Throughout the night, he held her;
Held the woman he could not have.
For hours she stared up to a glittering sky,
Together they sat, only waiting to say goodbye.

He would watch her,
Her voice falling in grace as she worshipped the stars,
Always the stars.
Every night she would speak to them, laugh with them, sing to them;
There was nothing to her greater than those stars.

He would wait, continuously,
For her just to look at him,
To say something,
To say anything.

"I love you," He'd mumble,
There would be nothing in return
Except the lilting of her voice in a serenade not met for him.

She did not notice, the way he grew colder,
The way his voice would weaken with each attempt at conversation.
She did not notice, when he grew silent,
Not bothering anymore to try for idle chatter.

She did not notice as he got paler, thinner.
No, she stayed with the night sky,
The grace on her face unmatched by all.

She did not notice when he stopped coming,
His body no longer able to take the lonely cold nights.

He noticed, from his perch upon an aging porch,
Empty as it had always been,
When her song would fade and the sun would rise
And her image would flee across rolling hills.