This life is


To get

with pen then

I erase it

I'll always play it

My way

Play it

my way

This life is


To get

With pen I can

forsake it

I'll always live this

my way

Live it

my way

I don't care what




this game

It's all

About me

From heaven to hell

I'll walk this way

I live inside out

Not afraid to

Lose anything

I am definitely

All I need

No glass

touches me

This life is


to get

with pen we can

erase it

You must always play it

your way

Play it

your way

This life is

a lie

to get

And they lie

because it owes you

so go on

live it your way

Ever your way

All these cliches

we all say

Like it holds

true weight

Deprogram from the matrix

they've all lain

then you'll own

the trait

the blue pill

can never tame

the beast that I remain

the life is ours to get

with ink we'll erase it

I'm saying it because

we own it

we own it

this life has always been

ours to claim

and I will bow to no one

no one because it owes me

so crown me