Chapter 7

Jolaine and Jaycob lay side-by-side in Jaycob's bed with Jaycob tracing his finger along the length of Jolaine's body. It is hot in the bedroom, partly because Jaycob cranked up the heat prior to the sex and partly because the sex heated up the room!

They lay on their sides, facing each other with no needs for the cover of blankets in the toasty warm even with the cold snow falling outside the window. They are naked, which is why Jaycob was tracing her outlines with his finger – so he can muscle memorize every inch of her beauty.

"You sure did hit me with a pitch!" Jolaine giggled in the dusk of the room, only the light from the hallway illuminating them.

"I'm finally good at something."

"Only we can appreciate how long it took to get to this moment," she said.

"And why it took so long," Jaycob agreed.

"I'm sorry I didn't have my eyes opened until now."

"It doesn't matter," he said. "We're together because there's always been something there."

"You threw the pitch."

"And you hit it."

"I love you," Jolaine said.

"I love you too," Jaycob smiled.

Jaycob felt the bed move. It was still dark when he opened his eyes and he saw Jolaine's silhouette in the shadows of the window.

"It stopped snowing," she reported. "They plowed."

"I heard it earlier," Jaycob acknowledged. "Come back to bed."

"I need to drive home and change for school," she said, turning to face him.

"Wear what you wore yesterday."

"Never!" Jolaine exclaimed in mock shock.

"It's early," Jaycob whined.

"I need to drive home, take a shower, change, and drive back before first bell," she protested as she started gathering her clothes, strewn all over the floor from the previous night's passion.

"Shower here."

"I need to change my clothes, Jake," she said, rolling her eyes as she picked up her blouse. "Look, it's all wrinkled. I'll look like a hobo."

"You can wear one of my shirts."

"The longer we talk, the less time I'll have," she grumbled as she found her panties and put them on.

"What about breakfast?"

"I'll bring us back something from Dunkin," she promised. "Meet me in the teacher's lounge before first bell."

"Drive carefully," he said as he watched her dress.

"Do you think I'd let myself get splattered on Mountain Road now after all we've been through?" she asked as she leaned over the bed and gave him a kiss.

"My parents had no plans to get gassed by carbon monoxide poisoning either," Jaycob reminded her.

"I'll never leave you," she promised. "No hit by pitches from me."

Jolaine left the room and Jaycob fell back on the bed, letting out a sigh knowing he couldn't worry about the unknown and the uncontrollable. He was happy to finally have her fully in is life.

Jolaine drove home carefully, even though the roads were plowed. She needed to concentrate on her driving instead of thinking about the bouncing thoughts in her head regarding her wonderful night with Jaycob. Why did it take her so long to let her guard down? Why did she wait so long to admit to herself that he was the one she deserved? It was her own stupid fault for being so prideful and stubborn and independent. And foolish, thinking Andy Ackerman was going to be her hero in the end when it was Jaycob Pavoni the whole time.

A truck approaching over the hill in front of her began to drift across the center line. Jolaine moved her car over to the right, the tires hugging the edge of the road, kicking up the plowed snow and slush and she felt the car begin to jerk. She slowed down and retained control of the car as the truck whizzed by, too close for comfort as far as she was concerned.

"Not today," she said aloud with a grin. "I'm here to stay."

(Reminder: The COVID-19 Virus did not happen in this story's timeline)

Jaycob walked into Jo-Ro's Yoga Studio after work on a bright April afternoon. Jolaine gave him a smile and a wave from where she was instructing in the front of the bright and cheery studio.

Jolaine usually left school after last bell to relieve Ro at the studio but Jaycob had after school Math Club and Math Study so he didn't get home until later in the afternoon. He made it a habit of walking through the studio on his way to the apartment just to say hello to his girlfriend.

He'd wait until later today to tell her that the Mt. Griffin High School Mountaineers won their second straight game to open the season under their new coach, Ace Andy Ackerman.

Not that either of them cared.