Anything can either exist or not exist. However, if something doesn't exist, it must exist within the realm of things not existent. Based if this, I present the theory of multiple existences, which consists of several laws of existence.

The first law if existence, also called the basic law of existence, is as follows:

"Existence consists of non-existence and existence of lower degree."

Therefore, existence and non-existence coexist as the existence of a higher degree, which has its non-existent counterpart, with which it forms the next degree of existence.

This leads to the second law of existence:

"Number of existences is infinite."

Considering the logic and the second law of existence, the third law of existence can be formulated:

"We can't be sure whether we exist or not exist, and on which level of existence are we."

And its extension:

"It's impossible to determine the number of existences below or above our level of existence"

Due to the laws of existence, I can consider existence, it's infinity and abnormality illogical, which leads to the fourth law of existence, also called the law of correlation between existence and logic:

"Existence is illogical - it exists beyond logic."

This, in turn, leads us to the following statement:

"Logic, being outside the existence, doesn't exist"

Therefore, I add a theoretical extension to the basic law of existence, also called the theory of logical biexistentialism stating:

"Existence at its infinite level is divided into existence and logic. Logic shares its infinity with existence, being its reversal and opposite. Logic is anti-existence, and existence is anti-logic".