"Why couldn't have they not prepared for something like this?!" Yoka and Yoko eyes were fixated out the window in dismay and disbelief. No one knew why, nor whom. The smoggy grey skies disappear and fill with a depressive brown, the debris smoke grew thicker. "This is it?" Yoko desperately relying on his father to relay a calming response, clinging onto his father as this could be the end. The mushroom cloud grew exponentially as each second went by, visibly rolling from thousands of miles away. Yoka, Yoko's father, grips his son's hand with strong affirmation "I'm not going to lie to you Yoko… This is probably end of world as we know it. We're in a nuclear war against the United States". It was very hard for the self kept individual, to tell his miniature self, Yoko, that everything was going to be alright. In about 2 minutes, anything and everything in China will be nothing but a pile of rubble. The trembling effect from the mushroom cloud began to shake the foundation of the hotel. Its powerful blast began tearing off chunks of the buildings, demolishing all roadways, and certainly all transportation.

Let me know what guys think of this idea, and if I should pursue it. I'll be posting a bunch of ideas that I have and I would like to know what interests you guys. I greatly appreciate your time and support!