p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 12.0pt;"span style="mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; color: #454545;"My body stopped belonging to me the moment they grabbed my braids. The moment he opened his jean zipper, the moment they forced open my legs and then my jaw. The moment three holes were punctured in me and I became their vessel. There was no space left in my body for me to hide. My kingdom was invaded. What had once been unequivocally mine was stepped on and soiled. I fled. Floated out of my skin and watched as they tore me open and made me a rag doll. Cigarettes beers jeans. Lines and lines of ants. Large and unshapely swords in my face, in places that should have been mine. Then, most disturbingly of all, a warm ripple through my body, from a pit within me that I didn't know the existence of. And that laugh. Harsh and cruel. It was my fault. If my body should react in this way, if my legs were no longer kicking but spread wide as my hips convulsed. He dug his fingers in my jaw and stuffed it in my mouth. I bit down. Hard. The sting across my cheek opened my mouth. I heard my ribs crack as he slammed me on the floor. The searing pain felt like knives in my ribs, knives in my throat, knives in two other places I didn't know. Don't tell anyone or we'll take your sister. And come back next week. Like a doctor's appointment. A blade to my throat and dripping red warnings so I won't forget. My mouth shut forever. They'd taken my kingdom, conquered every piece. I fled from the tatters of my body and never came back. There is no more space for me. I picked the rags off the cold concrete and dressed it in torn clothes. I braided the broken doll's hair so that it may hide its brokenness. Then I hurt the rag doll. Over and over I hurt it because the ragdoll had failed me, had let go and fallen into their conquering hands. It had gone back, again and again until the end, and in every corner after that they sent their men to catch up with me, to remind me. We are never gone. We are coming for you. You belong to us. /span/p