A bazaar of thoughts springs up to life tonight

Yesterday, it was a kiosk at the end of an alleyway.

Tonight, I can peddle and bargain.

There are some sweet sentences I can buy for a dream

And some memories I can capture

In thought cages, and maybe later in ink.

Backdoor black market sales are doing good business

I could expect an unwelcome nightmare in the near future

Or even that empty abyss I thought I had filled.

I traded in some barely formed wisps of emotion

And got a good deal

I have now, an arsenal of rainbow-thoughts

So maybe, the abyss can be a bit brighter.

Maybe tomorrow, the bazaar will be a roadside stall;

But for tonight, I have the magic of choice

And there's room for a myriad array.

When I pack my bags for the morning

My wares and purchases

Might need more than the tattered suitcases I own.

The bazaar might come visiting soon, again

I have bought enough to last me till that rainy day.