*Two Years Later*

Julia got out of the driver's side of her rental car, the cool air cutting through her NYU sweatshirt. She took a moment to breath in the fresh air. She felt a hand take hers.

"Are you ready?" Will asked.

Julia nodded. "Yeah, let's go."

Julia led Will through the entrance to the graveyard and among the rows of stones. They were both silent.

Finally, they reached the pair of graves that Julia had stood in front of with Rory several years ago. "Will," Julia said. "I'd like to introduce you to my parents."

Together, they stared at the names of Julia's parents. Then, Will knelt down and produced two flower bouquets from the small bag he had been carrying. He placed on in front of each of the headstones, and said something, so quietly, that even Julia could not hear him.

He stood back up, taking her hand once again. "Thank you," he said quietly. "I'm really honored to be here, truly."

"I think they would have really, really liked you," Julia said sincerely. "And I think you would have liked them."

They stood there, together, for a little while, not saying anything because there wasn't anything to say. Then, Julia gave Will's arm a gentle tug. "Come on," she said. "I think my parents would want me to continue your California education elsewhere. You have so much to learn."

Will smiled and as they walked out, he put his arm around her. "I am really glad we came out here together," he said. "And, I'm really glad that you think they would like me. I only wish that I could have met them."

"Yeah, me too," Julia said, a little sadly. "But I don't just think they would like you; I know they would."

Will stopped. "Oh?" he asked, the corner of his mouth quirking up slightly. "And why's that?"

Julia stood on her tiptoes to lightly kiss him. "Because I love you," she said softly. "And you make me happy. And anything that can make me that happy, they would like."

Will lightly brushed his thumb across her cheek. "I love you, too."