Jesse is shocked by Penn's confession.

"Yup, when I was younger, but he ended up with Jessica, so I started gambling, and started dating people. I'm not a good influence", said Penn.

"You're braver", said Jesse.

Penn blushes, then Jesse smiles.

"You know, if Andy doesn't respond soon, you can come to me", Penn offers with a sly smile and holding Jesse's chin with one finger.

"That's how you got the other guys, but it won't work on me", Jesse laughed.

" I know, but you know you're just becoming more of my type", said Penn.

"How about we just watch this movie together", Jesse suggested.

"Sure, but you know this is kinda a date", Penn joked.

"Screw you", Jesse pushes Penn, then turns on the movie.

Penn grabs the bag of popcorn and eats some.

Jesse takes one and eats it.

"You actually like these cheesy movies?" Penn asks Jesse.

"Yes, it's plain and simple", said Jesse.

"I agree, but a few complicated plotlines aren't that bad", said Penn.

"I didn't think you were into that stuff", Jesse assumed.

"Well, you would be surprised", said Penn.

Penn and Jesse find they are more relatable than they think.

"Kiss me and I'll scratch you", Jesse warns Penn.

"Ouch, so no kissing, what about…" said Penn.

"If you try to pin me down, I'll kill you, you can only put your arms around me", said Jesse, holding out his claws.

"You are a tough case, for such a cute guy", said Penn.

Jesse blushes at Penn's compliment.

So, Jesse and Penn watch the movie together.

In an empty hallway, Andy is looking at his clipboard and has a bunch of flashbacks.

Andy in the first flashback, he is feeding strawberries to Jesse.

Jesse smiles like an angel.

This was the first time Andy saw Jesse smile so sweetly.

At that time, Andy thought he was just helping Jesse become more human and happy, but now he sees it was bait for Jesse to develop a crush on him.

'But, I didn't think of him like that, then again I still like him as a friend, I should tell him', thought Andy.

Andy walks into the lobby, but doesn't see Aqua anywhere.

"Odd, I thought he said he would be all day and it's not even nine, which is the time he leaves", said Andy, then he sees a picture of him with Penn, both of them wearing suits.

'Prom night, there was so much pressure back then', thought Andy.

Andy has a flashback of being in a classroom with students talking.

"He always has Penn by his side", said a boy.

"And Jessica is always by his side as well", said a girl.

"He should just choose already", said another girl.

"I bet he's just toying with both of them", said a boy.

"I bet he's bisexual", said a girl.

"You think so, he seemed to like Penn more than Jessica", said a boy.

"Let's have a bet", said the first girl.

"You're on", said the boy, then shakes hands with the girl.

In the flashback, Andy is walking to the locker by himself, when he sees Jessica waiting, he hugs her and says "Do you want to go out?"

Everybody around them was shocked, among the crowd is Penn, Penn runs away.

'I gave into peer pressure and that day, I broke Penn's heart, when in reality I didn't know if I truly loved her, to be honest I felt more of a connection to Penn', thought Andy, while the flashback shows him and Jessica acting like a couple.

The flashback ends with Penn and Andy hanging out from childhood to teens.

In the present, Andy pushes a red button and hears the message, which makes Andy's eyes widened.

So, Andy goes to his teleportation app on his phone and gives a text to Penn, then Andy teleports away.

Upstairs, Penn is lying on the bed looking at his phone, then his eyes widened and he gets up seeing the message Andy sent him.

Jesse looks at the message Penn saw and backs away.

Penn looks at Jesse, and asks "What's wrong?"

"It's all my fault, I told him to take care of Jessica", said Jesse, with a shocked look on her face.

"What do you mean, who's he? Jesse, you need to explain", asked Penn, looking like a mix of anger and concern.

Jesse's eyes glow and smirks, then sits on the bed with his legs crossed and Penn is standing by him.

"I'm he, his other side, the one that killed Jessica", said Jesse's evil side, then ate chocolate from a box that was on a table that's by the bed.

"Who? Why would you do that to Andy? And Jessica", asked Penn.

"Why do you care, I thought you didn't like Jessica?" asked Jesse's evil side.

"I do, but I didn't want her to die", said Penn.

"Not even to have Andy all to yourself", said Jesse's evil side standing by Penn.

"I mean, I wanted Andy to myself, but killing somebody is inhuman", said Penn, with him sweating.

"I guess, I do have a darker way of thinking", Jesse's evil side admitted.

"Can regular Jesse hear you, how do you switch…" asked Penn.

"He's trapped in his own mind", said Jesse's evil side.

In his head, the regular Jesse is trapped in a tube with a top with sand pours down.

"Somebody help me, let me out", said The regular Jesse, banging on the tube.

Back in the regular world, Jesse has Penn pinned down on the bed.

"You are strong", said Penn.

"Thank you", said Jesse's evil side, then kissed Penn.

Penn's eyes turn red as Jesse's evil side kisses him, which makes the evil Jesse smile.

"Now, my plan can come to action", said evil Jesse.

Penn in a trance has sex with evil Jesse.