Lingering pain dances here, on the edge of steep cliffs littered with sheer veils.
Souls lay bare, since the day they were broken,
Nothing but shadows of forgotten purpose.

The pain remains,
It always remains.
The raw ache pulsating and calling them to the steep drop.

Once there was hope,
Perhaps even dreams,
A wish to look out on the dawn with content,
But now only shattered winds can attest to that.

Perhaps once song rolled along these hills,
Carried by strong voices and bright spirits.

Perhaps once sand filled places other than fresh graves,
Finding homes in makeshift castles along the shore.

Perhaps once that dark sky was bright indigo,
Azure light covering all with unending joy.

Perhaps once it was peaceful,
Danger a thing only of myths and forgotten nightly tales.

But the world is hardly ever kind,
Rarely allowing joy and innocence to survive.
One after another, the wisps take the fall,
Sheer silk falling around the world as if to protest their ending.