Dimension G25237T.

Out of nowhere, a slant vessel appeared. It was completely white from top to bottom. A layer of white shield was around the entirety of its hull. Four engines blasted behind it. It navigated the vacuum like it was taking a casual stroll.

Two figures were inside the vessel. They both wore white armors. The only distinction between them was that the chest of one of the figures was larger than the other. They each had a watch on their wrist.

"This is treason." The male figure said as he glanced around his destination. "We were given a direct order by the Grand Protector to pull back to the Core Realms."

"The Grand Protector has fallen. She is no longer the leader that brought us to where we are. She has issued an order that would ultimately lead to the fall of our kind. I will not see that happen."

"She is the Grand Protector. We must obey her command."

"We are the Protectors!" The female figure suddenly declared as she slammed her fist into the control panel. "We have ruled over the Infinite Realms for thousands of years unchallenged! During our reign, we have established peace and order, and we did that by countless wars and slaughters! The moment we leave, chaos will return, and all our struggles would be lost. All those foes who were too frightened by the name 'Protector' would use this chance to ravage through the Infinite Realms. Just because the Grand Protector believes a few manmade puppets can rule the Infinite Realms as we did…it only shows how right I am."

"What will you do?"

"This dimension was one of the ones under my command. I find it to be rather...odd."

"How so?"

"It has high potential. Plus, it is...similar."

"To what?"

"To our homeworld." The female figure tapped a few keys, and the Protector Phaseship suddenly jumped to millions of light years away. The Protectors looked out the window and found themselves staring at a blue planet.

"Earth." The female Protector turned around and glanced at a basket. "It will be the prime location for her to grow into the new Grand Protector."

"The Lurkers and the Voyagers will not let you do this."

"Let them come. I have slaughtered thousands of challengers. I won't mind adding a few more to the count." The female Protector glanced at her companion. "The question is, what will you do?"

"I will return to the Core Realms, as per the command of the Grand Protector." The male Protector replied after a brief period of thought. "I will not tell them about you or give out your location, but I must warn you. Stealing an Ark is punishable by death. The Guardians you killed must've delivered the news back to the Corps. The Corps have been pulled back to the Core Realms, but they might decide to make an exception to retake the Ark."

The female figure nodded.

"I have nothing to fear. I am doing what's best for the good of the Corps."

As the male Protector backed off, the female Protector walked to the basket.

Inside, slept a baby girl.