I watched the sunrise and set before the airship landed in the next port, we had made a stop at the furthermost point south. The bays, where all the sea ships and airships meet. Also called a maintenance stop.

I decided to stretch my legs and lurk in the streets of the ground docks, Calvin made sure to catch me before I managed to escape.

"If you can keep that form you can go out for the night but be back by dawn, I'll take you to the forest from there" this whole cleansing thing was a pain the ass. I wanted to be as far from every Bradley as possible right now.

I jerked away.

"Whatever" I muttered walking past him. He sighed and watch me leave, I didn't want to be stuck on that ship any longer. What was the point? I didn't want to go back to that Bradley Family, they were a pain in my ass. Except for Danny...

I moved along the dark streets, the docks were covered in workers in overalls repairing all sorts of ships. Along the lit and plentiful streets were filled with brothels, bars and prostitutes on the streets.

I dodged the streets filled with sex and took the dark ones, they were filled with dark homes with humans sleeping inside them. I caught a whiff of something moving through the air, it was a somewhat familiar smell.

I sniffed the air, following the scent until it became stronger. It was a raw smell from the earth, the smell of another halfling. I stepped off the streets, looking for a way up and find out what direction the smell was coming from.

I found a fire escape and climbed up silently, once I was up on the roof I could get a better sense of direction. So I followed my nose, jumping from roof to roof. A halfling that wasn't me that was within these walls, I smelt again.

Female, young, super young. Not hit puberty yet, I smelt the again, will be very soon though. I continued following it, another faint smell accompanied it but it was just human. Male, same genetics though... this human was like Danny. Had half breed genes but his human ones are stronger, but they both were related.

Now I was curious.

"Run Riley!" My head jerked in the direction of the shouting, "get off me!"

I leapt down onto a lower roof and ran along the gutter way. There they are, below me was the half breed. She was a white-haired half breed... Royalty? No way but that's what it says in the journal.

The boy, older, defiantly human. Not white-haired, blonde but not as drastic as his little half breed sister. I rubbed my chin watching them, they were fighting off three Genix soldiers.

They were trying the get the brother out the way, for a human he held them off well. The little girl was terrified to her spot, she didn't know what to do.

"Alexis, this is when you can be a good person for once in your life" I heard my brothers voice in my head.

"And risk myself getting caught?" I asked back, "probably not worth it."

"Don't be prideful, you know you're not letting Genix take that little feral girl"

I rubbed my head sighing to myself. I hated that my conscious was Danny's voice. I leapt down from the roof, the half breed noticed me first. She watched me as I grabbed one of the guards heads, I tore him from the half breeds brother and pushed him into the wall. He crumpled to the ground, leaving an indent in the wall.

I turned around to face the other two Genix guards, I pulled my hat off. They knew, a full-grown feral against two Genix soldiers was no fight for me. They put the taser to his neck like I knew the blonde boy and he meant something to me.

"Take a step closer and we will kill him" they threatened.

"Mac!" The little girl squealed from behind me, I put my arm out stopping her. I started opening my mouth, the teeth growing.

"You think you've got enough manpower to take me?" I asked, "Because I will kill you once you've killed the boy" the guards dropped the boy. The boy's face didn't react to my appearance, it was something he was used to but the soldiers retreated very quickly. Scrambling down the road to probably find more back up, I bent down dusting my hat off and placing it on my head.

"I've not met another one within the city" the feral was staring up at me in amazement as I tried to get rid of the teeth. "I'm Riley!" She introduced herself. Her brother, Mac was quick to grab her by the arm and pull her away.

I caught his eyes, they were a human-like brown. Brown eyes were something special on humans.

"Thanks," he said tilting his head at me, "but they will be back with more."

I nodded back not saying a word and disappeared into the shadows.

"But wait!" Riley called.

"Riley leave it, we need to get you to the forest," he said dragging her away. I decided to watch them, I had nothing better to do with my night so I stalked them in the shadows. The girl was too premature to be able to figure out I was close by with smell.

"What do you think another feral is doing within the walls?" Riley asked her brother, she was holding onto his arm to keep up with his pace.

"I don't know but she was wearing an Air Force uniform" Mac spoke up, he was observant. "But I mean that could make sense" he added. Now I was really intrigued.

"What do you mean?" Riley asked.

"Well the Air Force I owned by the Bradley family and it was a Bradley that was arrested for originally creating Genix and wiped out the Ferals" Riley was nodding furiously soaking up the information he was vomiting. "She had a feral daughter, the one that is rumoured to still be among the walls" I sounded like a ghost story when he put it like that.

"Dante Darkling" Riley said my father's name, I kept following them. "That's her father, the full breed philosopher" I hated that my private life was public business because of what my mother did.

"We should stay here tonight," Mac said stopping them, I hung around the corner. "We can get on the train for north tomorrow" I lost sight of them when they went into the hotel. That was my fun gone, besides the hotel was a bar. That's an alternative option.

I got myself one drink and sat in a dark corner brooding to myself, I was slouched back with my boots up on the table. I was thinking to myself I'd have one more then head back, that was a safe idea.

But as I got to the end of that second one, I really thought, fuck it I'm having another one and fuck Calvin, he can leave me. I don't care anymore.

Next thing I knew, I was face down, ass up in a pigpen. They were grunting at me to get out of their pen, I staggered to my feet. Looking for my hat and blinking at the high sun... high sun? I found my hat and looked up, yep that sun is high in the sky so that means.

I leapt out of the pen and toward the dock but I didn't need to see it to know he had left without me, I grounded my teeth.

"Fuck you too Calvin" I growled, "I'll figure it on my own" I turned back the way I came. I'll go have another drink then, I had nothing better to do with myself.

I tripped over myself and fell to the ground, I couldn't tell if I was drunk or hungover. My father's journal had scattered along the ground, I reach out for it. The bar was only up the road then I could get another drink, a boot stepped on my hand.

"Don't move" I looked up to see a Genix soldier, I sighed to myself. I really shouldn't be surprised, this whole living in the shadows wasn't a natural thing for me.

I rolled onto my back, his taser was at my neck. I closed my eyes to settle my stomach and opened my eyes. Oh god, there's two of them... on no wait, it's one I'm just seeing two of him.

I jerked my elbow hitting the taser into the air and pushed myself towards the soldier, I was too drunk to bring my teeth into it but I was still strong enough to at least knock one guy out.

I leapt for the soldier but it was the wrong one of the two I was seeing and scattered to the ground, fumbling the get back to my feet. The soldier grabbed my ankle, that was the wrong choice. I turned and slammed my other foot into his face. I heard a crack and he crumpled to the ground.

Others were screaming around us. Shit... did I kill him?... his chest wasn't moving. Shit, yep I just broke his neck. I scrambled for dads journal and staggered down the chaotic street, but I swayed to the ground and couldn't get back up.

I swear I will never drink.

"Mac look!" Suddenly beside me was the little feral, "she doesn't look so good" my head was lolling around and I crumpled to the ground. I couldn't get up, I couldn't move.

"What are we supposed to do with her?" Mac was asking.

"I don't know but we can't leave her, she helped us we have to help her!" The buzzing started to take over my hearing but Mac had me up on my feet. I could see his mouth talking but all I could hear was buzzing. I pointed towards the wall.

"Go to the wall" I mumbled, "Genix won't follow" my head fell forward and all I could see was black.

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