The mixed beach volley competition registration will start in an hour, and he wants to join it. However, he still waiting for her to come.

"Sorry, i'm late, did they opened the registration?" the girl asked she approached him from behind.

"Not yet" the boy answered.

"You know, i joined a lot of beach volleyball competitions, but this is the first time i'm paired with a guy" the girl confessed sheepishly.

"Really? And i'm so lucky because my partner is a sexy girl" the boy joked.

"Hey! Stop saying that! I'm embarrased!" the girl's face blushed deeply.

"I'm sorry, but you're sexy, i mean really sexy, especially in that bikini, i love it" the boy smirked.

"R-really?" she smiled with shy expression on her face.

"Yes" he pulled her closer to him.

"Then i show you how sexy i am when the competition started" the girl said as they kissed each other in bliss.