The wise often seems
on first impression ignorant
For wisdom starts beyond
common knowledge

The insane often understand
something so profound
For the mad are

The weak often show
they've the greatest strength
For the oppressed
can persevere

The desperate often cling
to the prevailing hope
For the despondent
yet aspire

The blind often sense
more then the sighted
For impairment
necessitates adaptation

The curious will often question
enough to answer
For the inquisitive
uncover what's true

The woke are often
the most asleep
For ideologues are
oblivious to facts

The engorged often
remain hungry
For freeloaders
ever covet

A lie far to often
passes for truth
For deceit sprints
while reality strolls

The peacemaker at any cost
often causes the war
For unthinking passivism
invites conflict

The brave often possess
tremendous fear
For the heroic
know the stakes

The sun often shines behind
the blackest of clouds
For stars burn
even when unseen

The tragedy often endured
isn't the wrath of God
For it's our weakness made manifest
that we may learn