Opening A/N: The idea for this series came from a combination of "The Screwtape Letters," "Doom Eternal," "Tower of God," and brief glances at various Isekai animes followed by a great deal of unnecessary pondering about this most overused genre. Certain questions came to me during my meditations. Who exactly is it who is responsible for reincarnating these protagonists and who chooses what world they are reborn in? Why do these people care about reincarnating people to new worlds at all? What could their motivations be? What if those motivations were corrupt? The result is this story. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, "Isekai Administrator."

Administrator [REDACTED] File 1



Recorded Era 17 Cycle 2-6-38-09-14-20

Administration of Reincarnation



To Any Who May See This:

First, a question. What is the greatest shortage that has plagued the multiverse since the beginning? Food? Water? Money? Perhaps it is nothing material. Could it be that the great famine is a lack of virtue? Do we need more courage? Truth? Love?

Perhaps. But this is not what we most desperately need. What then is it?

I shall tell you.


I don't think you should be surprised by this. Mortals and immortals alike are notorious for becoming intellectually stagnant. Doctrine becomes dogmatic, tradition takes root, and creativity gives way to cliché. This creates problems far greater than an artistic struggle to not become derivative. So many planets are completely locked into a single mode of thinking. One intellectually unbending party warring against another equally rigid faction. Worse still, the few who try to break from the ideals of their group are often ridiculed, exiled, and killed, thus ensuring that only the oldest and worst ideas remain dominant.

How then is this problem to be solved? There are two solutions.

The first is babies. Some fools may be mocking this seemingly inane answer, yet the reason for this could not be clearer. The best way to generate new ideas is to create new minds and souls. New people have unique personalities and the potential to bring a new world view when they are older. Best of all, they are relatively easy to produce by most sentient species.

Still, there are a few problems with this method. First, infants are just as likely to become slaves to the ideologies of their world. Furthermore, even if they resist the natural indoctrination of their environment, they are not guaranteed to impact their world in any significant way. Finally, it is a simple fact that infants take a great deal of time to develop before they are ready for usefulness. Some even fail to be useful long into their adult years.

Thus, a different solution is often needed. This solution is reincarnation. That's where we come in.

Throughout the multiverse, there is an inescapable story told of gods, devils, mortals, and heroes coming from a different world to enact great changes upon another world. The avatar, incarnation, second coming, apocalypse, isekai, all these myths and legends take root in every world with sentient life in existence because of the work that we perform. We are known by many names, but most of us professionally refer to ourselves as The Administration. It is our job to ensure balance and progression throughout the multiverse and we do this in large part by taking noble and powerful souls from one world and transferring them to another world where they are needed. No mere mortal can be trusted with such an important task, so The Administration is composed of experienced immortals (most of your kind call us Gods and Goddesses) who dedicate themselves to finding just the right heroes to reincarnate to the world they oversee. Some very experienced heroes who have accomplished all their missions (such as myself) choose to become new administrators, recruiting and guiding new generations of heroes to continue The Administration's work.

Most people know nothing of us. Even the heroes we call to serve us normally work with just one god or goddess, without seeing the inner workings of The Administration. Anonymity is important to our work. I myself usually go a step further from other administrators in terms of maintaining a professional distance from my recruits. So the question is, why are you seeing this now?

I sometimes question my actions, wonder if I shouldn't just handle my problems on my own, but I've already talked about the danger of unchanging thought, so I will spare you a second lecture. The long and short of it is that there is a problem in The Administration. We have become rigid, inflexible, and prone to believing in the mortals' own myths about our infallibility. Worse still, I fear that some among us have become outright corrupt.

I find it difficult to compose myself and write this next part because of a feeling I have not experienced in ages. Sorrow. Something horrible happened, and not some trivial tragedy you mortals break down and weep inconsolably over. You think it horrific if millions, or even thousands die. But in The Administration, such numbers mean little to us. We deal with innumerable worlds with innumerable inhabitants. A genocidal war is nothing but a statistic on our charts. Loss of life is something to record, file away, and ultimately forget about as we deal with "more important work." I learned never to grow too attached to any one population on any one world. Why cry over a hundred-thousand killed when there were trillions more throughout the multiverse to spare?

Oh what a horrible, disgusting being I had become!

I was finally reminded what it was like to be mortal, what it was like to have real emotions when I heard of the tragic destruction of several worlds, amongst them my home world. I had thought myself evolved beyond the point of emotional attachment. But I was wrong. Horribly wrong. You who are reading this may be criticizing me for only starting to care when my own people were wiped out. You may be right to think this. But none of that matters now. What is important is that this event awakened me from my blindness, allowing me to see what The Administration had truly become.

The other administrators ignored the destruction of my home. It was an unfortunate event, to be sure, but The Administration insisted that I focus on the bigger picture and not let the loss of one measly world compromise our greater mission. Their complete apathy towards such a cataclysmic loss turned my grief into suspicion and so I began to covertly investigate the supposed tragedy. My investigations bore fruit, which brings me to the true reason behind this message.

I fear that the destruction of my world and others like it was no mere tragedy.

I believe it was intentional.

Someone orchestrated their demise.

And that someone works in The Administration itself.

I cannot think that one low-level administrator could get away with something so evil without the higher-ups knowing. Nor would it be possible for a single administrator to carry out such a horrific work on so many worlds. This was a coordinated attack, for what purpose I do not know, but I do know that I cannot allow it to continue.

Which is why I need your help

I need heroes who I can trust. Individuals with unique and powerful ideas that I can bring to bear against the rigid and corrupt beliefs of The Administration. Its corruption has spread through every level of this once noble organization, and its roots are digging into the mortal worlds as we speak. The heroes have become lackies of The Administration and many of them do not even know it. Without a counterbalance, the multiverse will be utterly wasted by the very same people responsible for protecting it.

Fortunately, my position gives me some advantages. I help to vet heroes for The Administration's selection process. It is through me that new heroes are identified, monitored, tested, and ultimately assigned to new worlds. With your help, I can ensure that a steady supply of uncorruptible heroes enters The Administration to counteract whatever schemes this cabal has concocted. With careful planning, time, and a little luck, I may even be able to install new leadership into The Administration. But I will not be able to do this without allies.

This is where you come in. It is time for true heroes to rise. Prove yourself to me. Show me that you have the courage to face off against gods, the integrity to not be tempted by their gifts, and the freedom and ingenuity to bring new ideas to combat the stagnant corruption. You can start by filling out the following form:



Race (I.e. human, demi-human, demon, angel, elemental, undead, etc.):

Sex (Male, Female, Both, Neuter, Choose not to specify):

World of Origin (if you do not know the official name, refer to it by its local nomenclature):

Have you been reincarnated previously?

Yes No

If Yes, please give the names of the worlds you have been assigned to.

Have you had previous contact with an administrative figure? (I.e. a god, goddess, energy being, voice, apparition, mystical creature) Yes No (If Yes, please give details of this administrator)

Tell me about yourself. (Why are you interested in this? Why should I consider you for this mission?)

What is the best and most secure way to contact you in the future? (I.e. Letter, Runestone, phone, email, telepathy, trusted courier, etc.)

You, of course, need not concern yourself over any of this information leaking. Due to the nature of this work, all interactions are strictly confidential. It is in my best interest to protect you from scrutiny just as it is in your best interest to keep my correspondence hidden. Not that I have any real concerns about you being able to compromise my mission. Let's just say that long before I became an administrator, I was involved in a great deal of missions where subterfuge was key. Still, I will not deceive you. This mission is exceedingly dangerous. If The Administration ever senses you to be a threat, they will not hesitate to eliminate you, and not just with death.

Please carefully consider before you commit to anything. I will hold nothing against you if you choose to refuse, though I cannot guarantee that nothing bad will happen as a consequence of your inaction. Hopefully I will be hearing from many of you soon. At the back of this document are instructions. Please follow these instructions to securely send me your reply and any questions you may have. Also, should you ever feel the need to refer to me (and I would strongly advise you to avoid doing so as much as possible) then refer to me as Admin. This is not my real name, nor will you ever know it or any other details about me. Indeed, it is unlikely that we will ever meet directly. But I will be watching you, and we will be in contact should you choose to undertake this essential task.

I hope to hear from you soon, hero. There is a lot at stake.


Ending A/N: Special thanks goes to TheStrangerThatCameFromNowhere who helped to proofread this chapter. This has become the start of a fun creative writing experiment for me. Those of you who have read "The Screwtape Letters" probably have a good idea of what this series is going to look like. For those of you unfamiliar with this classic work by C. S. Lewis, which I highly recommend, then this series is going to be primarily one in which Admin responds to unseen letters from the various heroes he/she/it (Admin hasn't been very forthright about what his/her/its gender is) recruits to the cause. There will be other special kinds of chapters (such as video recordings in which we will get to see more real-time interaction between Admin and the heroes) but this story won't be the typical third person point of view prose that gives the reader a god-like view of the world and characters. Those of you who choose to continue reading this series beyond the first chapter will need to use your powers of deduction to intuit what is going on behind the scenes. Some of you like this type of story, others may not find it their cup of tea. Regardless of your preferences, I felt it would be good to let you know what you are getting yourself into.

To those of you who wish to follow this series, I welcome you. Thank you so much for your support. Your feedback is very welcome. Another thing that is welcome is your participation. I intend to have a lot of fun with this series, so yes, you, the reader, get to send letters to Admin. Ask Admin questions, submit applications to the cause, but don't try to annoy Admin. At best, Admin will just ignore you, at worse…well…this being is basically a god, so I wouldn't provoke divine wrath. Write a good letter and Admin might just respond in a future chapter. (Submit an interesting hero application, and that hero might be mentioned by Admin in one of the letters, but don't get greedy and don't expect your hero to take center stage). Also, feel free to ask me questions. Just make sure to clarify if you're speaking to Admin or myself, Donjusticia, otherwise things might get awkward.

I look forward to seeing how this series progresses. This will be an interesting writing experiment.

Best Regards