When I saw you for the first time

There was an

Instant connection - a ruby thread

Twisting, dancing, craning, looping

Around our wrists

We both stole a glance and

shook it off, a nuisance, a pesky fly

Ignoring its promising

Golden glow and whispers of a better time

Time flowed by like a rushing river

Weathering away at my




Everything was numb with ice

when it could have been blanketed with warmth

With you

But I held on

Until reality dealt out a final blow

My anchor in the storm became my assailant

Struck out with a saber of slander

A saccharine smile disguising a spiteful soul

The carefree facade melted off my face

And my blinding agony broke free

But then you were there, with a fretting frown

A furrowed brow

And concern rippling across your face

As you bent down and we embraced

Your eyes wide with worry, sparkling with tears of empathy

And we both cried

Over lost memories and wasted time

Our faces drenched with regret

And the fateful ruby thread weaved a gossamer web between us

That may never be untangled.