The skies split open

A little divinity seeped in through the cracks

Gripped me and said

"Come, let us make you a god

Join us, child, and wear our crown"

I reached with the heart of a heathen

And recoiled as my fingertips ghosted

Onto that indefinable madness spilling down

It lit fires in dying embers

It kicked up ashes into my lungs

It released the barely contained restlessness

That tore to the atom everything it touched inside of me

In that one second

Death slammed into life

They both wore the same face, grinning

Skeletal and eyeless

Dervishes laughing with the mouth of a wounded animal

My nerve to the very last end

My blood to the very last drop

I saw me, with my eyes

Screams ripped my throat apart from the inside

And the madness devoured them, hungry

Then the skies fell unto themselves

Beautiful blue till the eye could see

And they left me behind

Cursing me to die a little everyday

Be a cage again to my own chaos

Making me a realize

That I was the goddess of a universe

Being made and unmade every second

Only, I feel every little stitch that burrows into my fabric

And every bit of blood and bone that sticks

To all the threads that are pulled while I unravel

Not long now

Before I am the crack in someone's skies

The glint of madness in someone's eyes.