Evelynn's mother always told her that the darkest part of the day was right before dawn, but why did that one hour stretch for so long? She remembered, years ago, when the two of them would sit together and simply wait for the sun to rise.

"See?" Her mother would say, "There's the sun, waking up and saying hello. He'll be up soon, you'll see. Then the whole day will be bright and pretty. Just like you, sweetheart."

The memory brought a bitter smile to Evelynn's lips, most thoughts of her mother did these days. She missed, almost desperately, watching her mother smile. All that woman ever had to do was smile to light up an entire room.

Mostly, Evelynn missed hearing her mother breathe. There wasn't anything she wouldn't give to see her mother smile again, if only just once.

And here, standing on a rocky cliff-face in the middle of nowhere, Evelynn was determined to meet her mother again.

The sun was just starting to rise, pink and orange stretching out across the sky and casting a brilliant hue on the surrounding rain; light dancing and hitting the falling water as if it were the most precious of crystals.

Oddly enough, Evelynn wasn't afraid. She wasn't afraid of the steep drop below her, nor of the darkness slowly being chased away by the rising sun. There was a calm nestled deep in her core, a thread of belonging tying her up to the heavens and beckoning her to step forth.

There was no pain in her heart, no fear in her veins. Evelynn looked up toward the greeting sky, sunlight hitting her eyes and turning them into pools of honey. She took a step forward, and before she knew, she was flying up towards the very clouds themselves.