my shoulder "well hell at least I know you got the balls to stand up to me, now I know you won't be a pushed around by your NCO'S."

I looked at everyone "alright then now that all of that is finished I want to discuss our strategy, now we wont know the overall invasion plan till tomorrow but we can discuss what we do after landing, I want Crux to set up mortars immediately and start to bombard the walls, Korb I want you and your snipers to pick off anyone who dares expose themselves on the walls, Arly I want you to take your medics and check if anyone was wounded on the landing, that includes other nearby Company's, Galea once we get the all clear to breach the city you go in and kill everything in sight that isn't a child, as for you Myah you will correct and modify any strategy to best fulfil the mission, now that is all do you understand your roles?"

All five of them stood at attention and sounded off in a loud voice "we understand sir."

I smiled at them "good now you are all dismissed, go and prepare."

All of them began to leave but Myah stayed behind "you know you really sounded like a leader there, guess all my training has really paid off."

I smiled at Myah "yeah it really has, hey Myah have you ever seen combat" I asked surprised that even in these last six months I had never brought this up before."

Looking down at her feet Myah nodded "yes but only once, it was a battle in space back when I was fresh out of training six years ago I was on a ship named the Red Hell it was only a few months into my serving that a U.E.S ship caught us out on patrol and attacked us, it wasn't before long they had boarded us."

Myah was silent for a few seconds before continuing "it was a slaughter the U.E.S soldiers killed every person they saw without mercy and they didn't care if anyone surrendered, I managed to get onto a escape pod with ten other survivors and ten minuets after we shot off we saw the Red Hell be destroyed in a fiery explosion."

I looked at Myah for a few seconds and put a assuring hand on her shoulder as she continued "we eventually were picked up by Jaxer and the Actium and I have stayed here ever since."

Myah gently held my hand "it has been a long time since I thought about that day thank you for listening" then she pulled me towards the door "come on we are gonna have a long morning ahead of us."

As we both headed out of the door to head back to our room we were stopped by Arly the beautiful medic, she looked to have been waiting outside the door "uh sir I did have something to talk to you about."

I looked at Myah "go on Myah I will meet you back at the room" with that Myah nodded and continued on her way while I looked back to Arly "yes Arly what did you wish to talk about."

"Caera sir please call me Caera" she said somewhat nervous.

I corrected myself "alright Caera what did you want to talk to me about."

Caera cleared her throat "well I was wondering if I could have some of your blood, my thoughts are that since you are the Chosen One and you can regenerate any of your wounds I could maybe use your blood to create a type of fast healing medicine that I could use on the battlefield."

"That sounds like a good idea, but I don't know if it is my blood that makes me the way I am but hell it is worth a shot" I thought as I looked at Caera "that sounds like it could save many lives if it works, yeah lets do it."

Caera smiled at me "thank you please follow me sir" Caera then walked down the hallway guiding me towards the infirmary.

We arrived at the infirmary and the metal door slide upwards to reveal a large room painted in white with two rows of twenty beds that were parallel to each other across the room, in the corner there was a large class cabinet that was full of medicine.

Caera turned to me alright Captain if you could sit on the bed and I will be over in a minuet."

I sat down on one of the beds finding it surprisingly soft and I looked over to Caera to see her bringing over needles, a set of test tubes that would be used to hold my blood and a syringe.

Caera sat down next to me and smiled as she rubbed alcohol on my right arm "normally I would tell you how you will a slight burning sensation and a little bit of pain, but you are different so" she smiled "and done."

I hadn't even noticed she was taking my blood, in fact she had taken almost a pint, "wow Caera I didn't even notice you doing it.'

This made Caera smile as she set the tubes that were filled with my blood onto a table, except for one tube that she used to fill the syringe "alright Captain let's see if this will work."

Grabbing a scalpel and making a small cut across her hand, it made her flinch in pain but soon she dripped my blood from the syringe onto her wound and it was almost immediately that her cut healed.

"It worked Captain it actually worked" Caera said almost jumping for joy as her experiment had been a success.

I smiled at her "well then it seems that you will need more of my blood, but I wanted to ask you to run a experiment on me, I know that poison won't work on me but I don't know if medicine will still work on me, could you give me something that works immediately."

Caera nodded "alright Captain I can give you something like that" she then went over to the glass cabinet and pulled out a glass bottle that had a green liquid in it and using another syringe filled it up.

Coming back to me "alright this is a painkiller it should make you feel really relaxed and make you go to sleep within a minuet" I nodded at her as a okay and she injected my arm with the painkiller.

At first I felt nothing but after a few seconds I began to feel calmer than normal and my eyes felt heavy and then the next thing I felt was my head hitting the soft pillow.

Slowly opening my eyes I was met with a bright white light and I could see a vison of a girl and triangle shaped ears atop her head "Galea" I said in a soft tone.

Galea shot up "you're awake Captain" she said as she turned around "hey Myah, Caera get over here the Captain woke up."

Both the girls came running over to me "hehe I always did want to wake up to beautiful girls surrounding me" I thought as Caera grabbed my hand "I am so sorry Captain I didn't think this would happen when we ran our test."

"It's fine Caera, but I have to get up and go to the officers meeting to discuss the invasion" I said as I began to get out of bed but Myah stopped me "well you should know Spencer we already have had the meeting you were out for an entire day, we are set to launch the invasion in a few hours."

This news hit me like a ton of bricks, was I really so weak to medicine that it can knock me out for so long "r-really shit I am sorry I should have thought things through a lot more."

Myah let out a giggle "aw it is fine you didn't miss much and the things you did miss doesn't change Zeta Company's plans."

This made a let out a sigh of relief before getting out of the bed completely "well that is a relief but I still need to prepare."

Galea smiled "oh we got you covered Captain" grabbing a box off the ground Galea set it on the bed I was just laying making the bed compress under the weight "we got your gun, sidearm, ammo, and armor."

"I never had people care about me so much that weren't related to me, but now I have multiple it is a nice feeling to have" I thought as I opened the box up "thank you, all of you now I suggest getting ready yourselves and meeting me at the transport ships in two hours."

The three girls all gave me a salute "sir yes sir" before Myah and Galea left but seeing as it was the medical bay Caera stayed and got dressed in my armor it was black leather like vest that covered my shoulders as well and looked like it would be heavy but it was light and would stop some bullets, my helmet was several inches thick and it went from my forehead to the base of the back of my neck.

I grabbed all the extra ammo magazines and put them into several different pockets located on my armor and outfit and one into my rifle before looking at Caera "I will see you soon Staff Sergeant" and with that I left the room.

The hours before the invasion flew by me and it felt like only a few minuets before I heard Jaxer call out over the PA system that the invasion was beginning and we are to all load into the transport ships.

It was organized chaos in the docking bay that held all the transport ships that would send eight thousand of the ten thousand man aboard the Actium into battle, as ships were filled up with thousands of men and women and other ships were set to hold supplies such as food, water, medicine, and ammo and others were loading up transport trucks, tanks, and artillery pieces.

I lead Zeta Company into a smaller transport ship it was long but narrow shaped like a rectangle it fit a hundred and fifty soldiers perfect for Zeta.

Then as we all got set into are seats the metal ramp lifted up and closed to the transport ship and we disembarked, I looked out of the window to see dozens of much larger C.A.P.S ships surrounding the planet while hundreds of smaller transport ships began to come into sight as are speed picked up.

The ship began to rock back and forth violently as we entered the atmosphere of Telara, I think I heard one of my soldiers throw up from the motion sickness while a hand gripped mine tightly, I looked to see Myah was the culprit "sorry I am a bit nervous."

I only smiled at her as we soon slowed down and eventually hit solid ground, I was the first to stand up after unlocking my harness "alright come on we got some U.E.S bastards to kill.

This got a cheer as the ramp lowered and Zeta Company began to charge out of the transport ship stepping into a large meadow.

I looked down at the electronic map I had on my wrist "alright people Rarora is half a mile north of here" I felt a tap on my arm and upon turning I saw Galea pointing towards Rorora and it's large metal walls "yeah we can see it Captain."

I smiled "good not much of a hike, Crux set up mortars and begin to hit that wall and the buildings behind it, it won't take long for the U.E.S to find out we are here."

As I said I saw a missile come from Rarora and it soon connected with a transport ship making it burst into flames and plummet to the ground.

This made Zeta Company stare in shock for a few seconds before I turned to them "this is a battle people there will be casualties now Crux lay down fire on that wall we need an opening to breach through soon, Korb I need to pick off any and all people you can see within the city, Arly get your medics ready we are about to see" I was cut off as the sound of helicopters flew overhead, two to be exact and they launched missiles at the wall before one was shot down by a anti air missile.

The wall was scorched and dented by the impact of the missiles but was still standing and soon U.E.S soldiers began to get on the wall and lay down heavy machine gun fire on the newly arriving transport ships.

"Korb you and your team take out those wall gunners" I said as I went prone into the flowers of the meadows we had landed in, a pretty sight but not much cover.

"Right away sir" Korb answered as he and his team of chameleon men snipers began to shoot.

Myah had a large radio on her back and a receiver pressed to her ear for a few seconds before turning to me "Captain we are losing too many ships to the anti air they are dropping off a few miles back so are reinforcements are gonna to take awhile."

I looked back to the city walls where the wall was denting but did not look close to breaking so we could breach, then I turned to Crux "Crux do you have an explosive that will make a hole in that wall large enough for us to breach through."

Crux after launching another mortar shell turned to me "yeah I got one but it would need to be planted on the wall itself, but that is a suicide run."

I smirked "well hell Crux it isn't a suicide run for me, now give me the bomb I am going to open up that wall."

Rummaging through his explosives bag Crux tossed me a spherical purple orb "that should blow a hole large enough to move an entire division through Captain."

Smiling I stood up and placed the bomb in a steel box wrapped with an bullet resistant material to protect it from any bullets from making it explode prematurely and I began my march to the wall.

It didn't take long for bullets to hit me, they went through my neck, arms, face, legs, so managed to tear through my armor and pierce my chest but I felt nothing a simply broke into a run.

Around five minuets later and my uniform filled with bullet holes I reached the walls of Rarora and took the bomb out of the box and placed it at the base of the wall and pressed a small button on the top of the sphere and saw a countdown from thirty seconds begin, so I began to run back to Zeta Company and I managed to get far enough out of range that the explosion that all it did was push me to the ground.

Upon turning around I saw the wall had began to fall as a purple cloud slowly dissipated, I laughed and could see multiple Company's beginning to charge to the opening.

I got back onto to my feet and began to run into the opening in the wall, I looked up to the top of the wall to see most of the soldiers were no longer there and the ones who were left were packing up their heavy machine guns and following their still living comrades.

Finally I reached the base of the wall where the explosion had opened it up, I could see multiple buildings that were completely abandoned, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Myah "Captain the other Company's are sweeping the city Zeta Company's goal in the capital building at the center of the city and capture any commanders."

A small smiled grew on my face as I turned to see the rest of Zeta Company behind Myah "looks like command is giving us the big jobs come on" I said as I began to charge into the city.

Zeta Company cheered as they followed me into the city, block by block we moved through and we began to hear gunfire erupt through the city as we moved deeper and deeper into the city.

It wasn't before long we saw a large five story building that was colored a flaming red I turned to Myah "this the place" Myah gave the building a once over "yeah this is" she was cut off as she took cover while gunfire began to rain down on us.

We were lucky enough to have several stone barriers around the front of the capital build that Zeta Company took cover behind.

I peered my rifle over the barrier and began to fire, I managed to hit two U.E.S men, then I turned to Myah "alright I think there is a few dozen at the entrance and probably more inside, we are going to need reinforcements" Myah nodded and got on her radio and began to call for reinforcements, then I turned to Galea "Galea once we get those reinforcements you lead a assault alright."

Galea nodded "well what are you gonna do" I smirked "I am going to soften them up for you" I then jumped over the barrier taking a few bullets to the chest as I rushed my way to the capital building.

I raised my rifle shooting down three U.E.S soldiers their blood spilled over the ground as they fell dead to the ground, as I rushed up the steps.

I felt something hit my head with no pain, turning I saw a young scared looking female U.E.S soldier, maybe I felt pity for how young the girl was because I was rather reluctant to shoot her, but when she hit me across the face again and shoved a knife in-between my ribs I lost my pity and pulled my sidearm and put a round right between her eyes.

Her blood splattered across my face as the other remaining soldiers looked at me in horror as I showed no signs of pain or dying, I laughed "come on you U.E.S bastards try and kill me."

This terrorized them and they began to run back inside while one just stood still as stone as he just looked at me young and full of fear "what the hell are you" he said.

Walking towards him I grabbed his collar and smiled "I am the U.E.S's worst nightmare" then I smelt something pungent, I laughed as I looked down to see the guy had pissed himself "you must be scared you just pissed yourself" then before he could reply I had pulled my knife and put it into his heart.

Myah had come running up the steps to meet me "well hell Gold Company and Maple Company just got here but looks like you managed to scare everyone back inside."

Galea came up behind Myah with most of Zeta Company following her "eh think he did more than scare anyways we need to take this door down."

Looking over the door that soldiers ran through and hid behind, it was tall maybe twenty feet, it looked heavy and made out of metal, I walked over to it and gave it a few knocks, and as expected it was pretty thick "Crux get something that will blow this door down."

Crux was quick to replay as he made his way to the door "right away sir just give me a few minuets" I nodded as I turned to Myah "get all three Company's ready cause we are going to be in for one wild fight."

Myah nodded and went back to talk to the other Company's Captains as I stood looking at the door while Galea stood next to me "you ready Captain we are going to lose some men."

"Yeah I know but I can limit down that number, but my goal is to get to the top of the building and capture the commanding officers that I am sure are hiding out in here" I said as Crux turned to me "one minuet before detonation so I suggest everybody get back."

I along with the rest of everyone by the doors made are way back to the stairs and soon enough there was a loud boom, and without having to give an order over four hundred C.A.P.S soldiers began to rush into the capital building.

Shots rang out from both sides as the entrance of the capital building became I battleground and bodies fell on both sides.

I took cover behind a large stone pillar and grabbed Myah and Galea "you two I need you girls to follow me up to the fifth floor, Crux will take command of the troops down here."

Both girls nodded and we both made our way to a nearby staircase in a separate room that the U.E.S didn't have time to block off I turned to Myah "alright once we get to the fifth floor call for Maple Company to come and reinforce us."

Myah nodded as the three of us began to climb the stairs floor by floor but strangely each floor seemed empty and the only sounds were the battle that was raging on the first floor.

Upon reaching the fifth floor Myah made the call for Maple Company to reinforce us while I looked around and I saw nothing of any interest no people, no nothing and for a few minuets I thought the officers had managed to escape before I saw movement behind some glass door.

I turned around and jumped tackling Myah and Galea back into the stairwell as multiple machine guns began to fire at us.

I felt something warm and squishy in my hands and I looked down to notice that my hands were on some not so appropriate places, Myah's face was red and she looked embarrassed while Galea gave a small smile.

Quickly I pulled my hands away "sorry sorry you can berate me latter ok" I said as I stood up "you two wait for Maple Company, I am going to see what I can do" with that I turned around the corner and began to run hard through the hail of gunfire and right into the glass door shattering it.

I looked up to see multiple people all dressed in golden armored uniforms looking down at me in shock that I was still alive despite their hail of gunfire that they had shot at me.

Then one of the golden dressed soldiers ran towards me having drawn his knife, I felt it tear into my knife and my blood sprayed all of the golden armor.

Though I felt no pain as suddenly gunfire began to tear through the room I was in at last Maple Company had arrived and the golden soldiers took cover and ignored me "I guess they think I am going to die."

I began to count all of them "nine that's all that I can see, hmm they are special maybe the U.E.S's Special Forces, no they wouldn't be here this planet it far too low priority, who the hell are these people."

Maple Company kept the nine golden soldiers busy as the two sides engaged in a firefight, so using the distraction I stood up and snuck around into a side room "let's see how well Maple Company does, plus I want to see what these golden soldiers are capable of."

"Now who the hell are you, and how did you make it past my soldiers" a female voice said behind me.

Before I could turn around I felt a hand grab the back of my tattered armor and threw me to the ground knocking the wind out of me and then the girl stomped her heavy boot on to my back "now now if you got past nine Royal Guards I imagine you are pretty well trained."

"Well not entirely I am average but not being able to die or feel pain helps you win fights" I thought as the girl turned me around and made me look at her, she was taller with tanned skin with short blonde hair and was very muscularly and she was dressed in the same golden armor as the others I had just got past "you C.A.P.S motherfuckers picked the worst time to attack you know that."

Spitting some blood that was in my mouth at her I grinned "oh why is that something about these what did you say Royal Guards, hmm they must only be here to guard something, or maybe someone?"

Something flashed through this woman's eyes her gray eyes and then soon she pulled out a pistol "well well aren't you the clever one but I can't let you learn what I am guarding."

Before I could say a word she had fired her gun and the bullet went through my left eye.

"Oh I am going to have fun revealing that I am still alive" before revealing myself I heard a shy female voice "Marza is it safe to come out now."

"So this big tough lady is named Marza now who is the girl" I thought as Marza replied "in a way Ayana but we need to find a way to get you out of here, we cannot let the only Princess of the Sogeria Royal Family be captured by these C.A.P.S bastards.

Coughing I sat up my eye now regrown from the previous bullet hole to see a girl slightly younger than me by one or two years crawling out of a cabinet, she was everything a princess should be visually at least she was stunningly beautiful with flawless pale skin and deep emerald eyes that went with long curly brown hair, though she was short maybe even shorter than Galea.

Then she saw me and gave a scream which made Marza who had her back turned to me hug her "I know sweet Ayana but don't worry he is dead."

I laughed loud enough for them to hear "oh I wouldn't go that far Marza." I said standing up and aiming my pistol at them.

Marza was quick to turn around ready for a fight but once she saw my pistol already aimed at them all she could say was "how in the hell are you alive I but a fucking bullet through your eye."

"Ah well you see" I started as I made my way towards them, stopping a few feet in front of them "I am very special I can't die, I don't feel pain, hell I don't feel anything negative."

This seemed to shock the two females and Marza lunged towards me "yeah fucking right" then I felt her right hand collide against my face but I only laughed as I pistol whipped her knocking her down to the ground and out cold.

Sighing I turned to Ayana who was shivering in fear at what had just happened "oh don't worry Ayana was it" she nodded fearfully "I won't be killing you or your bodyguard."

"A-a-are y-you g-g-going t-to l-l-let m-me g-go" Ayana fearfully stuttered out.

Shaking my head I got down on one knee to get with eye level of the princess who was laying on the floor "no know that I know you are a Princess of the Sogerian Empire I can't let you go, but don't you worry I will let harm come to you or Marza."

This only made Ayana cry and sob as I stood up and noticed the gunfire had stopped and I received a call from Myah on my shoulder mounted radio "Captain we have received heavy casualties but we have won, they were Royal Guards they have to be guarding something important"

I laughed as I looked down at Ayana "well I guess I am going to have some explain how I captured the only Princess of the Sogeria Royal Family" I said as Ayana only cried louder.