When the sky opens in a fiery deluge,
I will not delight in 'I told you so,'
Quite simply, I will just grasp your hand;
Together, we will stand. Not as strangers, enemies, or lovers,
But as humans,
Bound by flesh and bathed in blood.
As one, we embrace the end.

Never before have I seen such a sight,
Scores of people merging as one to console and protect.
It does not matter of race, nor of personal beliefs,
For in this moment, we are the same.
We bleed together, we burn together,
We fall together.

All the hurt, all the pain, all the grief we caused; we felt.
All that we have achieved and undergone,
All that we accomplished-
It will not matter,
Not in this moment.

In this moment, only now, are we the same.
Your status is immaterial,
Riches will not shield you,
A role of the dice will not save you.

Arm and arm,
We will not be afraid, not of the inevitable,
Rather, we stand united.

A tear drop below the cheek,
A wry smile to crack the lip,

For our sins have come to take revenge and Ragnarök is upon us.