Wake, O heart!

Time takes your slumber to death's door

Let the shroud not slip from my hands

And onto your still muscle.

Still, O mind!

Thoughts are spears

Tearing into blood water defences

Like storm pellets into the fabric of the ocean.

Weep, Eyes!

For your tears have to paint the world outside

Onto the abyss canvas of Thought

And wear it down to the hidden diamond

Fall, O tongue!

You have spewed vile poison into the world

No flowers on your lips

Will turn your words to butterfly wings

Wrinkle, my skin!

Wear the tell-tale signs of time.

For to be forgotten by it is a curse

Marble smooth is not a bargain at all.

Move, O body!

Even stones are moved by change

Lest life walks over you

And takes you into her fold, lost forever.

Live, O me!

You are made and you will be unmade

That little breath between this is life

Fill your lungs, and live.