She's beautiful.

Eh, she's ok.

No. She's beautiful and it would have killed you to tell her so.

I did tell her.

Yeah, when she had on a full face of make-up and a dress. No, what I mean is that she's beautiful all the time and you can't seem to see it. When she's angry or when she's scared or when she's sad. Whether she's got a dress or sweats on, she's beautiful. You don't realize how lucky you are to have a girl like that. One who looks at you like you put the stars in the sky, and you treat her like crap.

Excuse me, you have no idea what you're talking about!

Oh, I don't? Do you know how many times she's looked over at you when you're with your friends? Or how many times she's been laughing with her friends or just having fun and she'll look to see if you actually care or not? Do you even see how many times she's saved you a seat whether it's on the bus or at a table? Do you even see her face when you blow her off to go sit with some other girl? No. You don't see any of that because you just take her for granted and you think she's gonna always be there for you when you're done with everybody else.

You make it sound like I don't know her at all or something.

Because you don't. You don't know her at all because you never even try to understand what goes on in her head. You don't sit there with her in silence and try everything you can to get her to smile. You don't watch her as she struggles to wonder why she's not good enough for you and how she breaks a little more when you smile at some other girl instead of her.