Chapter One: Rules

The burnt-orange sky stood over the dull and grey city, houses built tightly together and cracked roads run through the city like veins of a human providing transport to people who need to go somewhere and make sure the city functions. This may seem normal to anyone looking broadly at it, until you start to focus on the small details, black-uniformed military officers stand guard at distanced intervals gatekeeping sections, massive walls cut off the city from anything else. This might not be normal for you but for them. It is.

As the sun rises providing beautiful rays of the sunlight down on the foul houses, one young boy rolls in his light blue bed before the sharp ringing of the alarm slices through his sleep and forces his eyes to open to stare at the alarm on his phone telling him the time, seven A.M. his hand slips out from the warm bad cover and into the freezing air where he swipes it to shut up, he closes his eyes wishing to return to his blissful sleep to no avail. With a few grunts, he moves out the bed and to the closet where he throws his clothes onto his bed, blue hoodie, dark jeans and a white top after throwing his pyjamas onto his floor he quickly changes into his daily clothes and heads outside his bedroom door moving to the hallway where his mother coos from the kitchen; "Oh Seb~ breakfast is ready if you hurry you'll be able to see your dad before he leaves."

Quickly, Sebastian slough like pace disappeared when he pounces downstairs and runs into the kitchen, finding his father with his brown hair slicked back and in his grey suit, suitcase in hand and newspaper under his arm the title reading as; 'Negotiations are under-' before being cut off by his father's arm; "Slow down kiddo, the worlds not on fire."

"But I wanted to see you before you left," says Sebastian with an infectious grin.

"Yeah, yeah," says his father rubbing Seastain's head; "Just make sure you're good from now on. With all that's happening nowadays, we don't need any more trouble makers."

Sebastian smiles and nods; " I understand."

"That's my boy," says his father walking out the front door.

"Come on Seb dinner is ready~," says his mother leaning from the kitchen door with his blonde hair flowing down.

Sebastian runs into the kitchen taking a glance at himself through the mirror on the way, his dad's brown hair styled to cover one eye and the rest flowed to the button of his ears, his piercing blue eyes are the ones examining himself.

Like a wild animal, Sebastian jumps to the table to eat his breakfast, two sausages, bacon and beans. Sebastian was lost in the taste when his mother tries to grab his attention; "Seb, Sebastian honey~"

"What's up mom?" asks Sebastian with tomato sauce dripping from his lips, his mother comes over and with a

light wipe, it's gone but she also says; "The school bus is coming soon."

Suddenly, Sebastian snaps his gaze to the clock hanging above their head reading seven-thirty P.M and the bus stops at the corner in five minutes!

"Ah!" shouts Sebastian jumping from the table and running to where the family keeps their shoes, he ties his laces as quick as possible messing up a couple of times.

He glances at the clock. Two minutes.

His mother comes up behind him producing his blue bag, Sebastian nodded to his mother and put the pack on; "Don't forget your ID hon~"

Sebastian takes the card examining, there's a picture of himself with shabby hair which embarrasses him since he didn't have a haircut for two weeks, his full name; 'Sebastian Morgan Reed', his age; 'Fifteen', gender; 'Male'

"Remember to keep that on you at all times. It is the rules after all," says his mom with a smile.

"Yeah ma, no worries," smiles Sebastian running out the door to the bus stop where he spots the yellow bus coming to a halt right in front of him.

Sebastian waits in the short line before entering the long yellow bus saying a short hi to the old man at the driver's seat before disappearing into the rows of other kids piling into the seats all talking and laughing and as usual it's loud, Sebastian finds his closet friend who stares into the sky through the window, his friend likes to stare into nothing and it sometimes confuses Sebastian to why but oh well nothing much can be done, his black hair is pushed to one side and touches just above his dark green eyes. He wears his usually black t-shirt and blue jeans combo, his black coat covers his legs as he rests his arms on top of it. He's called Damien or sometimes called; "Hey Da!" cheers Sebastian preparing to take a seat by taking off his backpack and slips into the hard seat.

"Hey, Seb. Didn't see you walk in," says Damien tearing his gaze from the window.

Sebastian grins carelessly; "You usually don't see much since you look the other way most the time."

Damien shrugs as the bus begins to move, giving the two a slight push into their seats, the sudden push makes Damien's id card slip from his pocket and like a snake ready to attack he grabs the card before it tries to move again; "These things give everyone a hard time."

"Why are they so important anyway?" asks Sebastian gaze at Damien's before he hides it in his left pocket.

"Well, the military guys are under pressure from other countries so for safety everyone is being labelled. The world has gone down the toilet," says Damien resting his arm on the window of the bus.

"No need to worry right? Adults say that since everyone has those big bombs no one will fire," protests Sebastian trying to get rid of the bad thoughts sieging his mind.

"Hope so. Then again the adults don't know any better, they started this whole thing," states Damien looks gloomy as his eyes go over to the sky.

Suddenly, the bus stops sending both Sebastian and Damien into the seats in front. Sebastian cries out in pain and rubs his head while Damien barely managed to catch himself and shouts; "Do you know how to drive, old man?!"

Sebastian leans his head out into the alley of the buss finding a group of military personnel having stopped the bus and two of them begin to come onto the bus, their rubber boots echo as they step onto the bus and pull themselves into while their heavy footsteps shake the buss slightly their faces are covered by a black mask but the larger one steps forward with a golden medal, "maybe some sort of rank," says Damien making sure to be quiet.

"We want to see your ID cards. So if you're cooperative no one gets hurts or worse," he says with a rough voice but muffled by the mask, even though they were a bunch of ten years olds just to make sure they follow the instructions, the bulky man tapped his pistol to show he's not kidding.

Quickly, everyone pulled out their ID cards from various places, the bulky man nodded to each other and slowly worked their way through the crowd until they got to one shabby blonde-haired girl who seems to be sweating bullets.

"ID card," says the bulky man staring at the girl.

She doesn't talk.

The man lets out a grunt before pulling out his pistol aiming it at her and then he speaks in a low but more rough tone; "ID card."

The girl bursts into tears and the men nodded at each other, the bulky one grabs her by the hair and pulls her out the seat and begins to drag her away as he screams and kicks around with tears flooding down her face soon enough the man throws her outside before following her.

Meanwhile, the other man blocks Sebastian and Damien's view of the events; "ID cards."

Sebastian doesn't wait for a second to produce his, the man nods before looking at Damien who reveals his, the man nods and walks to the next row of kids.

Damien leans close to Sebastian's ear to whisper; "The reason she doesn't have one is 'cause she's poor and in this city, the poor are essentially criminals."

Sebastian's eyes fixate on the seat where she sat with a few drops of sweat beating down his face as Damien says; "These are the rules," before he goes back to staring at the sky.

Sebastian's eyes show shock and fear as the word keeps rushing through his head and questions swirl around; "What rule permits suffering?"