Pretos, a young man in the eighteenth summer of his life, was resting in his yurt, going to sleep after his usual, long and tiring day. He fell asleep almost instantly after he laid on his mattress. At some point, he began to dream.

As he stood in the middle of the steppe, he heard a loud sharp noise and saw an extremely bright, pure white light, which caused him to drop on the ground in shock. When the light slightly faded, he looked up. While still not being able to stand straight, he could raise his head enough to see a white, enormous figure, several times higher than a usual man. After looking more closely, he could see it was a feminine figure, with a perfect body and a beautiful face than any woman that Pretos has ever seen on Earth. She was dressed in a long robe, emanating a nearly blinding, slightly bluish light. She was standing just a few meters away from the man, and she got even closer the next moment. Despite her height, Pretos could see her very clearly. Before he could know what was happening, the woman said:

"Do not be afraid, Pretos, as you have been the one chosen by Weydhomos, who sent me, Dehleudhya, to give you his words."

Pretos, after a moment of thinking, could recall the meaning of the part of the word, something about the sight and being. Still a bit afraid, he asked:


The figure answered: "Yes, the Creator and the Eternal Ruler. He gave his blessing to you, and decided to give you the truth."

Man, constantly minimally confused, continued to listen.

"On the first day, Weydhomos created humans purely with the power of his thought, and he beloved him from the very beginning. This is because He truly can do everything, and he wants you to spread the knowledge of his power, love, and mercy."

He wanted to listen further, but then a horse woke him up. He lied on his matress for a brief moment, trying to remember something he dreamt about, but it was hazy and unclear to him. He stood up and looked around his house, not having anything to do. His yurt wasn't big, it's size could be called average at most. His mattress was a simple tribal design, made from the leather mattress, so it could be easily transportable. There was a fireplace in the middle, and burned wood on it was still a bit red from the heat. Otherwise, there wasn't anything in the place where Pretos lived.

Then, he went outside to take care of his horse. He washed it and went for a ride. When he mounted the horse and ordered it to ride, he enjoyed the look of his native land, called Bhrehieh in his language. The grassy terrain, spreading across hundreds of miles, was stunning, as were the mountains visible in the distance, so far only a contour of them could be seen.

He decided to stop for a brief moment, so he and his horse could rest. As he started to relax, a strong, sudden wave of pain has struck through his body.