A/N: This chapter is named after the Radiohead album off of their fourth album "Kid A"

"And that's the story of how I got both of the cars I always desired." said Harry "Plus, I couldn't help but notice one of you guys drives that Aerio there."

"You're looking at me, Mr. McCullough." said Kincaid "The best years of my life are in that car so far."

"Wow, have you thought of owning the Samurai?" asked Harry "I'm just curious to know whether you're a Suzuki lover or not."

"Fuck yeah!" said Kincaid "I also want my future Samurai to be a stick shift."

"When did you first learn to drive a stick shift?" asked Harry, "I didn't honestly think kids in your generation drive manuals."

"Bruh, I taught myself at 16." said Kincaid "My skills are way better than Oscar and David's combined."

"I see." said Harry "Are you interested in driving my Supra?"

"Sure, I'm down." said Kincaid "We'll follow you to your crib, bruh."

Once there, the four see the Supra parked in Harry's driveway next to the IROC-Z. Harry decides to let the three men take a turn in driving his Supra under one condition. They agree to let him watch how good they can drive a stick shift without stalling the vehicle. Both Harry and Kincaid get inside the Supra with Kincaid taking the wheel on a short drive around Sacramento. He drove perfectly without missing a shift or stalling. It left Harry speechless as it was now Oscar's turn to take the wheel.

During Oscar's turn, he drove the Supra well yet kept having the car in gear at every red light. Harry kindly warns Oscar not to do it again if his first car is a stick shift. It was also a mistake that Harry did himself in his Integra 'til breaking the habit. Now came David's turn to drive the vehicle in which he stalls out of nervousness. This forces Harry to teach him how to drive a manual correctly.

"David, how long have you driven a manual?" asked Harry "I can tell you're still a newbie and that's fine."

"Three months, I think." said a nervous David "I just never saw myself driving one."

"Kincaid taught you well." said Harry "Just don't let your anxiety overcome you."

"Okay, I'll try my best." said a calm David "My dad will not see this coming."

"Alright, put your left foot on the clutch." said Harry "Now you put it on neutral and turn the ignition."

David gets the hang of driving a manual with somebody else other than his friends. Both him and Harry see an RX-7 driving right past them on the freeway. Regrettably, Oscar wasn't there to see it to record a video of the vehicle driving. Both Oscar and Kincaid wouldn't believe David in spotting a rare car unless he has proof. Much to his luck, Harry did record a video of the RX-7 for him as his piece of evidence.

The last rare car that David spotted was the Daihatsu Rocky his father made him tow back to their garage. A friend of David's father found it abandoned with no license plate on his way to work on a water heater. Nobody in the area knew who the vehicle belonged to or when it first appeared. David shows Harry a picture of the compact SUV restored before it supposedly got sold off.

"Wow, is that a Daihatsu Rocky?" asked Harry "One of my former neighbors used to have one of these."

"To me, I think the brand is underrated." said David "I also think the same for Isuzu and Suzuki."

"I get what you mean." said Harry "It ain't everyday you'll see an VehiCross either."

"Indeed, I only know about it." said David "Honestly, this week has been the best one."

"Why do you say that?" asked Harry "Is it because you got to drive my Supra?"

"Yessir, Mr. McCullough." said David "I also wanted to drive your IROC-Z, too."

"If you can visit again, I'll let you." said Harry "By the way, you guys can call me by my first name."

"Okay, will do." said David "Don't forget to follow my friends on Instagram either."

Kincaid and Angela were surfing through their Instagram accounts and saw David's story showing the video of him and Harry spotting the RX-7. The two of them accept Harry's follow request since they both have their profiles in private. Oscar's Instagram only has pictures of cars he spotted throughout his four years of high school. He waited a whole hour to follow Harry back on the platform as Angela and Kincaid did not.

David shifts the Supra into reverse and backs it into Harry's driveway without hitting his gate. All three of his friends saw he improved the way he parks in a manual. Last night, Kincaid repositioned David's parking when the four stayed at the motel. He knew Harry proved to be a better teacher than David's father at driving. The man did not make David feel uncomfortable nor get impatient with him.

"I did not think you'd be a chill instructor." said Kincaid "David's father was too strict towards him in driving."

"Let me guess, he got impatient." said Harry "Maybe he expected him to know a few things in driving already."

"Yeah, how'd you know?" asked David "Did you have a strict instructor yourself?"

"Yes, this stupid jerk." said Harry "He was just an impatient sack of shit."

"My dad was nothing like that at all." said David "Have you seen a movie called Lady Snowblood?"

"I've never heard of it." said Harry "I'm guessing your dad acted similar to a character in this film."

"If I executed either a left or right turn too early." said David "My dad would have me do it again."

"Wow, my instructor gave up on me." said Harry "No potential, my ass."

Nevertheless, David was grateful that his father taught him to drive when he turned sixteen. Matthew would frequently rub it in David's face of getting a provisional license before he did. The biggest flaw was that Matthew wasn't a good driver at that time. He'd make mistakes such as taking red lights or braking too early. A friend of Matthew's was the only reason why he improved on his driving.

The rivalry between David and Matthew dates back to their first year in high school. Both men subsequently gave dirty looks the moment they met each other. It was there that David realized not everybody would like him as a friend. He and his friends were surprisingly more popular than Matthew despite not following the trends. They'd always hang out near the basketball courts rather than where the cool kids would be at.

"This guy just doesn't like you at all, doesn't he?" said Harry "Have you two tried to solve your differences?"

"No, Matthew is very misanthropic towards me." said David "Our rivalry escalated more when we both happened to like Angela."

"Ah, I see." said Harry "It's crazy how one person doesn't like you."

"None of that matters now." said David "Angela won her breakup against that jerk."

"I sure did." said Angela "Matthew's no longer our concern now."

"He sure ain't." said Kincaid "Shouldn't David do that online assignment soon."

"Shit, you're right." said David "I have no idea on what type of assignment I'm doing either."

"If you need to do this assignment." said Harry "You can use my son's old custom-built PC."

David gets onto the computer and sees he has to write a 500-word essay on the person who inspires him most. His father is the one whom David admired. The challenge he faces is coming up with a great hook to start his essay off. He may have caught the attention of his peers with catchy hooks he's written in his previous musings. It looked obvious that David started to suffer from a case of writer's block.

Therefore, he chooses to put off the essay temporarily and lies that his assignment was simple to do. Harry bids his farewell to the four to get ready for a bartending gig later on tonight. David and his friends did get invited to join Harry at the party he's bartending. One of Harry's students recently became a certified mechanic in which they wanted to celebrate with a party.

Angela and the other three didn't want to risk going to the party in case David's anxiety starts to act up again. She felt an incident would likely take place if they went. The four recalled when the police showed up at the last house party they attended. A classmate of Oscar's got busted for underage drinking prompting the police to shut down the event.

"Where do you guys want to go now?" said Kincaid "Man, I can't describe how this day went."

"It started off on a bad note at first." said Angela "We had to deal with Oscar's crackhead friend and take him to rehab."

"Out of nowhere, we met Ronan Keating's doppelganger." said Oscar "I thought my mind was playin' tricks on me."

"All of us thought our minds were playin' tricks on us." said David "Biggest surprise was that Harry knows Rafael."

"We didn't expect that." said Kincaid "Nor the fact that you spotted an RX-7."

"Lucky ass motherfucker." said Oscar "It would've been better if it were street-parked."

"Indeed." said Angela "Why don't we go car spotting?"

The three men did plan on car spotting through parts of Sacramento to find any rare car they can likely find. David and Angela walk through a peaceful neighborhood finding a Dodge Ram SRT-10 in the process. He previously encountered the truck in a regular cab but not in its quad cab variant. In a different area of Sacramento, Oscar and Kincaid spot a white Lancer Evolution V seemingly converted from right-hand to left-hand drive. This puzzles the latter believing it's just a Mitsubishi Mirage built into an Evo.

Kincaid sends the picture of the fifth-gen Lancer Evo to Harry in verifying whether it's authentic or not. Both of them encountered a supposed '97 Civic Type-R in Porterville. The vehicle itself did look like an actual imported Civic straight from Japan. Kincaid himself noted the automobile wasn't right-hand drive and did not have a stick shift either. Both Oscar and Kincaid gave the owner props for realistically cloning the Type-R.

Minutes later, Harry confirms the fifth-gen Lancer Evo is an actual import converted to left-hand drive. Insurance purposes were the apparent reason why the Evo owner did the conversion. Oscar and Kincaid had read an article of the man who built his sixth-gen Evo out a Mirage. The two meet up with David and Angela once they finish finding their last car of the day.

"What did you guys find?" asked Angela "David and I found quite a few interesting cars."

"Girl, we found a very interesting one." said Kincaid "It's a Lancer Evo 5 converted to left-hand drive."

"That's not possible." said David "It's not 2023 yet.'

"Harry confirmed its authenticity." said Oscar "Both of us thought it was built."

"I'm not buying it." said David "Show me that it's real."

"Bruh, the ban will get lifted next year." said Kincaid "If you don't believe us, here are the pictures our boy sent us."

David was speechless after seeing the pictures of the Evo that Harry sent earlier to Kincaid. One of them was a photograph of an original 4G63T motor in a clean engine bay. Harry himself raced the Evo thinking it was another clone car at a race track. His theory was proven wrong when the import got its head start in the race. Nonetheless, Harry won along with winning against a cocky Honda Civic owner.

Suddenly, David gets a text from his father telling him he has now finished rebuilding the Silverado's engine. His truck started to run again at over 250,000 miles on its odometer. The three convince David into getting another car as his backup. He does wish to drive his truck for 150,000 miles more and drive it for towing and hauling purposes after that.

As the four young adults walk back to Kincaid's car, a Hispanic girl dressed in ghetto clothing purposely bumps herself right into Angela. It was as if the girl were looking for a physical altercation towards a random person. Angela uses verbal insults to confront her in which the girl tries to pull her hair. She does not allow herself to have her hair pulled or get scratched. David instantly breaks up the fight between Angela and the girl.

"Angie, are you okay?" asked David "She almost scratched you there."

"Yes, I'm okay." said Angela "I want this ugly whore out of my face."

"You fuckin' bitch." said the girl "I'm calling my dad."

"Whatever, my dad's a cop." said Angela "I can see you're getting scared already."

"Fuck you." said the girl sounding defeated "I hate you."

The girl walks away from the four defeated and tips a trash can over in anger. Soon afterward, David and friends think of going back to Bellamy Park with nothing else left to do. Kincaid needed to finish building a computer he promised to get done by the end of the week. He has David drive his car back to Bellamy Park with Angela sitting on the passenger seat.

"My hands perspire and shake like a leaf

Up and down goes my temperature

I summon doctors to get some relief

But they tell me there is no cure"

To be continued…

A/N: The song quoted at the end of this chapter is Automatic by the Pointer Sisters.