Is it only me am I the only one trying to breath why does it seem like I'm the only one not knowing how to control my life like its going on repeat and I can't get it moving forward,

These thoughts are killing me cause their creeping in making it harder for me to breath, so I try to sleep but now their choking me awake,

Now your calling me up saying that your drained and tired of feeling this way saying that maybe we should take a break, but you don't understand that things won't stay the same,

This isn't normal this here and now and it's getting underneath my skin how easily it could be broken cause time could take its toll and its harder everyday when there's more space in front of me,

But maybe you can come over and we can hide from the world and the people that we've hurt, we can scream our words into the night until we're whispering our thoughts aloud not afraid to make a sound