I am forced to live in a city that never stops making noise. Always there's sounds of barking dogs, people yelling, and then a police or ambulance siren that follows. You can't see past a few feet ahead of you due to the intense pollution smaug. The city is covered with a thick blanket of it, covering its ugly gray buildings. It blocks the countryside view from far away... I dread going outside due to the feel of it infurtraiting my lungs whenever I breathe in. It's not like I have to go outside often, due to having to work for most hours of the day. Not a career, a worthless job that I am shackled in. Having to sit in a rickety old chair while I waste my day doing work that doesn't benefit me or anybody else. I desire to do something about it, but can never find the energy due to the mental demands of the work day.

I can't afford anything, only the things that are required. Never having enough money or time to myself. Due to these connections I am forced to live with other people in a cramped apartment. Strangers like it more. We all sleep in one room in bunk beds lining up against the walls. Never getting my own space to call my own. With all our income combined we can only get processed snack foods that they serve in school, or prison cafeterias. They are all so different from me that I can never find something to connect with. They all seem to click together while I sit in my own corner. Whenever I do try to speak out, I am met with rejection or even hostility. I am in a community filled with people, but I stand alone.

The moments where I manage to free myself from my living quarters aren't any better. The sidewalks are filled with people living in tents or even cardboard boxes. Everywhere I look, I see people do things I won't dare to mention. People will be assaulting others, while bystanders never paid attention to it. Just glancing down and walking away. There's sounds of shotguns going off in a convenient store, and then a molotov cocktail is thrown at it. The explosion knocks me back into the wall and I fall down onto the cracked concert ground. I can't bear the strength to get up. With both the throbbing pain in my head and the pain coming from my legs I can do nothing but lie there. A pair of shoes appears in front of me and I look up. It's a man holding products after presumably lotting the taken over store. I reached my hand up to him for help and gave him a hopeful smile. The man's impression turned to slight anger and he scoffed at me. Stepping over me, he ran away with the stolen loot. I was now left alone in the unlawful chaos. I was left alone in the morally corrupt land. I was left alone in a crushing humanity.