Gwen's POV:

"Knock knock!" Alyx's voice chimed out as he peeked his head into the guest room I had originally stayed in. "There you are. Been looking around for you." he smiled. I turned and looked at his handsome darker colored self.

"I'm sure you haven't looked too hard. I would get lost if I ventured out so soon." I teased. He knew I would get lost in this house and also in the pack territory. I just didn't feel like pissing off Roman right away. His larger self opened the door and walked in.

"Well, not really. But, I do have something to show you."

"What's that?" I asked curious. A grin spread across his lips.

"Come along and you'll see." He noticed the small bag that I had brought with me. He pointed to it. "Let me grab that as well."

"Is he really making me stay in his room?" I nervously asked. My heart rate went up slightly at the thought. I knew I stayed the night before but I didn't know if he meant it forever. I wasn't sure I was fully... comfortable with that just yet. I didn't even know him.

He gave me a knowing look. "You really need to ask that? You'll learn real quick that Roman doesn't joke. Not normally anyways. Come on, let's go. We will grab some food after."

I sighed, dragging my feet along and following him. It didn't take long for me to guess that he was taking me back to my new sleeping arrangements. Once we stopped in front of Roman's room, he faced me. "This Luna, is for you." he held out his hand I saw a small gold key in it. It was just a plain old key. Nothing special about it.

"A key?" I eyed him in question and tried to ignore the fact that he called me 'Luna' again.

"Your key. To your new room." He pointed to Roman's door. "Roman's room is always locked. Only he can get in there. But he asked me to have a second key made and to give it to you." I felt my cheeks warm and I tried to hide my blush. When I didn't take it he chuckled, unlocked and opened the door, then placed the key into my hand. "There is more." He then gently grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.

I was surprised to find that Alyx dragged me over to the closet and opened it up. I wasn't going to lie and say I didn't check out the large walk in area earlier. It was filled with Roman's clothes and I and shamelessly buried my face into them and inhaled.

A few times. Ahem.

But this time my eyes went wide at the new change. It was now half empty and there on the floor were bags filled with my personal belongings. I gasped and ran over and opened the first large one. I felt a sense of relief. I had changed into a different outfit earlier but it was my last one.

"Did you bring these with you!?" I asked him.

"Yes. Roman instructed me to gather your things and bring them back to you. Can't have you living here without anything. Although I'm sure Roman wouldn't mind you wearing his clothes-"

I stood and punched him playfully in the arm. "Don't even go there." I warned him. He chuckled.

"Fine, whatever you say Luna." he winked. "Luna Lynn was nice enough to pack it all for me."

My heart instantly squeezed and I couldn't help but fight back tears. "Did she or Alpha Hunter say anything?"

He gently lifted my chin fully to look him in the eye. His chocolate brown eyes studied me with gentleness. "They both were not happy. Understandably so. They said they loved you and will miss you. But they will make sure to see you soon." He gave me a gentle smile. "You're loved by more people than you realize, Gwendolyn. Those who really see you can see that you have something special inside of you."

I quickly moved away and focused on my bags. I didn't want him to see that a tear had escaped. He was so gentle with his words and they hit harder than I thought they would. I always felt loved and care for at my old pack yet distant, but so far in the few days that I had been here I felt...

Like I meant something more.

I mean, Roman hadn't rejected me, yet anyways. He seemed admit that he wouldn't reject me. I hope that he stuck to that. Then there was also the expectation of what he was going to want of me. That was still unknown. Did he plan on having me mate with him right away? Did he expect me to just be silent beside him? Or did he plan to treat me like an equal?

I sighed.

"Care to share with the class?" Alyx's voice broke my train of thought.

I pulled out a pair of jean shorts. "I am just curious as to how all this is going to work out. I don't know what my job is supposed to be, or what Roman expects of me. I mean, he did say I could train the pups starting tomorrow so that's-"

"He what?" he cut me off, a bit surprised. I looked over my shoulder at him.

"I used to train the pups at the Crescent Moon Pack. So he told me I could do that here if I wanted to, starting tomorrow."

A smirk landed on his lips. "Interesting."

I narrowed my eyes at him, knowing he was keeping something from me. But I didn't feel like prying it out of him. "Is there an area I can do that? Away from the warriors? Considering I don't want to be disturbed and make the little ones nervous."

He crossed his arms over his chest and thought about it for a minute. "Yeah, there is a place closer to the forest edge that is pretty secluded. That should be fine for what you're doing."

I gave him a smile. "That sounds perfect." The memory of my small little cottage off by the wooded area came to the front and it reminded me of home.

"How about I leave you to unpack and get settled. Dinner should be ready soon."

I nodded. "Thanks Alyx. I appreciate it." he gave me a wink and left the room. I was once again alone. My eyes traveled over to Roman's clothing. I noticed yet again that he only had a few pairs of jeans. One black suit. The rest were workout short or pants. Along with normal t-shirts. I went over and couldn't help but grab one and bring it to my nose. I inhaled and groaned. His clothes smelled so good.

I guess I could get my things put away. It felt a bit weird, and I was nervous, but I hated digging through a bag to find what I wanted to wear.


It didn't take me too long to get things situated the way I wanted them. I tucked the bags in a corner. I eyed the clothes and blushed a bit. I'm not going to lie, seeing a closet full of both my own clothes and another man's clothes was a pretty intimate thing for me.

Shaking off the thought I decided to freshen up in the bathroom while I waited for Alyx to come get me for dinner. I walked into the bathroom and looked over myself in the mirror. My hair was still unmanageable but I decided to leave it down and do its natural thing. There was no point in trying to deal with it right now. I noticed the random dark circles under my eyes. Stress. Ugh. Lovely. Maybe a little makeup would help now that I actually had it back in my possession.

I reached over, pulling out my cc cream and put a little bit on. Followed my just a little bit of mascara. There. That helped me look a bit more alive. I figured that was as good as it was going to get. No need to get too fancy.

I walked out of the bathroom only to be hit by a brick wall. I almost fell backwards but large arms wrapped themselves around my waist. Sparks and tingles flooded my body. My eyes darted up as I gasped.

Golden orbs were watching me intently.

"R-Roman..." I didn't expect him to return so soon. Something told me he was half avoiding me, which I could admit, I couldn't blame him. The heat from his body was like fire and I found myself looking down at his very defined muscular bare chest-

Bare chest!?

I quickly pulled back and took few steps away to gather my bearings. My cheeks burned and I had a hard time looking away from his god like body. Everything about him screamed dark and powerful, and I couldn't help but be turned on. I swallowed hard.

"Um, how was your day?" I blurted out. I wanted to smack myself. That was all I could think of in the moment.

His expression was focused... on me. I swallowed hard. I noticed then that his expression might have been blank, but his eyes... those beautiful golden intense eyes were staring me down with lust and desire.

I had to shift and squeeze my thighs together.

He took a step closer to me. I found myself taking a step back. His eyes flashed to a black for a second. Gulping, I didn't know what to do. I was torn. The pull and desire I had for this man was almost too much. Yet, I didn't want things to move too fast.

"I think I'll head down to dinner now..." I started. I forced my legs to move forward and away from him towards the door. Athena snapped at me for running away but I was afraid. That was obvious. This man was so unknown to me and I just needed time.

Five steps. Just five.

That's all I the progress I had made towards the door when I was suddenly pulled and pressed up against the bedroom wall. A loud gasp escaped my lips as I felt Roman's large muscular body press against my back. His body was tense and his head buried itself into my neck. A low guttural growl vibrated against my skin giving me goosebumps.

"Don't run away from me." his deep voice demanded.

"I-I wasn't." I lied.

Another growl, followed by him suddenly moving back, spinning me around and then pressing his body back into mine. I was sandwiched between him and the wall. My body was on fire! But I couldn't deny that I loved the way our bodies molded together perfectly. I placed my hands on his chest in reflex.

"Don't. Lie." His golden orbs bore into my own brown ones. I couldn't look away. "Why are you so afraid of me?" he managed to not growl out.

I swallowed hard, not sure how to answer that question. I knew it was from fear. Fear of giving myself to him like I so easily did with Damien, and being completely ripped apart again. I knew he said he wouldn't reject me, but in the end, I wanted to have more than just the mate bond keeping us together. Would he understand that?

"I don't know you." I told him.

"So you fear me instead?"

"What else am I to do? You don't talk much, and I know nothing but the stories told about you!" I blurted in frustration. Roman didn't give me much to work with so far, and It was about time I told him. I watched as his body stiffened and his eyes went back to being hard and unreadable. The loss of his emotions instantly hit my chest hard, but even harder when he moved away from me. The loss of his heat and touch made me want it back, now. Before he could move any further away from me, I reached out and grabbed his arm. He froze and watched me intently. "I don't want it to be like that. I... I want to get to know the real you."

He didn't budge. It was almost like talking to a brick wall. He pulled his arm away. "You already know everything there is to know. I'm a monster with hands stained in nothing but blood. You should be afraid of me." His large body turned away and headed towards the bathroom.

Oh god, what should I do? I didn't want it to end like this... not yet. Talking wasn't going to get through to him... but maybe...

Before thinking it through, I ran up and threw my arms around his waist from behind. His body instantly stiffened again. I buried my face into his back and held him tight. I don't normally go around hugging strangers, but he was my mate. My body loved and craved this contact. It felt so natural and right.

"If I can't run away from you, then you can't run away from me either." He didn't say anything yet didn't pull away. I held tight and felt relief wash over me when I felt his body relax against me. I felt his large hand run down my arm and gently grab one of my hands.

"Give me ten minutes to get cleaned up. Wait for me."

I couldn't help but smile when he said that. He gently moved arms so he could go shower. Good. Progress.

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