He decided to stop for a brief moment, so he and his horse could rest. As he started to relax, a strong, sudden wave of pain has struck through his body. A blinding flash struck, and his eardrums were close to rupturing due to blast. Pretos remembered something like this vaguely, but he couldn't really tell where, until he saw the being before him. It was the figure from the dream before. "But was it really just a dream?" Pretos wondered, considering the situation repeating. The figure, who man recalled to be named Dehleudhya spoke:

"O, Pretos, son of Serwoghutos, you've been truly blessed by Weydhomos. He has given you a piece of his power."

Pretos, who was utterly confused, asked for clarification, but the figure only told:

"You are the special one, as you are the Chosen, who was appointed by Weydhomos. He lets you enter the others to spread the Word to them."

Man, completely lost, didn't understand anything. He just kept listening, when the figure spoke for the third time:

"You will save mankind, as there's no death for those who seek the truth and listen to the word of Weydhomos."

Then the figure disappeared.

Pretos decided to return to his yurt, to think about things that happened. When he has gotten there, other members of his tribe have returned to the place and made a camp, that consisted of about twenty yurts, most of them being plain, ordinary, dirty white round tents. He dismounted the horse, went to his yurt and tried to understand Dehleudhya's words.

Apparently, he was the messenger of God, whose name seemed to be Weydhomos. He was the only one who created mankind and the world, and he sent Dehleudhya to tell him the truth. He has been gifted with some power of "entering others", and death no longer exists. Considering the power of events that just happened, he decided it's most likely the truth. Then, he took a short nap on his mattress, as the experience of being the one receiving the word of God is quite tiring.