Chapter 1

"So, you have two choices, young lady" Melissa said. "Either you accept my offer, or I'll call your dad."
Seven-year-old Filippa looked down on her feet. She felt ashamed of behaving like this. Melissa had always been nice to her, letting her come over and play almost whenever she liked. And now she had ended up in this situation.
"Should I call you dad, then?" Melissa said, picking up her cellphone from her pocket.
"Noo!" Filippa said.
"Well, that means you choose me to spank you."
Filippa tried to think quickly. Dad would use the spoon for sure if he got to know that she had been misbehaving at someone elses house. On top of that, he might say that she couldn't visit Melissa again. On the other hand, she had no idea how hard Melissa would spank.
"Make up your mind now" Melissa said with stern voice.
"Are... are you gonna spank me hard?" Filippa carefully asked.
"As hard as I need."
Filippa swallowed.
Melissa sat down on the coach and looked into her eyes. "Listen, you will get a spanking either way. Why don't get it over with? And as I said, if you let me spank you I won't tell your dad, so you won't get in more trouble than you already are."
Filippa took a deep breath. Then she nodded.

The little brown-haired girl looked so innocent and vulnerable. But Melissa was determined.
She knew the girls father spanked her quite often. Melissa didn't diagree with that, kids needed a firm hand and spanking was quite a good way to reach them. Although from what she knew she thought he was a little bit too tough on the kid sometimes. This way, she would make sure the girl got a proper spanking but without risking other consequences.
"Very well" Melissa said to the girl. "Come with me."
She took the girl's hand and led her towards her bedroom. Inside, she went over to the drawer from which she picked up her mom's old wooden hairbrush. Melissa had many memories of the sting it had caused her own bottom through the years, the last time only just some five years ago. Since then it had been used for spanking purposes just once: when Melissa had been babysitting a boy named Justin. That time, the boy's mom had specifically ordered her to "give the boy a proper whopping so that he'll respect you".
Filippa didn't usually lack in respect, although todays behaviour had been anything but respectful.
Melissa led the girl towards the bed where she sat down. The child looked at the brush with fear in her eyes.
"Let¨s get this over with then" Melissa said.
She let go of the Filippa's hand and instead she unbuttoned the girl's jeans, pulling them down to her knees. The kid was wearing some quite cute 'Moana' panties. Melissa took a deep breath. Then she quickly put her hands in the waistband of the panties and pulled them down to join the jeans. Then she quickly picked the kid up and put her across her lap.
Filippa didn't resist or struggle at all, which surprised her. While across her lap, Melissa looked at the naked little bottom in front of her. It looked so pale, tender and vulnerable, and it felt pity that she would have to make it red and sore. But what could she do, this was the way one had to do it.

Filippa felt scared, really scared as she lay there across Melissa's lap. She felt a slight breeze coming from the semi-open window towards the bare skin of her bum. She couldn't help the tears from coming.
"I hope you understand why this is necessary" she heard Melissa saying.
She felt a hand resting on her back, probably prepared to hold her down if she started squirming too much. Then a load SMACK! was heard, immediately followed by a sharp sting in her bum.
Filippa gasped.
Another smack made the sting even more intense, and after the third one Filippa burst out in tears.

The little girl cried load as Melissa delivered smacks to her bottom. But she was surprised that the girl didn't move a lot. Of course she cried, but except for that she just kicked her legs an squirmed a bit, but that was it.
Justin had fighted back like crazy whenever she had spanked him. But Filippa seemed to accept the punishment in another way.
After fifteen spanks, Melissa stopped. Filippa's bottom was dark pink all-over.
"Are you going to behave like that again?" she asked the girl.
"" the child sobbed.
"Good" Melissa said. She gave the kid one more spank, then she let her up. And just as her mother always had used to do, she put the girl on her lap and hugged her tight.
"There, it's over now" she said and caressed the kid's back.
Slowly, Filippa calmed down.

Filippa tried hard to stop her tears. When they had faded down to slight sobbing, Melissa put her back on her feet.
"Are... are you still angry at me?" Filippa asked.
"No, of course not" Melissa said, bending over and pulling Filippa's panties back up. "You've been punished now."
"Can... can I come here again?"
"Of course, why wouldn't you?" Melissa said.
"'Cause... cause I behaved badly?"
Melissa gave her a little smile. Then she pulled her jeans back up as well and buttoned them. She patted Filippa's bum lightly. "You got spanked and now it's over and forgotten. For me, that's enough."
Filippa tried to smile back. "Are you gonna tell dad?"
"I promised I wouldn't" Melissa said. "And I keep my words. Come, let's go. Do you feel like going to the park?"

For the next hour they were playing in the park right outside their house.
Melissa couldn't help but to smile when Filippa at one point sat down to go on a slide, but then quickly stood up and rubbed her bottom. She remembered that feeling very well.
A bit later, Filippa's dad came back.
"Thank you so much for letting her stay with you" he said. "Did she behave?"
"It's always a pleasure being with her" Melissa said.
"I'm happy that you feel like that. Because I was actually about to ask you if you would like to be Filippa's formal babysitter. My mom's moving and won't be as close as she's used to be, and I need someone to pick Filippa up from school a few days a week. And Wednesday evenings I'll be even later."
"I would be honored" Melissa said.
"It would of course require helping her with homework and maybe cook dinner every once in a while. And on Wednesdays you'll have to get her throught the evening routines, she's usually already asleep when I come home."
"That would be fine, sir" Melissa said. "I am in need of some exra money actually."
"I guessed that" the dad said. "Student life isn't the most well-payed, is it?"
Melissa shook her head.
When they dropped the news to Filippa, the girl got happy and excited.
"But you better show good behaviour, Filippa" the dad said. "Or Melissa might not want to be your babysitter."
"I will" Filippa said.
"She can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, but maybe that's more with me" the dad said.
Filippa gave Melissa a careful look. Melissa smiled at her. "No worries" she said to the dad. "I'm used to handling kids."