On this day, September first, 2014, Kathreen Powell, a young woman of 20 years old, entered for the first time her new school. After years of arguments, lawsuits and paperwork, she is finally able to pursue her long-time dream to finally have an education. Her mother, Bianca Powell, who is a social worker for the city of Ottawa, got fired by her boss. Furiously, the mother took her things and moved to the city of Buckingham, a city near the capital. Her daughter had the learn a new language, French. After a though, she decided to also start studying. Everything seemed alright with the moving. The neighbors were quite friendly and even Kathy seemed to enjoy the new place. Her room, filled with boxes and antique furniture, became her source of comfort. With her diary on her left hand and a pen on the right one, she wrote the first lines of a new book: ''Dear diary, tomorrow will be my first day in high school since the incident. I can't wait to meet my new friends and to finally be accepted. Mom told me to believe in myself and everything will be alright… well, I think…'' and on those lines, the damsel closed her book, rested her head on her pink fluffy pillow and felt asleep.

Day 1

Today is the first day of school. This morning could have been as typical as the neighbor's, but it wasn't. In fact, all the odds were against them in oh so many ways. The toaster seemed to burn everything it touched like a bonfire in the middle of a summer camp, the car was acting like it had the right to not turn on and Bianca was slowly losing her mind over those metal keys that just seemed to be a little too wrong. The mother looked at her desperate child, handed a few bucks while searching for a way to herself go to that meeting she talked about so much. Sadly, she knew she was late so Kathy then took the taxi to her new lyceum and opened the doors wide. Everything was like in the movies for her. The lockers as red as the skirt of a cheerleader, the clock as blank as the teachers and the boys as cute as a bunch of Hollywoodian actors. The only exception was that everything was not like in the movies. Entering the school fully, with her eyes finally opened, the poor girl was left with a speechless expression on her face. Even the clocks were different. She was searching for an answer. Wasn't this the high school of her dreams? After a few minutes of confusions, the student looked at a ripped poster hanging from one of the teacher's office's door: ''Adult School'' On the other side of the enormous piece of paper, she saw herself with her typical clothes: short skirt, long-sleeves shirt, all in black like her hair with her blue eyes just like a deer's. Most importantly, she was wondering why her mother sent her here and not in a normal Americanly school. Going deeper and deeper in her thoughts, she was losing track of time until another student came and, by gently tapping her left shoulder, scared her. She jumped so high it made her fall on the ground. The other girl, a student with long blonde curly hair, brown eyes and a rosé skin laughed while asking if the newbie was alright. After helping her, they took a tour of the big building, visiting every room and even the cafeteria. The Caucasian presented herself as Clara, the school's vice-president. The principal asked her to welcome each new face in this wonderful community. This comment left a smile on the shorter girl's face, a wide plate of her teeth that she tried to hide after realizing what she was doing. Their conversation was continuing around the school. Kathy learned that her new friend was just about to finish her last books and to finally go to college. During this time, Clara was looking at the horizon. There was the entrance door with another girl smoking outside. The senior asked the younger woman to stay here while she takes care for this problem.

Clara rushed outside while crossing her arms due to the fall weather. In front of her, there was a gang made of a few students skipping class. A mix of teenagers and adults made the group. It was including her own brother, Michael and an old member of the student council, Charles.

- Good morning

Her sibling said to her. For the hundredth time, she had to lecture those rebels on how to not skip classes. However, this moment was worse than just ditching their education for fun, they had dope with them and they were not afraid to use it as a trade object for youngsters from the closest high school.

- Where did you get that?

- Calm down, it's just weed

- On school grounds? You know I can get kicked out because of that!

- Clara, we're clearly outside of school grounds. Stop being such a bitch all the time

- And you stop skipping class for once, would you?

During this discussion, Kathy was waiting inside of the building. Out of patience, she decided to visit the rest of the school on her own. On her way to the library, her vision was caught on a boy sitting the opposite way she was climbing the stairs. He was wearing a black hoodie with joggers and old overused cheap shoes you could find at the local thrift shop. His eyes were locked on a piece of tissue covered in blood while his fingers were caressing the texture of it. Kathy seemed intrigued. After his head turned to her direction, she kept moving with her steps and forget about him.

Back outside, Clara's argument with her brother was getting louder. It was so noisy that the rest of the school came out to see, including Kathy after making the rounds with the library. They were fighting over anything that wasn't related to the current situation.

- Why do you always get inside my business?

- Arrête de faire des choses pas clairs and I'll stop being so protective. You can't even find a job, Mike!

- So what?

- So you can't become more responsible, te mêler de tes shits.

- Says the one who is still jobless

- I have a council

- Okay, la seule vraie affaire que tu as c'est une bande d'hypocrites de fucking féministes qui se pensent pour des connaient tous alors que la seule vraie affaire que toi tu fou c'est allé lécher le cul du peuple juste pour un peu de popularité.

At this moment, Laurence, another old friend of Clara who was more occupied by her book, got up and intervene.

- Tabarnak, tu te la fermes-tu? Clara is vice-president of the student's council and if you don't shut the fuck up we'll all get kicked out of school.

As simple as that, the blond skinny boy walked away. His sister couldn't stand being watched by the other girl, so she went back inside.

Things got a little smoother after school. Supper was alright too. Even bedtime was tolerable. Kathy really nailed that first day. She, on that though, closed the light near her bed and slept.