My father told me when I was born,

No tears flowed from my eyes,

Nor did any sound come from my mouth.

My mother cried for the both of us, in joy.

They called me Serenity.

We lived together in a village far away.

My mother was born in this country, called Ventos.

My father was born in another, called Auronia.

Because they married, we weren't treated like people.

I didn't mind, because it was normal.

People got to visit the doctor when they were sick.

People who visited the doctor got better.

My mother and father were sick.

My parents didn't get better.

That day, my heart writhed and burned within me.

I met him, someone like me and my parents.

He was abandoned by his country and left to die.

The one who let this happen was his king.

Ventos' king needed to be brought to justice.

And I was the hammer of justice.

This village had to be burned.

And its people writhe in agony.

Just like I did.

This I've done.

All without making a sound.