The peace out there in the field is enviable

Something I haven't felt for some time

And when I spoke up my voice sounded unreal

As if I was not used to hearing it whenever I cry

So I go back to my safe place

Back to his arms

To a moment carved deep in my memory

Times that without a reason I smiled

And he used to ask why

Why I was so kind to him

And my answer was I didn't know

But the truth is he reminded me I was free

So I went on and walked a bit

Went on in my path to a destiny

Every step as hard as the last

But never thinking of what I left in the path

Until one day I tried to return

And saw a small paw on the dirt

Reminded me of his definition of happiness

Kickstarted my heart with the song of a bird

And as nice as it was

As much as I wanted to go

I returned to that path

To see where I left my soul

Because all together is no good material

But on their own they don't dim the light

Not of a star

But from a piece of heart

Not thinking of the meaning

I went out and screamed

I screamed his name as a reminder

Of the happiness I once know I dreamed

Now going up there back and forth

Gazing at the landscapes in Finland

I wonder how he would feel if he read this

Would think it was nothing but a coincidence

Nothing left to fill that empty space I once missed