Many people think that to be a Christian means doing good works this is what you need to do to get into heaven. While I'm sure God appreciates people performing good works that is not how you enter heaven. Heaven is our home, it is where we are meant to reside after we die. Our connection with God was broken by original sin and when Christ the only begotten son of God sacrificed himself on the cross, died for all the sins of mankind past sins, present sins and future sins He became the gateway to heaven, the door, He became the way for all of us to return home, to reconnect with God.

All we need to do to go home and to have our connection with God restored is to accept Jesus as our savior. To do that to accept Christ you must sincerely and wholeheartedly accept that Christ endured agony at the hands of the Romans and that He did this willingly in our place. It means accepting that Christ carried the burden of the cross which represented our sins, it means accepting that Christ allowed the Romans to place Him on the cross, to place a Crown of thorns that dug into His scalp to nail his flesh to the cross, to cause Him more agony as He hung there on the cross, the nails digging into His flesh as His body, the weight of it increased the agony. You must accept that Christ endured all of this so that when you accepted that He had done this for you, for your sins so that God would not have to judge you, so that He would not have to open a book and say well did you do enough good in your life to deserve to return home or did the bad things you did outweigh the good and should we shut the door and not allow you to ever return home, instead of doing that God sent His son to manifest as human, to suffer untold agonies and die in your place, and all you have to do is accept that Christ did this for you. That is the easy part.

The difficult part is when you realize that accepting Christ and His sacrifice is only the first step. The real test, the real difficulty is when you realize that in accepting that Christ died in your place so that you can reestablish your connection to God and return home to heaven as long as you continue to believe that Christ did die for your sins. In accepting that truth, you will come to realize that the knowledge, that Christ the son of God, a part of God did this beautiful, terrible thing, suffered such agony for us all, serves as a burden of knowledge. For each of us must accept that burden, knowing what it means and what it means, well that is different and yet the same for each of us. We must come to an understanding of what it means and that knowledge humbles us and lifts us up; it lifts us up spiritually in a way that nothing; nothing on earth could ever; ever lift us up, it touches us in a place deep inside our souls. But at the same time that it is lifting us up, it is also burdening us, for we come to understand exactly what God sacrificed for we humans, who were so undeserving of such a monumental sacrifice, that is when you will know and will understand exactly what it is to be a Christian and to follow Christ and if you can do this if you can become Christ like and continue to keep that door to heaven open, the one He opened for you, keep your connection to God open, then you are assured of your place in heaven.