It was a boring day for Barefoot Jenny and I. She sat with her feet on the desk, and I read an old murder mystery.

We ate lunch together. Afterwards, she said to me, "Ron, I'm going out on a case I'm working on."

"OK. Do you need my help?"

"No, thanks. If anyone calls, tell 'em I'm out, but I'll get back with them ASAP."

"OK. See you later."

"Bye, Ron."

She put on her sandals and left.

This was at 2:00PM. And she didn't come back, right away.

At first, I didn't think much of it. But as it got to 4:30, I began to worry. She usually called in, when she knew she'd be getting back to the office late.

I called her on her cellphone. "Hello, you've reached Barefoot Jenny, Private Eye. I'm unable to come to the phone, so please—well, you know the drill!" BEEP

"Hi, this is Ron. I just want to make sure you're OK. Call me, if you can. Bye!"

Still, I didn't hear from her!

Finally, a little after 5:00PM, she called.


"Hi, Ron."

"Are you OK?"

"Yes. But I need you to come for me. Something happened to me car."

"Sure. Where are you?"

"It's a little hard to explain. Call me again when you get in your car, and I'll lead you to me. Oh, and you'd better bring along your gun."

That last thing disturbed me! "I'll be right there."

It took me a half hour to get to her. She had me go into a rural area, then drive along a dirt road. Then she had me drive into a muddy field. It was an area people use for their off-track vehicles.

Her car was stuck in the mud. I parked mine—making sure it wasn't in the mud! —and got out.

Jenny and a man were nearby. They were sitting in the mud! She had her gun pointed at him. I walked over to them.

"Have you been doing some mud wrestling?"

She smiled. "Yep!"

"And you didn't invite me!"

"Maybe next time, Ron!"

Here's what happened:

Jenny got contacted by a man who had information on a case she was working on. He had her meet him, in this area.

Unfortunately, she didn't know how muddy it would be, there. She drove her car into the field, and it got stuck in the mud! She tried pressing down on the gas pedal, but to no avail. Finally, she got out and tried getting mud off the wheels, getting her feet and legs muddy, in the process!

While this went on, she could hear someone laughing. Looking around, she saw the man she was told to meet—the same man I saw with her! Exasperated, she ran over to him. He tried to run, but she caught him. They commenced to wrestle, ending up in the mud!

I pulled out my gun. "OK, you're gonna help Jenny get her car out of the mud?

He sighed. "Yeah, OK."

"And what about the information you were going to give me," she demanded.

He sang like a canary for five minutes!

Jenny and the guy—his name was Louie—got out of the mud. She got back in her car, and I forced him to help push it out of the mud. She eventually got it out, and we decided to let the guy go. We watched him run off, then we started to leave.

"How about stopping at my house," she said. "I'll take a shower, then you can take me to dinner."

"Sounds good. You might need to take a shower with your clothes on!"

She laughed. "I just might do that. And because you helped me, I'll let you watch!"

I also laughed. "Now, that would be a nice reward!"

Jenny got $1500 for that case. For my help, she gave me $500. And she let me watch her take a shower with her muddy clothes on! (I left while she changed!)