Chapter 3: Contact Manhattan

The smell of smoke and fire seemed to be what caused Hopper to slowly open his eyes and take in the sight of the charred helicopter wreckage before him and for a few seconds everything seemed just like a dream.

The blinding green light, the bolt of energy, the explosion that literally scorched the pilots at temperatures so hot their once pale skinned seemed to turn to obsidian and flake off their bones, the screams of those survivors as the helicopter started to spin out of control, and finally crashing through one of the glass windows of the famous Chrysler Building in Midtown.

He could remember blacking out just as the aircraft came crashing through headfirst but not much else after that. As he looked around the wreckage of the crash he couldn't help but to notice the scattered bodies of the other men scattered around, some in pieces, the office space.

As he tried to find the strength to lift himself up he immediately stopped once he realized that his leg had been pierced by a piece of metal from the plane preventing him from moving. To make his situation worse a low metallic sound could be heard in the distance prompting him turn his head and look out the broken window as an object came speeding towards the building.

At first glance one might take it for the head of a hammer that had been painted a silver color with green lines but also at the front of it was a rather noticeable mechanical eyeball shaped object that stuck out and even blinked before it finally stopped just inches away from the building prompting Hopper to turn his back as it moved to hover around the building.

The object then stuck out its mechanical eye and started to scan over the crash site with a green laser before turning around and flying off and leaving Hopper breathing a sigh of relief. He was spared from the object but he knew hundreds of others weren't as lucky.


As the sun started to rise on this new day both Hillary and Amanda continued to sleep with the former being given the bed to sleep on by the latter who took the living room floor instead of the couch which he gave up for Denise.

Little did he know the woman hadn't moved from her position of sitting with her back against the wall next to the window. She didn't sleep unlike the others who finally found themselves able to sleep once the storm had passed, once the sound of the fleeing pedestrians and the wicked black monsters who chased them finally faded from earshot.

Then every so often, standing up to look out the window to see if the coast was clear to which it was, but also being devoid of life or death as the creatures carried off the bodies of those they'd killed or maimed = to god knows where.

Then with a final deep breath she pulled herself upright propping herself against the wall more so as a reminder that the structure was really there and so the events in her mind were recalled.

Her movements caused Anthony to shift and open his eyes to look up at the Police Officer who looked back at him before they both looked simultaneously at the window.

They listened for a moment but there was nothing to hear. Neither the sound of morning traffic, nor engines rumbling, horns honking, or any other noise created by bustling people heading to their workplace on this Monday morning filled the air.

There was nothing more than dead silence prompting Denise to look up at the clock hanging up on the wall.

"It's nine thirty." She whispered out.

Without a word the duo both crept over to the window, standing halfway erect, and slowly tracked across the apartment floor. They both then hesitated at the window, neither wanting to be the first to take a peek at the world outside, both fearing something would leap through the window at them if they revealed themselves in the day light.

Soon Denise swallowed her fear reached her hand out and pulled the curtain back slightly while keeping her head down in the process.

"Oh god!" she muttered out as both she and Anthony took a look out the window.

The sun was shining though somewhat blocked out by the massive spaceship overhead but still the little light they did get was enough to reveal the horrors of the streets. It was the same horrors that Hillary was also seeing as she looked out the window from the bedroom.

Empty cars with broken windows, some crashed into each other, littering the sidewalk while others were merely stalled on the sidewalk. All of them also seemed to match the sidewalk though, stained red with blood.

There were no bodies to be found though as far as they could see. It looked like a literal ghost town outside with no life as far as the eye could see but the spaceship hovering over their heads was still a dark reminder to the reality, they were in.

No matter how unreal it felt it was all too real.


Denise wasn't the only person who didn't get much sleep the night before as Katrina found herself slowly opening her eyes and realizing that she was still inside of the same bakery she took cover in the night before.

Upon snapping upward and looking around her surroundings she immediately felt a sharp pain run through her head and soon she had to shut her eyes because of the pain, but upon doing so she was immediately haunted by images of events she'd seen before her very eyes.

Images of cigar shaped spaceships beaming up dinosaurs onto their ship, a spaceship crashing into the ocean and sinking to its darkest depths, and strange floating creatures controlling the dinosaurs to do their biddings.

The creatures had done something to her, she could remember hearing them speak of downloading her knowledge into their hive while also uploading themselves into her mind. Because of this she had some knowledge of what these Aliens were and what these creatures were.

These aliens were collectors and the dinosaurs, or Saurians as they called them, were the key to their victory, but she didn't exactly know why. It wasn't just their numbers and physical presence that made them dangerous but something else about them.

They were a dangerous force, but a mere distraction away from the alien's true plan a plan she had to let the rest of the world know about.

Before she could think of anything else the air around her soon changed. Up to this point the air was ripe with the stench of death and decay along with the fading smell of gunpowder, but now it seemed to shift to something sweet and pleasing.

Upon lifting herself from the floor of the bakery she realized that there was a man behind the counter. He was rather scrawny, thin, and wrinkled with time but still tending to the ovens, wiping the counter, and cleaning the display cases.

This drew a stunned look from Katrina who noticed the man talking softly to himself with a soft smile spread across his face as he wiped the counter with a bloody rag streaking the surface in the process. His words were also foreign and his accent thick she could tell what he was going on about.

He had tears in his deep bloodshot eyes and he looked as though he hadn't slept in days. He was hysterical, disoriented, but he was also aware of her presence and soon turned his gaze to face her before beaming widely as his voice lifted and he extended a hand to her welcoming her to his store.

There was also a Sawn-Off Remington 870 Shotgun on the counter near the cash register that Katrina couldn't help but to look at.

As she turned back to face the man she couldn't help but to watch as he turned around and pulled open the door to the bread oven. He then slipped a hot pad on his hand and pulled out a tray full of steaming hot bread and began to slice it up with a knife covered in blood while letting out a low hum.

"Sir!" Katrina let out in a soothing sympathetic tone but upon doing so she watched as the man spoke out in his native language before picking up the Shotgun and aiming it at her.

"No please please please." She cried out while lifting her hands up before watching the man mutter another phrase in what she now figured to be Turkish before laughing to himself, then finally putting the barrel of the Shotgun into his own mouth and squeezing the trigger to her protest.

The blast was deafening and felt like it'd snatched her sense of hearing right away from her. Still she was more concerned with the sight she'd just played witness to. The man's once wrinkly face and saddened eyes were no more as the powerful blast from the Shotgun blew a hole through the back of his head and peeled the skin forward with pellets from the Shotgun coming out of the man's face and blowing off his nose, lips, and even an eyeball while his teeth were exposed.

His once white apron now stained red in his own blood matching the countertop and the once white wall behind his head as he crumbled to the floor in a heap with the Shotgun clattering to the floor.

The sight seemed to make Katrina right eye twitch something that was more accustomed to her when she was a kid but not now when she'd thought she'd seen it all in her lifetime. As she started to slowly walk out of the bakery she was interrupted by a familiar growling and shrieking sound that caused her to snap her head back out the doorway.

They were coming and by the sounds being produced there must have been a lot of them prompting Katrina to run back to her hiding spot under one of the overturned tables and look through a small opening with her right eye as three of the monsters walked into the bakery while another four stood outside watching them.

They were dinosaurs or a late relative of them so one would think they were simple pea brained creatures with little sense but as Katrina watched them, she could clearly see that wasn't the case. The creatures shared a clear pack mentality with the leader or Alpha being the largest of them and as she could tell always in the lead and growling out commands, clear that they were communicating to each other.

As the Alpha and two of his pack brothers moved to walk over to the body of the baker one of them attempted to take a bite out of the corpse only to receive a scratch on the side of the head courtesy of the Alpha who knocked it away with a strike from its whip like tail before screeching at the other pack-brother who merely backed away in fear before watching as the Alpha approached the body of the Baker, stood over him, and took a bite of the man's head and forcibly ripping it off.

She was expecting the creature to drag the body of the man away like all the others, not to eat the man right in front of her. It was a grizzly display watching the creature tear into the man's abdomen and chew on his inner organs, but she couldn't find the strength to tear her gaze away from it.

One would think it was because of fear that she was watching the creature, but no it was out of amazement. When she first took sight of the Alpha, she put the creature at a full height of well over seven foot tall but as it ate the body of the baker it seemed to be growing right before her eyes.

Its body was growing more muscular instead of the sleek and skinny frame that all the others shared, it was now pushing eight feet tall, and a clear set of horns similar to that of a bull seemed to be developing on its head. The creatures color seemed to turn a shade darker and there were clear blood red streaks starting to form on the creatures hide giving it a more menacing devilish appearance before it let out a loud roar to the heavens that left Katrina stunned before watching it walk away from what remained of the Baker then sending the rest of his pack to have at the remains.


The sound of static filled the air as Omid found himself fumbling around the radio in the Humvee taken by Nebraska and Arkansas in order to quickly get off the bridge and back into Manhattan.

"Mayday, Mayday, SOS-!" he called out with fear in his tone while Arkansas walked by him with a smile on his face.

"Radio's are dead bro…plus we aren't on a ship." The man of Korean descent stated as Omid noticed that he was now wearing the bulletproof vest, knee pads, and boots of one of the five dead soldiers they'd found on the streets.

"You know it's not good to wear a dead man's clothing?" he asked before a loud crashing sound filled his head as Nebraska slammed the Pistol he'd taken off the cop down on the hood of the Humvee while pulling out the man's pocketknife.

"They won't be needing it." Nebraska shot back while examining the Pistol and the little ammo he had. "Looks like we're outnumbered, outgunned, and outclassed." Nebraska spoke out while Arkansas merely chuckled.

"We've survived worse." Arkansas spoke out. "And I'm guessing you've got more guns and ammo at your apartment." He replied while Nebraska chuckled.

"Only that Barret we dropped off and another M9. We're going to need to find a Gun Store or something and I doubt people didn't start looting those places once that ship showed up." Nebraska spoke out while Arkansas rubbed his chin in deep thought.

"Worth a shot anyway, we're stuck here we might as well cover all bases at least until the egg heads in Washington decide to do something about this shit." Arkansas spoke out while Nebraska rolled his shoulders.

"Alright outta the Humvee man." Nebraska spoke out earning a confused look from Omid.

"What shouldn't we take the vehicle designed to shield from missile fire?" he asked.

"You would think that, but those ships seemed to be targeting mostly military vehicles and I don't want us to cross paths with one of them. So we're going on foot." The Belizean man explained before watching Omid climb out of the vehicle then turning to Arkansas.

"I'll take point you-." Nebraska started only for a metallic sound to fill each of their heads and cause the three men to duck down for cover as they noticed a hammer head shaped object flying across the sky before stopping in front of a massive hole in the Chrysler Building and scanning over it with a green light.

"Oh-!" Nebraska whispered out before watching the man reach into a bag and pull out a set of Binoculars then passing them over.

"What do you see?" Omid asked while Nebraska kept his eyes glued to the building before passing the Binoculars back over to Arkansas.

"I think I found that Blackhawk that got shot down." Nebraska spoke out while Arkansas looked through the lens of the binoculars and noticed the tail rotor of the plane sticking out of the building.

"I'm not seeing any survivors?" Arkansas added while passing the binoculars to Omid who didn't exactly know what the men were looking at. "Still might be worth checking out the least we can find is a nothing."

"That building maybe crawling with those things." Nebraska spoke out while Arkansas merely nodded his head.

"Get back in the Humvee Omid, we're going on a quick road trip." he spoke out while the man merely chuckled.

"Great first you scare me into getting out of the car then tell me we have to get back in…you two need to make up your mind." He spoke out earning chuckles from the duo as Arkansas climbed into the driver's seat while Nebraska got on the .50 Caliber Machine Gun mounted on top of the vehicle.

"Don't worry we'll move slow and try to avoid the eyes of those creatures." Arkansas spoke out before starting up the vehicle then driving off.

"That doesn't help me feel any better." Omid added with clear fear in his tone.


The sound of screeching and shrieking filled the air near Koreatown as fifty or so of the creatures ran the streets searching every, building, vehicle, and even Kiosk for any signs of life, be it human or animal before running off to another nearby street.

Once they'd left the streets Nisha and Davis lifted themselves back up from their hidden positions in their squad car taking deep fear filled breaths as they looked around the streets and saw that they were finally empty.

"Drive!" Nisha ordered prompting the man to start the car before driving off as fast as the car would take them.

"We can't stay in this car forever Nish, we're already running low on gas." Davis spoke out while Nisha nodded her head.

"Yeah-!" she whispered out in fear and sadness.

The duo knew nothing about what happened in Madison Square Garden, but they didn't have to know with everything they'd been seeing these last couple of hours. They'd spent most of the night driving around trying to avoid the creatures fearful of stepping out of the car and even going so far as to abandon people who'd needed help.

Neither of them signed up for something like this. They weren't prepared for something like this physically or emotionally. The smell of blood filled the air and the sight of it stained the sidewalks and buildings on almost every street they turned on. Manhattan felt more like a warzone then the financial and cultural capital of the world.

"We need to get out of here." She stated with fear in her tone.

"If that light show we saw earlier came from the bridge like we thought then that means we're not going through that way." Davis replied with fear in his tone.

"The Tunnels?" she asked.

"You really want to test our luck in one of those?" he asked while Nisha shook her head in anger.

"Well you think of something." She yelled out with anger in her tone.

"We have to accept it Nisha…there's no way off this island." He stated earning silence from the woman.

"So I'm supposed to accept the fact that we're going to die here?" she asked earning a shake of the head from the man. "You have a family Davis you should be worried about getting back to them." She continued to yell out with anger in her tone.

"You don't think I know that?" he asked with anger in his tone. "That's even if they're alive."

"All I can do is hope that whatever these things are the military can beat them back to wherever the hell they came from so I can see for myself if my family is alive." He yelled out to the top of his lungs.

"You really think the military can beat them back?" she asked while eyeing the man closely.

"That's truly all we can hope for." He replied before moving to continue to drive down the street.


The creatures had long since left the bakery but still Katrina found herself frozen in fear at the sheer display of savagery she'd just witnessed. They eaten the baker almost until there was nothing left of his body, even picking what little meat there was off his bones before leaving him there.

It was a disgusting display that left her gut-wretched and full of fear but she knew she couldn't stay here forever. She knew what was coming and she was probably one of the few people who could actually be a key in stopping it.

So with rejuvenated confidence she slowly crept from her hiding spot and moved for the exit only to stop once she stopped on something solid and immediately went wide eyed upon realizing it was the man's Sawn-Off Shotgun.

She'd never used a weapon before or even held one in her hands, but she knew that she would more than likely need one if she was to survive the horrors outside of the building. So she quickly snatched it up before slowly creeping out onto the streets and taking in the sight of the blood covered sidewalks, empty wrecked cars, and broken windows while the feeling of dread quickly reemerged with everlasting vigor.

Before she could even step off the sidewalk though she was caught off-guard by the sound of a car engine approaching and noticing a police cruiser coming to a slow halt in front of her before an African American woman and Caucasian man stepped out with serious looks on both of their faces.


The drive to the Chrysler Building wasn't as long or as dangerous as Nebraska and Arkansas had first thought as they stopped their vehicle right in front of the building before stepping out with Omid in tow and a scared expression written on his face that went against the serious looks on the faces of the two other men.

"Come on!" Nebraska ordered as both he and Arkansas took up sides on the main entrance before rushing inside with their weapons raised and scanning every space of the lobby, including the ceiling, only to see that the place was a complete mess but also devoid of life.

"All clear!" Nebraska called out while ushering in Omid who looked around the area with a frightened look on his face as he surveyed the area.

"Don't think we'll be taking the elevator." Arkansas pointed out while looking out in the distance at the powerless set of elevators.

"Guess that only leaves the stairs!" Nebraska retorted while leading the duo to a wooden door next to the elevators that led into the staircase.

"That crash has got to be on the forty-ninth floor you're really going to climb all those stairs?" Omid asked with a raised brow.

"Either this or we scale the elevator shaft and hope the elevator doesn't come crashing down on us whatever is up to you." Nebraska asked earning a nod from the man.

"Can we at least take a breather once we get halfway there?" he asked earning a roll of the eyes from the duo before they led the way up the stairs while keeping their eyes peeled for anything that maybe out of the ordinary.

Despite the walk being tiring and long they did manage to make it mostly to the twenty fifth floor in just a little over seven minutes and taking up Omid on his offer the two men decided to both catch their breaths along with him while also stretching.

"Man this is like Fort Bragg all over again." Arkansas spoke out earning a chuckle from Nebraska.

"I miss those days early wakeup, rushed meals, backpacking in the morning, and pushups in the mud in the middle of the night…the good old days." The Belizean man retorted while Omid shook his head.

"I like to go running in the park when I get time." He spoke out earning chuckles from the duo.

"You're runs in the park don't compare to those runs my friend." Arkansas let out before slapping the man on the back, finally catching his breath, and then leading the group back up the stairs this time at a much slower pace.

Upon finally arriving at the forty-ninth floor though the group struggled to open the door only for Nebraska to kick it over and notice the body of a bald Caucasian man lying with his back against the door and a helicopter blade lodged in his abdomen.

"Guess there were still people in here when the plane hit." Arkansas let out while Omid covered his mouth before looking up at the charred remains of the helicopter wreckage then noticing the duo approach it with serious looks on each of their faces.

"Doesn't look like they're any survivors." Nebraska spoke out before he entered the aircraft through the massive hole in the side and started to scan the area and notice the bodies of the men littering the inside.

Some were burned from the fires while others were torn apart, one thing he did notice though was that one of the soldiers was holding an M4A1, with a few more attachments then the one Arkansas was carrying, in his charred hands that didn't appear to have taken too much damage.

"Guess this wasn't a complete waste!" Nebraska muttered out as he started to reach for the weapon only to recoil as he heard the cock of a gun from behind his head causing him to slowly turn around and notice a Caucasian man lying with his back against a seat pointing an M9A1 Pistol at his head.

"Don't touch him!" Hopper muttered out earning a growl from Nebraska.

"Arkansas we got a live one!" he yelled out earning the attention of the Korean man who walked over to the hole in the side of the helicopter and noticed the man pointing his Pistol at Nebraska.

"Whoa buddy we're soldiers just like you on a rescue mission right now, so you need to put that gun down." Arkansas ordered while Hopper chuckled.

"How can I trust you?" he asked while keeping his gun trained on the man.

"Have we done anything to show you we can't be trusted?" Arkansas asked while looking to Nebraska with Hopper following his gaze.

"I claimed that Rifle!" he spoke out earning chuckles from the duo and Omid.

"You can take it once we get you out of here." Arkansas spoke out before jumping into the Chopper with Nebraska and moving to look at the man.

"That shrapnel's in deep, if we force it out he may bleed to death." Nebraska spoke out while Arkansas nodded his head.

"There was a medical kit in the Humvee." Omid shouted out while the duo nodded to each other.

"We can't stay here long those eyeball-like things keep coming to scan this crash every half-an hour for some reason." Hopper spoke out while Nebraska and Arkansas looked to Omid who was looking at his watch and noticed that they only had five minutes before the next one came scanning.

"We don't have enough time to run back down the stairs and run back." He spoke out while eyeing the duo.

"Think we can move him?" Nebraska asked.

"Down all those stairs we may be able to do it if we go really slow." Arkansas spoke out.

"Guys you need to think this up fast." Omid spoke out as he looked out the hole in the side of the building and noticed one of the drones starting to speed their way.

"SHIT!" both Delta's screamed out before lifting up Hopper and immediately throwing him over the shoulders of Nebraska who started moving for the staircase with Arkansas and Omid in tow before shutting the door behind themselves as the drone came back and started scanning the helicopter wreckage.

"Come on come on!" Nebraska Arkansas called out as Nebraska tried his hardest to gently carry the man without falling or hurting him any further.

"My names Hopper by the way." He called out from off of Nebraska's shoulder to the ignorance of the group who continued down the stairs just as a violent explosion went off on the forty-nine floor that shook the entire building and almost caused the group to stumble down the stairs.

"I think they know he's gone and we're here." Arkansas spoke out while Nebraska gave a low growl before looking around the stairway and noticing a firehose in a case next to it.

"Screw this!" he yelled out to the confusion of the group who watched him grab a hold of the firehouse and to the shock of everyone jump over the rails while clutching onto a screaming Hopper as they went down.

"That guys insane!" Omid called out while looking over the edge of the staircase and noticing Nebraska standing on the ground floor with Hopper still in his arms.

"You ain't seen nothing yet come on." Arkansas ordered earning a confused look from the man who watched him grab a hold of the firehose and use it to slide down the stairwell. "It's just like a firepole man come on." He called out while the Pakistani looked at him in fear before another explosion rocked the top half of the building prompting him to do as the soldiers did and notice the duo already out the stairwell and loading Hopper up into the Humvee.

"WAIT FOR ME!" he called out while running out the front door and climbing into the Humvee behind the group.

As another explosion went off outside the Chrysler Building, Morrow couldn't help but to stand back and watch as their fighter ships barraged the building with bolts of energy until the top spire leaned on its side before finally falling into the streets creating a massive dust cloud that completely engulfed the fleeing Humvee and the surrounding areas.

"I enjoyed the architecture of that structure, was it truly necessary to destroy?" he spoke out over the telepathic signal to which Grimes spoke out.

"We need to show these humans that we have a superior might over this area and any military intervention will results in more deaths. It's the only way we can keep them off the island long enough to get the portal backup." He replied with a hint of venom in his tone.

"Which does remind me how is the construction of the relay station going?" Grimes added prompting Morrow look out at large silver and brown structure resting atop a building in the distance.

"It is constructed, but we won't be able to make contact with our home world until we get the Spire up and working. How is construction going there?" Morrow asked.

"It's a slow process but it will be done…soon!" Grimes replied while turning his head and noticing a number of mind-controlled humans workers constructing a rather long silver and white object on the top of the Empire State Building.

"WHOA!" Arkansas screamed out at the top of his lungs as he finally cleared the gray smoke while Nebraska lifted his head and took a peek back at the Chrysler Building where he noticed several of the fighter crafts flying around what remained of the structure before flying off back in the direction of the Mothership.

"I bet the boys in Washington are shitting their pants right now." Arkansas spoke out while Omid nodded his head.

"They always get the landmarks, don't they?" he spoke out earning chuckles from both men.

"Keep up this street it'll take us to Midtown, and we'll reach my apartment."

Hours Later

Hours must have passed for Hillary, Anthony, and Denise as they each sat back in silence with the only real eventful thing coming from the spacecrafts blowing off the top of the Chrysler Building for reasons none of the trio could directly explain aside from, Invasion.

What they did do was try to turn on the television and switch through channels only to be reminded that the entire power was out on the island for more reasons they could only explain as Invasion.

They didn't need the news to explain to them what was going on. Aliens had invaded, but what they really didn't know was if Manhattan was the only place being invaded or was this a National or even Global Invasion.

The latter seemed unlikely with the number of military personal around the area. New York was a key piece of America but if the same thing was happening in Washington D.C. they doubted they would have the same number of troops.

Still the knowledge that this was a local event seemed to anger the trio more. Why haven't the military done something, why hasn't there been a counterattack against these invaders, what false words of confidence was the president going to spew out to assure them that they had things under control.

In truth there was no control.

"This can't be real." Hillary spoke out with anger and fear in her tone as she looked out the window and stared at the spaceship.

"It's real and we're living it lady." Denise retorted with venom in her tone.

"Seriously what the hell is the military going to do, unless they start bombing us. They threw everything else they had at it." Anthony asked while resting his head in his hands.

"There's so many of those things on top of dealing with spaceship?" Hillary asked while folding her arms over her chest.

"They'll have to bomb this city there's no other choice." Anthony spoke out.

"If they do that with people still here…there's no way we can be the last one's standing." Hillary yelled out with venom in her tone.

"Those explosions last night came from the Queensboro Bridge, if they did the same to the Brooklyn Bridge they'll probably be trying to escape using the Tunnels." Denise spoke out with little emotion in her tone.

"Queens to Midtown is the closest one to here I say we take it and get the hell off this island." Anthony spoke out with determination in his tone.

Suddenly a slow thumping sound echoed outside the door and all three of their heads turned to face the door. This caused Hillary to gasp and hold her breath as the dull thudding grew louder and Anthony could feel his breath slow while Denise reached back for her Pistol.

The noise then stopped right outside their door prompting the group to strain to hear another sound. A scratching sound then filled the room, followed by a soft clicking sound. This caused everyone's eyes to shoot upward in confusion at the realization that whoever or whatever was on the other side of the door had a key and was opening it.

"Oh shit that's my roommate Joey!" Anthony called out before running to the door and swinging it open where the trio noticed a rather skinny man of Italian American descent with slicked black hair, dark brown skin, and wearing tattered clothing covered from head to toe in blood.

He wasn't alone as a woman with long blonde hair wearing track pants and sports bra with blood leaking from her right arm was propped up on the door and fell backwards onto the floor once the door was opened.

Hillary could not help the urge to scream when she looked down at the young woman and noticed four rather long scratches along the back of the woman that seemed to be blistering up and filled with puss.

"Jesus what happened out there Joey?" Anthony asked as the man dragged his weary body over to the dirty brown couch and plopped down leaving the injured woman down on the floor halfway in and halfway out of the apartment.

The still wet blood on his clothing leaving a prominent stain on the couch.

"What the hell do you think happened man." Joey snapped rather harshly before putting his hand to his forehead in anger. "This shit is almost unreal!"

"Dude is that a gun?" Anthony asked while eyeing the waistline of the man's pants.

"Yeah!" he replied while slumping back on the couch.

"Where'd you get it?" Denise asked while looking over the gun and noticing that the weapon was a Glock 17, the same standard issue weapon for most NYPD.

"What I took it off somebody, he didn't need it anymore. It took me all night to get here and I'm glad I have it." He replied with venom in his tone.

"And who the hell are they?" he asked with venom in his tone while pointing to Denise and Hillary.

"Officer Denise and Hillary from work." Anthony shot back before looking down to the woman on the floor and noticing that Denise had moved over to help pull her into the apartment and look over her. "Who is she?" he asked with venom in his tone.

"I think her names Jessica or Summer." He replied with a lack of care in his tone.

"My names Lina!" the woman shot back from her downed position prompting Hillary to rush into the bathroom to locate a medical kit.

"What did you mean they didn't need it, did you kill a cop to get that gun?" Denise asked with venom in her tone prompting Joey to shake his head.

"Dead. Gone. I don't know. People are either hiding out or they got the hell out of this city last night before those…thing started bombing the bridges." He stated with venom in his tone. "Those things…they either eat you or they take you away. I watched them drag screaming people, very much alive, like ragdolls away. I think they were heading down 7th Street but where they're going I don't know."

"Madison Square Garden is down 7th Street." Hillary called out as she entered the room carrying the man's medical kit and resting it beside Denise and the downed woman.

"Well where were you?" Anthony asked while eyeing the man closely.

"We were out near Battery Park when those things came pouring out of the sewers and the subway. We…there were like ten of us…we hid out as best we could. Then we went out onto a street and those things just started jumping from the tops of building on top of us." He stated with anger and sadness in his tone. "Me and her were running together but we didn't get away unharmed."

"Things are a real mess down there." He added while rubbing his hand over his forehead.

"Did you hear anything about a safe-zone while out there?" Denise asked while applying ointment then bandaging the back of the young woman who moaned out in pain.

"Some people were talking about the leaving using the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. They said what remains of the NYPD had setup a evacuation point there and are still there trying to get everyone out of here." He stated to the surprise and happiness of everyone.

"I think we should get to that safety zone." Anthony spoke out earning the attention of everyone in the room. "It'll be safer!"

"Safer than what?" Joey asked through a hoarse voice. "It isn't safe outside, we should stay put."

"I don't think we should leave; the tunnel is still a few blocks away from here and we have no car and I don't think traveling the streets on foot is the safest best." Hillary spoke out with a hint of fear in her tone.

"There's Military Patrols, they'll be out looking for people and when the full might of the Army comes here they'll beat that damn ship back." Anthony spoke out with venom in his tone. "And if they do decide to drop a bomb, I want to be out of here for that or the fighting beforehand."

"Trust me man there's no military patrols out there. I did see a Humvee up the street but nobodies inside of it and there's no other sign of military presence unless you're counting the burning wreckage on the streets." Joey shot back with fear in her tone.

"Guys I think we should-!" Hillary started only to go silent as she noticed everyone go wide eyed upon looking at her.

Before she could ask why though she soon got her answer as the window behind her exploded with a loud bang that rained shards of glass across the floor as one of the creatures stood behind her before giving a loud shriek that filled all their hearts with terror.

Anthony's eyes grew wide as he focused on it and realized at the same moment with the only door to the little apartment shut, the creature blocking them from the window, they were trapped inside with the devilish monster.

"LOOK OUT!" Joey screamed out as he pulled the Pistol from his waistband and aimed it at the creature and managing to shoot three times in the back causing the monster to scream out in pain as the 9mm bullets tore through its thick hide.

The creature then responded by slapping Joey in the throat with its razor like tail and causing him to spit out blood before taking a few steps back. This didn't end the monster's relentless assault though as he dragged his claws across the man's chest, tearing his clothing and forcing out more blood, then jumping up and crashing down on top of the man pinning him to the couch in the process.

"Shit!" Denise screamed out as she drew her Pistol and moved to take a shot at the creature's head only to be swatted aside by the creature's tail crashing into her side.

"MOVE!" Anthony screamed out as he grabbed Hillary by the waist and quickly pulled her out of the path from the creatures tail before lifting up the fallen Pistol just as Denise lifted up her own Pistol and fired joined Anthony in firing a barrage of rounds into the back of the monster until it fell back biting at the wounds in his back with a violent screech as steam started to shoot from its body.

"LET'S GO!" Anthony screamed out as he and Denise moved to help Lina to her feet while Hillary bolted out the door leading the group before thundering down the stairs as fast as their legs could take them.

As they passed the third door on the first floor, the door swung open so hard that once it slammed on the wall on the inside it noisily cracked the thin sheet rock. Then outstepped a rather furious old man shouting at the top of his musty lungs and cocking then raising a Shotgun towards the group.

"What the hell is going on?! Stay away from my kids!" he shouted.

Stunned and frightened, none of the group made a sound as they eyed the Shotgun wielding man, but a low hissing sound from upstairs caused them all to turn their heads in fear as the creature from earlier slowly crept down the stairs stalking the man with the with the Shotgun.

As the monster bolted down the stairwell, prompting the old man to spin on his heels with his Shotgun in the direction of the creature before firing off indiscriminately at the creature while the group ran out of the apartment complex.

Upon reaching the streets though the sound of the man screaming could be heard throughout the street and another scream soon followed but this one was courtesy of Hillary as another one of the monsters jumped from the top of the apartment building and landed in front of the group shrieking.

"Shit!" Anthony let out with fear in his tone as he started to walk backwards with the group of women standing closely behind him and Denise trying to locate a fresh magazine into her Pistol only to see that she was out.

As the creature moved forward and prepared to make its next kill it was taken by surprise as a police cruiser came speeding down the street and slammed into its side with enough force to send the flying backwards on its side shrieking out as the force from the impact crushed all of its ribs and left it with internal bleeding and steam shooting out of its body.

"Get down!" Nisha screamed out as both she and Davis stepped out of the car both wielding their Pistols before unloading on the downed creature and striking it with five shots across the abdomen, three shots in the head, once in the eye, and another in the throat.

The combined might of the duo's firepower was enough to bring the creature down and earn signs of relief from Denise and the others before smiling at two officers while Katrina stepped out of the backseat with a half-smile on her face.

"Thanks for the assist!" Anthony spoke out with a smile while Denise walked past the duo and quickly greeted Nisha and Davis.

"Glad to see you two are still in one piece." She greeted while shaking hands with the duo.

"You as well, were there any other survivors at Madison Square Garden?" Nisha retorted while eyeing the woman closely.

"Sorry to tell you but no nobody made it out alive to our knowledge. These things originated from the Garden and we were in there to see them come through." Denise retorted earning a low growl from Nisha and Davis.

"This shit is almost unreal, why are these things here?" Nisha asked with venom in her tone.

"I can answer that." Katrina spoke out earning the attention of everyone. "I can explain but we need to get off the streets and-." She started only to be interrupted as a loud crashing sound came from behind everyone causing them all to turn their heads and notice the same Saurian from earlier standing on the damaged hood of the Police Cruiser and eyeing the group closely while five more of the creatures climbed along the walls of the building behind him.

"We forgot about him." Hillary spoke out while Katrina stepped back with the Bakers Sawn-Off Shotgun in her hand as she looked to the creatures climbing along the walls and noticing them growling at the one in the lead.

"He's their alpha!" she whispered out while pointing the Shotgun at the creature. "If I take him out the others may leave." She thought out before squeezing the trigger on the Shotgun only for the weapon not to go off to her confusion.

"What the hell-." She started before narrowly avoiding a claw strike from the creature and taking a step back just as Davis and Nisha drew their Pistols and aimed at the creature only to be taken off-guard as the monster swung its tail with the speed of a whip and struck Davis in the side and knocking him into Nisha in the process.

As the two police officers were knocked to the ground the creature lashed out and kicked Anthony in the center of the chest with enough force to knock him down.

"DIE!" Denise screamed out as she stabbed the creature in the bullet wound along its back prompting it to let out another shriek of pain just as a cloud of steam shot from its wound and burned into her hand.

Despite the burning wound she relented and went to stab the monster again though it managed to latch onto the woman's right shoulder with its powerful arms and toss her over its head onto the ground below.

"I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!" Hillary whispered out in fear as she held onto the injured Lina while Katrina tried her best to back away from the beast just as the other members of its pack jumped down from the buildings and started to circle the downed survivors.

Before the Alpha could go in and make the kill though a loud bang could be heard from miles away and soon the side of the creatures head was immediately blown off catching everyone by surprise as they looked to the creature in surprise and terror as it stumbled around with blood, steam, and brains leaking from the side of its head before falling flat on the ground.

"What the-!" Hillary started as both she and Katrina watched as another one of the creatures was hit in the back of the head and fell flat on its face with a few of its teeth falling from the creatures mouth out the massive exit wound in the creature's head.

"Blessed be the Lord my Strength-." Nebraska whispered out while looking through the scope of his Barret Sniper Rifle as he took aim at another one creatures from the window of his fifth floor apartment with a half-smile as he fired another shot that struck another one of the beast in the throat before watching it fall down before screeching to the others.

"GET DOWN!" came a new voice that caused everyone to turn their heads in confusion before noticing a man of Korean American descent running down the street firing an M4A1 Assault Rifle at the remaining three monsters and striking two of them in the abdomen forcing the trio to retreat back down the street.

"COME ON!" Omid screamed out at the top of his lungs forcing the group to follow him and Arkansas back to the apartment then shutting, locking, and finally pushing the desk of the secretary in front of the door before walking away with mixed looks on each of their faces.

"That was a close one." He whispered out while breathing a sigh of relief.

"Thanks for the save man." Anthony spoke out while Hillary, Katrina, and Denise did the same.

"All the credit really goes to-." Omid started only to turn his head in search of Arkansas and notice the man making his way up the stairs. "I guess we'll be following them." He whispered out before leading the group up the stairs.

"Your friends don't like to socialize?" Nisha asked while looking to the man closely and noticing him keep his face out her gaze.

Unlike the two officers who couldn't recognize the man, Omid instantly knew who they were once he noticed them pull up. He knew they probably wouldn't recognize him, because neither was his arresting officer, but he knew it wouldn't end well for his two comrades.

After leading the group to the fifth floor of the building Omid quickly opened the door leading into Nebraska's apartment. It wasn't an extravagant well designed living space like everyone would want in their lives, but it was a safe space and upon entering the building the group easily caught sight of the rather tall Belizean man standing by the window with a Barret Sniper Rifle resting on the windowsill,

"YOU!" Nisha screamed out as both she and Davis drew their Pistols and aimed directly and Nebraska. "How did you-." She started only to stop as she heard the load cock of a gun behind her head forcing her to look back and notice the man of Korean descent standing behind her with his M4 aimed at her head.

"Looks like we got ourselves a Mexican Standoff." Arkansas spoke out earning mixed looks from everyone who couldn't help but to send looks at the two sides in confusion.