By Katherine Queen

You feel low by another soul.
When they see that, your head has lowered.
They make your insides boil.
They laugh to see a hurt emotion.
Seeing you start a riot.
You make yourself a danger to everyone, especially you.
You enter jail to learn from the mistakes you have committed.
Jail is not the answer to cure this pain.
It will only cause this emotion to rise into the pit of depression.

As this emotion leaps forward.
You fall further into the pit of depression.
If help has failed, reasons for life deplete.
This leads us further into the pit.
Knives wait at the bottom.
These knives are in our drawers.
No one knows when you will reach for one, to embed into your chest.
The cause is depression; the result is suicide.

There are ways to escape this emotion.
Only needs one thing, to stay away from the pit of depression.
See if someone cares or loves you.
To help you stay away from this emotion.

It is not love that cures this emotion.
Just show that someone cares to talk to you.

What and how you feel maybe important to another soul.
This emotion can change into something bright.
This emotion is . . . Depression.