At the hospital, Andy walks into the room, where Jessica is in the bed with Aqua beside her.

"Andy, you're here", said Jessica.

"Are you okay?" asked Andy, concerned.

"Yeah, the doctor patched me up", said Jessica.

Andy sighs with relief.

"I have something to tell you", said Andy.

Aqua gets up, and says "Well, I'll leave you to lovebirds alone".

Aqua kisses Andy on the cheek, and says "Bye my sweet flower".

Aqua waves goodbye, then walks out of the room.

"What's up?" asked Jessica, curious.

"Before we get into that", said Andy. "What happened?"

"I was skiing, then icicles appeared out of nowhere and I thought I was going to die", said Jessica.

Andy looked at Jessica with horror.

"I'm thinking the same thing, you are", said Jessica. "Seems he is jealous of me, but I didn't think that he would go that far".

"Me either. Jessica, I'm sorry that I led you with false love", said Andy.

"I know, you wanted to pick Penn", said Jessica. "But, why didn't you?"

"Some people were picking on me", Andy admitted.

"I should've known, I bet the starter was that jerk Ted", said Jessica, as she snapped a pencil in half.

"So, you knew my true feelings?" asked Andy.

"Yup, I just knew you didn't realize what was the wise choice", said Jessica.

"I'm sorry, you could've found a better boyfriend", said Andy.

"I wouldn't have, I love you too much", said Jessica, as she put her hand on top of Andy's hand.

Andy smiled at Jessica and Jessica smiles as well.

An explosion goes off.

"What happened?" asked Jessica, getting up.

Andy and Jessica run out of the room and see big egg creatures with legs and hands with knives, and dead bodies, the creatures look at Andy, and Jessica, then the creatures turn into wolves with red eyes and growling.

"What the heck is that?" asked Jessica, looking shocked.

"Out of the way", said Aqua, coming with two guns and starts shooting, and the wolves drop one by one.

"Dang! Didn't see that coming", said Andy, shocked.

"No time to stare in amazement, let's go", said Aqua, then threw Andy into the portal and was about to push Jessica in, but a bunch of the creatures gang up on her.

Andy tries to grab Jessica and Aqua, but a wolf attacks Jessica and Andy looks shocked.

The portal closes as Aqua jumps into it, and lands on Andy.

Aqua and Andy accidentally kiss, since Andy had his mouth open.

"So, I finally got my kiss from you", said Aqua.

"Aqua, there is no time for that", said Andy getting up.

Andy turns around to see Andy's hotel room and on Andy's bed tied up is Penn looking lifeless.

"Penn! Are you okay?" asked Andy, untying Penn.

"Penn! Penn! Penn, are you there?" asked Aqua.

"What happened?" asked Andy, once he finished untying.

"He won't respond, I already tried", said a person in the shadows.

Andy and Aqua turn to see a boy who has long light brown hair, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes coming out of the shadows.

"Flower!" exclaimed Andy.

"You're a part of Penn's gang of gamblers?" asked Aqua.

"I am", said Flower.

"Us as well", said a group of boys.

The group of boys is made up of a boy who has short spiky red hair, wearing a green jacket, sunglasses, black shirt, white pants, and black boots, another one with fuzzy white hair, wearing a purple jacket, purple shirt, black pants, and pink boots shaped like a lightning bolt. His name is Han.

The third boy has red hair in front and black hair in the back, wearing a crown, black trench coat, white outfit and white boots. His name is James.

The last boy has short straight green hair on the left side and long brown hair on the right, wearing all black, black leather jacket, shirt, pants and boots. His name is Fred.

"So, you are all here", said Aqua.

"We're glad you're okay", said Han, while hugging Andy along with James, and Fred.

"What happened? It seems dead in here" asked Andy.

"These weird egg creatures attacked everything and nearly killed all of us except everybody in the bar, since we're allowed to bring guns", said Flower, spinning a gun.

"It's all my fault", said a voice.

Everybody looks and sees Penn getting up.

"Penn, you're alive", said Andy, as he jumps in the air, jumps on Penn; Penn and Andy land on the ground.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Penn's gang.

"Andy, is this the time to show your love for me?" asked Penn, sounding like he was kind of joking.

Andy kisses Penn on the cheek, and says "I'm glad, you're okay?"

The kiss shocks everybody..

"Andy, you kissed me on the cheek!" exclaimed Penn.

"He's disgusted", said Andy.

"No", said Penn, then kissed Andy on the lips.

Andy blushed after the kiss.

"Sorry, that was forward of me", said Penn.

"No, I wanted that, I love you and not in a friend way I mean in a romantic way, even told Jessica", said Andy.

"Jessica lived?" asked Penn.

"She was, but then the creatures got her", said Andy.

"Oh!" exclaimed Penn

"Such a shame", said James.

"And to think I thought of her like a sister", said Flower, looking out the window and sees a red sonic wave about to hit the hotel.

In the lab, Jesse is sitting on a desk with a evil smile, looking at a red sonic wave that is coming from a satellite.

"You can't, you'll destroy the world", said The normal Jesse.

"Why do you care? There's nobody love you in this timeline", said The evil Jesse.

"Maybe not in a romantic way, but as friends, we do", said Andy.

"Are you sure, this is a wise choice?" asked Aqua.

"We killed the egg creatures, didn't we?" Andy figured out.

"Fine, handle it", said Aqua.

Andy nods, then runs to Jesse.

In Jesse's mind, the normal Jesse start try to break his cage.

"Don't hurt Andy, I still love him", said The normal Jesse, and starts glowing.

In the real world, the evil Jesse knocks Andy to the ground with both hands glowing green aura and red eyes.

'This really is a different Jesse', thought Andy.

"Trying to stop the end of the world is futile", said The evil Jesse.

Penn runs to the evil Jesse and start shooting bullets at him, while holding two guns, the evil Jesse destroy every bullet just by touching it, then Penn is pinned to the wall and is being choked.

At that moment, a net was launched through the room and caught the evil Jesse, trapping him.

"Caught him", said Dr. Faith, with a sniper like gun.

"Good job", said Dr. Flute.

"Seems he can't see into the future", said Dr. Faith.

"Uh, who are you?" asked Penn.

"Dr. Faith", said Dr. Faith.

"Dr. Flute", said Dr. Flute.

"We're friends of your father's", said Dr. Faith, helping Andy up.

Dr. Flute pushes a red button, that sends a electric sonic wave that shocks The evil Jesse, and he glows and show two people glowing.

Then, Everybody saw two Jesse's.

"Our prediction was right", said Dr. Flute.

"Andy, take the good Jesse", said Dr. Faith.

Andy takes The Jesse that is out of the net, and runs to Penn, then get behind Dr. Faith.

Dr. Faith shots a big bullet that splits into seven small different bullet that lands around The evil Jesse.

Dr. Flute opens on the teleportation app, and everybody is taken except the evil Jesse.

Then, the lab explodes.

"I just realized my dad is dead", said Andy, then he feels tears on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, I'm sorry. All because I was jealous", Jesse cried.

"Jesse, it's not you're not fault, we all get jealous, and besides it was the evil you", Penn reassures Jesse.

"And besides we lived", said Flower.

"But, Jessica", said Jesse.

"It'll be fine, we lost a lot of people, but we can have a funeral for them", said Dr. Flute.

"But, what happens to me, I mean I might not be evil, I still can't be forgiven", said Jesse.

Jesse turns to Andy, and says "Especially from you".

"You weren't in control, I don't hate you, but I can officially say I love Penn", said Andy, with his head down.

"Good for you", said Jesse, while smiling.

"So, what happens now?" asked Flower, looking at Dr. Faith.

"Jesse, you're not safe here because an evil organization know about you, so we will take you somewhere far away", said Dr. Faith.

"Really? That's good", said Jesse, and junps on Dr. Faith's back.

"Good luck, Jesse", said Andy.

"Love ya, my little wold boy", said Penn, petting Jesse.

"Have fun", said Aqua.

"Well, we should go before the organization starts to track us", said Dr. Flute, putting her phone in her pocket.

A portal opens and Dr. Flute and Dr. Faith with Jesse on her back walk through the portal.

Three weeks after Jesse left, Aqua calls his dad, and they organize a furneal for all the people died.

Everybody from the event dress in black, each person that died was buried in the mountains not the snowy part.

Andy put flowers on Jessica's grave.

"You were a worthy opponent", said Penn.

"I miss you", said Andy.

"Hope you went to heaven", said Aqua.

Andy, Aqua, and Penn walks away, all dressed in black.

At night, Andy looks at the night sky.

In Europe, Jesse has long, curly hair is wearing a brown brae, white shirt, blue pants, and white shoes running through the city and is smiling.