Ichiro was pulled from the truck and pushed toward another military building. Several soldiers stood around in front of the building. Many of them stared at Ichiro as he dragged into the building. Ichiro had no idea where he was in relation to Hiroshima. He had noticed a large amount of destruction in the surrounding area but at this point in the war it could've been anywhere in Japan.

This building was a step up from the prison as it seemed cleaner but not in the best of shape. He spent the rest of the day in another cell. He had been relatively ignored except for having a very small amount of food thrown at him.

The following morning, Ichiro was tossed outside behind the building. He hit the ground hard that knocked the wind out of him. He was picked up again, wishing the soldiers would make up their mind on what they wanted to do with him. He was slammed up against a wall where he was assaulted with a stream of water. It was a terrible stinging pain but he was glad he was getting the slime and grime washed off. The soldiers had made several comments about his smell and beat him for it. He was going to get beat regardless so he didn't hold back on his comments in both Japanese and English. Any time he pissed them off oddly felt like a victory. The piercing wasps that was the water stream slamming into him was heavenly thus another victory for him.

Once the watery assault was over, he was pulled back into the building and thrown into a chair. His wet clothes caused his skin to itch and he squirmed to relieve those itches with limited success. Another soldier, this one older and less in shape than the soldiers that have been tossing Ichiro around came in and sat at the table across from Ichiro. He just stared at the young prisoner with intrigue.

"Where are you from?"


"What are you doing in Hiroshima?"

"I have family here."

"Are you close with them?"

"Not particularly."

"You came all the way from Chiba to be with family you're not close with?"

"I have no one else. Chiba was bombed last month and with the exception of my sister, my whole family was killed."

"I see. Are you aware of the charges against you?"

"No," Ichiro said flatly. "Considering the Kenpeitai just arrest anyone they feel like, I was sure it was just made up charges."

"Espionage and being a bad influence on the morale of the Japanese people are serious charges."

"Tch, there's no proof of that. And knowing Japan is losing the war isn't being a bad influence. You guys are trying to hard to convince the people that Japan is so great and is winning that its become suspicious. Let the country speak for itself. Who even said we were saying such things?"

The soldier looked at his documents. "Hoshino Tomoki."

"He's ten years old. Why do you believe a ten year old?"

"They tend to tell more truth than adults. Seems like he was telling the truth here too."

The interrogator opened his mouth to say something further but an earthquake and deafening thunderclap caused him to hesitate. He looked around the room until the shaking stopped which only lasted for a few moments. He slowly stood up looking at the other soldiers in the room. Ichiro knew what had happened.

Another soldier burst through the door causing a flash of annoyance to appear on the interrogating soldier's face.

"Sir, Hiroshima just went dark."

"What do you mean?"

"All communication lines just went silent. There's nothing."

"That's impossible," the interrogator said standing up.

"It's not! The Americans dropped a bomb. Hiroshima is gone." Ichiro said shooting to his feet but the soldier behind him quickly put him back down in the chair. The interrogating soldier stared at him not believing a single bomb would be the cause. He ran out the door followed by the one who intruded on the interrogation. Ichiro was left alone with one soldier that flanked him from his right.

Ichiro huffed leaning back in his chair. A lot of noise came from outside. People yelling and boots stomping on the ground suggested they were running. The soldier guarding Ichiro went to the door to see what was going on. When he closed the door, that's when Ichiro attacked. With all of his might, Ichiro slammed his body into the guard causing him to drop his weapon. Ichiro grabbed the guard's shirt and threw his knee into his stomach. The guard got in a few good punches that fazed Ichiro enough for the guard to get the upper hand. He pushed Ichiro back toward the table. Ichiro used the his forward motion to his advantage. He pulled the guard around using the momentum and the guards weight to throw him down. The guard's head bounced off the corner of the table. Ichiro watched him waiting for him to get up but the blood suggested he wasn't getting up from that.

Ichiro unlocked his cuffs. He was thankful his hands were bound in front of him otherwise he wouldn't have been able to attack the guard and ultimately get free. Knowing he wasn't going to be able to just walk out of the building, he stripped the guard and put the uniform on over his clothes which gave him a bulkier looking build. After grabbing the soldier's weapon, he ran outside blending in by looking like he belonged there.

Once outside, some soldiers were scrambling in all directions trying to figure out what to do. Others stood in place looking toward the northwest. Ichiro cleared the building and finally saw what the soldiers had stopped to stare at. Ichiro didn't have to ask, he didn't have to speculate, he had seen it many times throughout his life.

There was an ominous dark mushroom shaped cloud to the northwest that hovered above Hiroshima.