~Strange Wonders~

When Waylon was about to leave the classroom, he realized that he forgot his lunch inside, he didn't expect his teacher, John, to be a rare demon mix of a wolf. When John spotted Waylon, he immediately teleported Waylon and started to hold him down. "How much did you see Waylon?!", John yelled in a serious tone. "N-Not that much?", Waylon responded in a nervous voice, "But please let me go, I just wanted to grab my stuff I left on accident!". John went back to normal and let Waylon go, "please don't tell anyone of this.. I don't want anyone to be in danger at this school already because of me". Waylon felt bad for him, so he agreed, picked his stuff, and left.

When school ended, Waylon walked back home, but only to find both of his parents, Naomi and Nero, defeated in an alley nearby. Waylon saw this creature he never faced before, a Quantum type creature. He immediately summoned his sword and started to fight it. Not that much time, he was becoming tired of fighting it, but lighted up his head to see a scythe being thrown towards the enemy, then a gunshot. "What was that?!"Waylon asked as he soon realized it was John, but he looked different, not only did he notice it was him, but he looked like the old model compared by the newer battlesuit his uncle owns, Phantom Iron 1.0 and 2.0.