Author's Note: This story is a work of fiction set during the dark regime of Nazi rule in 1940s Europe. All details are based on historic facts from the era. This does not promote any racial/hateful messages whatsoever.

When did it start? There's no easy answer to that one. They had always been close, being less than a year apart in age and growing up together in very strict households. The house, their parents' old pile of dark brick in the heart of Germany, was run under what was now called the Third Reich - one's so beloved of the right-wing newspapers. Back then, before the war, it wasn't common to be so restricted and emotionally divided from one's family.

Among other things those intense army-based values meant was rarely seeing or obeying their parents; perhaps an hour between breakfast and dinner if they were home. They would be dressed in mandatory brown uniforms with the Swastika tied on their right arms and put on their most honorable behavior by whichever supervisor currently watched over and led the troupe in the War Games that were so appealing. It was still a dream come true for hundreds of boys even though they were then 12 and 13 years old.

The day room was high, dark and stuffy even in summer, but it was here they endured the parental inquisition about their lessons and the camp activities. One brown-eyed golden blonde boy became accustomed since he was 11 to the fact neither of his parents ever really embraced them or used any warm tones when speaking their names Heinrich or Klaus. They called each other HH and Hell but never in front of their parents. We were deferential boys being educated accordingly, prepared for lives as soldiers and patriots of some middle-aged upstart of a War Hero or district officer in one of the Father Land's recently conquered provinces. A child of the Aryan race established in his destined career and expected to solidify the Reich's rule. That's the way it was for many youths in the first quarter of Germany's new beginning.

But the world was changing. The country was economically on its knees. The first cracks were appearing in the ailing political structure of the once great Austrian Empire. The First World War was over, but it had left Germany shamed and miserable. So many promising young men had given their lives in the greatest war ever waged it was apparent that many of their generation of youths would be unable to have prosperous futures. Many children from workers families had worked and suffered during the war showing them the way out of their domestic impoverished prisons. The middle classes were hard hit yet slowly expanding influence. National Socialism was taking the country by the throat, soaring in the heavens with its new-found powerful confidence and contemplating the glory of a thousand year rule with a captivated people raising it on their shoulders.

Now there was a perpetual and much discussed regime showcase because young boys were enticed to participate in grandiose parades around their home cities instead of enduring boring long hours in shops and factories to unending days laboring for a pittance in the fields. Industrial and social unrest was now at a low and a few years hence a covert often secret strike would be called and then put down, on Hitler's orders, by troops or assassins.

It was against this background that their parents tried to isolate Heinrich and Klaus, sneaking down to the forbidden library and secretly read the newspapers left lying around by Heinrich's father. They would hide and listen to the kitchen staff gossiping and flirting when nobody else was present. In their own naive way, they worked things out for themselves. They had already agreed in their childish way that they'd always stay together. They agreed to live together when they were old enough and were as rich as the men, they'd see riding gorgeous cars in the streets. They knew that another sort of education was the key to their escape and to the future they wanted.

They learned voraciously and quietly as they grew up, as they became young men. Their bodies developed and they started to have nocturnal emissions within a few weeks of each other. That Heinrich supposed was where this story might truly have started. They had come face to face with the fact that they were mentored by nature and Nazi teachers to reproduce their superior species. They knew this was unlikely to happen, but the boys were still curious. They studied the books in the library approved by the regime and gradually picked up an idea of physical love and its importance to a good relationship. Then two things happened to accelerate their ascent along the learning curve-even though it was frowned upon by the Reich.

It was the logical older of the duo, HH, who suggested it first. They were then maybe 14 and 15 and discussing the stately mansions they would own in the mountains they would have together when they left their parent's homes.

"Don't be stupid" Klaus exclaimed. "We'll only need two bedrooms, one for us and one for our friends if they come to stay. And we'll only need one bed if we're to live like other people do." Heinrich contemplated what this might mean. At that stage they had not so much as touched each other in any sexual way and had, like the proper young men they were, not shared a bed or a bath even in childhood innocence. Swimming excursions with the troupe one of the few times they could share accidental grappling. But that was all to change. Heinrich didn't know why but the thought of being in the same bed, so intimately close to Hell was both comforting and in a way he didn't then understand, exciting.

The second thing was the scandal caused by the sudden dismissal and departure of Otto Katza, an eastern German dark-haired 13-year-old who suddenly began to show a lump under his trousers at random moments. They heard the whispered condemnations all around the house and in school. Quiet conversations ended suddenly as they approached. An early morning trip to the station with his bags. They never saw Otto again and Heinrich often wondered what became of that poor mild-mannered boy, mocked for being a shy bookish lad and supposedly Jewish in an Anti-Semitic country. The community and school professed shock, but it wasn't a surprise to Heinrich and Klaus. They knew why Otto was growing hard in his trousers and what had caused it.

It was the suddenly suppressed giggles that drew them to the washroom one Thursday morning a few months earlier. They were going to the school basement, a part of the building they were not supposed to go, when they heard it. Heinrich put his finger to his lips and motioned Klaus to follow. They crept toward the half-open door from where strange rustling noises became apparent. Through the crack in the door we saw them. Otto and a bleach-blonde blue-eyed 14-year-old they knew as Ivan Eppler, son of a Luftwaffe pilot. Otto was half sitting with his bottom on a long, low table with his legs apart, his briefs pulled up to his knees and his upper clothing around his waist. Otto's large manhood was being fondled enthusiastically by the Olympian-looking youth standing between him spread legs and it was evident that he was enjoying the experience as much as Ivan was. As they watched Ivan kissed Otto full on the lips and then lifted one of his balls to his mouth and suckled Otto's musty brown sack. Heinrich was transfixed. Only afterwards did he realize that what excited him wasn't the thought of having another male suckling his testicles but of what it would feel like to be that youth fondling and sucking on those fulsome hanging fruits. Heinrich glanced at Hell; he too was entranced by the sight of these two lovers at play.

What happened next was one of those things one would never forget. As clearly as if it happened yesterday, Heinrich could see Otto unbuckling his belt, reaching into his trousers and lifting his erect penis out of his underwear. With a smile he laid back on the table, lifted his legs up and exposed himself to Ivan's erect penis, inviting him. For long, tense erotic seconds the blonde bush of pubic hair and Otto's open hole glistening with expectation was clearly visible to their hidden audience. Heinrich suppressed a little moan and found his right hand between his own thighs where a sudden and unexpected wetness had made itself felt. Hell looked at him at first with shared amazement at what they were witnessing and then with that strange intensity Heinrich later came to know as lust. Otto's young lover stepped into his breach and was suddenly pushing himself against the subdued boy, deep into him. His trousers fell around his knees exposing his young pale backside, all tensing muscle and powerful thrusting, but it was on Otto's cock that Heinrich's eyes lingered. It was full and huge and standing proud as it bounced in time to the dominant boy's ministrations. Heinrich was mesmerized and found himself squeezing himself between his legs through his pants. He noticed that Hell was unconsciously caressing his own cock and that too added to Heinrich's excitement.

The thrusting continued for some minutes. Ivan held Otto's hips while he drove his penis hard into the wincing boy; Otto was now fondling his own cock much as Hell was doing. During those minutes Heinrich's underwear became very wet indeed - he could feel a trickle down his inner thigh - and Hell caressed both his balls at the same time. It all ended in a frantic rush with Otto's legs and bottom drumming on the table and his fervent lover grunting like a bear. At the end Otto grabbed a ragged tablecloth from the table to stifle his cries of ecstasy. Spent and sweaty Ivan collapsed on top of him and they were lay there panting.

The onlookers sensed it was over and crept quietly away to their classroom on the third floor. It was some time before either of them had spoken. Heinrich suddenly giggled and Hell soon joined in. It wasn't that they found anything funny but that they needed laughter to release the tension. Later when they'd calmed down a bit, they discussed the secret intimacy they had observed so closely in a trance-like manner.

Only much later did they both realize that all they talked about then was Otto and his body. Slowly they admitted to each other that looking at Otto's slender body had made them feel funny. Funny turned to thrilled and with thrilled it dawned and their innocence reduced to ashes faster than they could burp. Knowledge of the forbidden, deep confusion and expectation hung in the air between them; they both knew the other had been sexually excited by watching Otto's body; there was a pause filled with a lingering sexual tension.

Something had to happen, they both knew, but they didn't know what. Heinrich couldn't say now who made the first move, maybe they both did if that makes sense, but suddenly he was kneeling on the floor next to Hell tentatively touching his crotch. At the same time, he kissed Heinrich passionately on his lovely pink lips. It seemed like ages as they kissed and fondled each other. Heinrich became wetter still, something that happens even now, seven years later, when he kisses him.

It's incredible when Heinrich thought back, that nothing else happened for weeks. Yes, they kissed and touched each other's cocks six times a day becoming more confident with their new-found play as time passed, but it must've been nearly a month later that Hell slipped his shirt from his shoulders and exposed Heinrich's torso. As he caressed it, Heinrich fumbled with his trousers and then they were both naked to the waist.

More kissing and fondling ensued as they enjoyed the feeling of their nude cocks against each other. It was a few days before either of them had enough courage to kiss the other's cocks. Heinrich knew it seemed crazy and blasphemous now, but they were so innocent and what they were doing was so stimulating and enjoyable it didn't occur to them to rush to the next stage. Heinrich took to putting a special pad of soft material between his legs to soak up the wetness Hell produced in him, but it also felt nice to have something to squeeze while they kissed.

It occurred to young Hartmann one day that things would be easier if they didn't wear so many clothes during their kissing and touching sessions which so far had always taken place during evenings after school when they could spare a few private minutes. That night when the Hartmann house was quiet, and his parents were away Heinrich crept into the guest room where Hell slept. He sat up in bed, swung his long legs so he was sitting and held his hands out for his host to enter his warm embrace. Heinrich knelt between Hell's legs feeling the warmth of his thighs around his waist. Automatically they pushed each other's underwear down to expose their cocks. Heinrich's fell to his waist and then as Hell opened his legs wider it slipped to the floor. Heinrich giggled as he knelt there naked in front of his friend for the first time.

"Your turn" Heinrich whispered between kisses. Hell lifted his bottom and Heinrich helped him pull his underwear down, so he was naked too. Now their kisses became more passionate than ever. They rubbed their bodies against each other, nipple to nipple, torso to hard torso and now something different. Heinrich could feel the soft, warm wetness between Hell's legs against his belly. It was incredibly euphoric, and Heinrich's own juices soaked his inner thighs. Hell was squeezing his legs round Heinrich's waist and rubbing himself against his friend. Heinrich really didn't know what to do next, but Hell solved that problem. To break the almost intolerable sexual tension between them, she threw herself back on the bed and giggled "I'm Otto."

Heinrich giggled too and said in a deep voice "I'm Ivan." and then he was pretending to do what Ivan had done to Otto, thrusting his groin against his friend's wetness, against Hell's soft golden pubic mound. The giggling stopped as they both realized they'd crossed another threshold into a new world of love and pent up pleasure. A life and society with no boundaries, physical or psychological. They had no idea what the limits of this new life would be back then, but they knew they were going to explore it. That exploration is still on its course.

The boy/man Heinrich was then lifted Hell up so his pubic mound rubbed directly on his friend's vagina and started moving it around, thrusting, stimulating... Hell began to moan like he had never done before. His breathing became short and now his body was reacting to Heinrich's, pushing and rubbing against his crotch. Heinrich felt Hell's hands between his legs and then a softer, wetter feeling as he parted his butt cheeks and exposed what Heinrich knew was his hole. The rubbing began again with renewed urgency and before long he astounded and surprised them both with his first orgasm. It was contained, subtle, but deeply satisfying for both. When it was over, he pulled Heinrich on top of him wrapped his legs round his friend and kissed Heinrich with the deepest and most brotherly passion.

"Hell, I love you." he said simply. Heinrich was spellbound in his warmth more than the taste of hot chocolate.

"I want to stay like this forever." Heinrich replied. He'd never been happier. Hell moved his body against his lover caressing the boy's mouth with his, Heinrich's cock with his and the mound between his legs. This beautiful kiss went on for ages.

When Hell sensed Heinrich was becoming very much aroused, he whispered "Your turn now." Blue-eyed Klaus laid him gently on his back, lifting his friend's knees and parting his thighs to expose his hole. Klaus knelt between Heinrich's legs and as he moved up over him, intending to kiss him, then his boner brushed his friend's hole and the tip flicked over a particularly sensitive spot just above Heinrich's wetness. Heinrich jumped and automatically opened his legs further. Hell was never one to waste an opportunity. He smiled at Heinrich lying beneath him then rocked backwards and forward caressing his hole and what Heinrich knew was his entrance with his firm balls and erect cock. To say he was truly in heaven just didn't describe how free he felt.

Heinrich's mind floated off to some other place, a whole universe that shrank to Hell and him, naked on the bed, and then further still to two warm bodies and one extremely aroused anus being stimulated beyond belief. Feelings more intense and passionate than any before were arising deep between the teen's legs and in his heart. Heinrich thought he would die if this didn't stop. He moaned and cried aloud as the feelings rose up and up, and then higher still until they burst into a climax of pleasure and pain, the sweet death that released him from his Reich-corrupted sexual bondage only to find him captive in Hell's arms as he kissed and stroked him, reassuring him it was alright. After a few minutes Heinrich asked what had happened.

"I don't know what it's called." he said, "but it was just the sweetest feeling. I wanted... I don't know what... I just wanted you for so long."

Heinrich kissed him gently and nodded agreement. Snuggling closer to his naked friend, he whispered "Hell, I love you." There was nothing else to say honestly.

That was where the bitter, humorless and staunchly religious woman Heinrich knew as his grandmother Ilsa, found them the following morning. That morning when all chaos broke loose, their innocence ended and their families were sundered beyond reproach.