The Cold.

This house. This damn house. It's so cold, the very walls radiating ice. A cold that fills the body, freezing the blood in your veins. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jason glances over at a small shadow at the door. His son, Derek, is standing there. Jason doesn't look at his son's face but he can tell that something is wrong.

"Daddy I miss you" Derek says to his father.

"Please come play with me"

Jason starts to choke as his eyes begin watering. Jason reaches his shaking hand into his pocket, looking for his cigarette pack. He pulls out the pack, crushing it in his frenzied state. Whether from withdrawals or fear, Jason is unable to stop his hands from shaking. Jason manages to pull out a cigarette and starts trying to light it to calm his nerves. Every time Jason strikes the lighter, the flame flickers out. Sensing that something is wrong, Derek starts walking towards his father.

"Daddy, is something wrong?"

The hurt in his son's voice was enough to make Jason's lungs begin shrinking. Jason starts choking and gasping for air. He begins sobbing, unable to catch his breath. Jason begins screaming at the ground, never letting his eyes drift to his son as he starts walking up.

"PLEASE STOP! JASON STOP!" Jason yelled. "I'm sorry son... I'm so so so sorry. I'm sick! I can't help it." Jason said with great hurt in his voice.

This caused Derek to stop halfway to his father. Jason tuck head bowed between his arms and put his hands against his ears, grinding them into his skull. Steady tears were running down Jason's cheeks.

"Daddy you're scaring me" Derek's voice began to crack.

"STOOOPPPPPP!" Jason yells, sliding off the bed unto the floor where he begins rocking in a fetal position. His eyes still avoiding Derek.

There was a moment of silence. Jason could feel the room temperature continue to drop, getting much colder than before. Jason could feel the onset of a panic attack, and although he suffered episodes, this one just felt different.

"Daddy. Daddy why is it so dark?"

Derek was always so afraid of the dark. But the emptiness in his voice didn't suggest fear, but instead emptiness.

"Daddy, it's so cold. Why am I'm so cold here?".

Derek started walking towards his father again and Jason begins weeping and grabbing at his hair and pulling it.

"Daddy what's wrong? Don't you love me anymore?"

Jason reaches for the floor and pushes himself up and walks towards the window, rubbing his arm across his track marks. As Jason walks, tears continue running down his face, while he sporadically gasps for air. Jason walks to the window that overlooks the backyard pool. He stares at it, rubbing his fingers down the window causing streaks.

"Daddy... daddy, where are you?" Derek stands at the edge of the bed staring. As if he's looking at something, but nothings on the bed. Derek tilts his head slight over as if his eyes are fixing on something.

Jason reaches for his stash of Xanax bars that's sitting on his desk by the window. He takes a handful of the pills dry. Too many, so they hurt going down.

"Daddy... please" Derek's voice seemed distant, as if he wasn't in the same room.

Jason neatly puts the medication bottle down and opens the drawer and pulls out a .44 magnum Smith and Wesson revolver.

"I'm coming son" Jason whispers.

For the first time, Jason has steady hands as he raises the revolver to his mouth. Jason lets out one last gasp and with his eyes cinched shut, he pulls the trigger. Blood splatters on the window and Jason's body falls to the floor.

Outside in the pool, Derek's blue body floats face down.